Buy American: 10 Lingerie Brands That are Made in the USA

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In the past several years, there’s been a surge of interest in American made products, particularly in the fashion industry. In a recent study, 65% of affluent Americans said they prefer to buy made in the U.S.A. products whenever possible.

While some see it as their patriotic duty to buy Made in America goods (after all, buying more U.S. goods creates more U.S. jobs), others approach the issue from a more humanitarian perspective, citing examples of sweatshop labor, child exploitation, low wages, and unsafe practices that can occur in factories overseas.

Whatever your reasons for buying local, there are plenty of lingerie brands that are made in the USA. I’ve listed 10 of my faves below. What are some of yours? If you live in America, do you believe buying American made lingerie is important? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

Hanky Panky
Between the Sheets Lingerie
Toad Lillie¬†[Editor’s Note: As of December 2014, this site appears to be defunct]
Only Hearts
Rago Shapewear


  1. daisychain
    08/07/11 at 10:21

    I really like the look of Toad Lillie.

  2. Toad Lillie
    08/07/11 at 13:32

    Thank you so much for including Toad Lillie amongst your list of American lingerie labels, Treacle! I am so honored to be part of a growing community of extremely talented American lingerie designers.

  3. Arcella's
    08/07/11 at 15:12

    Thanks for posting! I am always looking for brands made in the USA!!

  4. Panty Buns
    08/07/11 at 21:26

    I've been having a great time window shopping through all these different lingerie brand offerings.

    In the past I had very much enjoyed wearing some of Hanky Panky's lingerie including some sheer pettis, a babydoll and lace briefs. They make some lovely items.

    I really, really love the look of those Toad Lillie "Sway With Me Rich Raspberry Silk High Waisted Panties, but I'm hesitating looking at the $105 price tag.

    I also love The Loved One "Sin in the Suburbs" high waisted underpants with english netting and lace panel.

    As per usual, Treacle, your post is another lingerie lover's dream.

  5. FancyLingerieStore
    10/07/11 at 12:21

    We see one brand missing – Body Language Fashions. We just started carring it at the Fancy Lingerie

  6. akeripper
    11/07/11 at 3:58

    any possible future post on a uk or european one? or even better swedish one….

  7. Anonymous
    11/07/11 at 13:09

    How about something for normal working women.

  8. Amaryllis
    12/07/11 at 13:14

    Not entirely relevent – I'm in the UK not the USA – but I do look for UK brands whether I shop for food or clothing, undies or household goods. It's mostly an ethical motivation to cut down on the pollution involved in shipping and to be sure that I'm not contributing to intollerable labour conditions. Creating more British jobs is just a beneficial sideline.

    However, I would rather support a design team and small company based in Britain who contract out, and produce quality, than a firm who produce entirely in this country and who's standards and quality is lacking. I don't know if the problem is the same in America – here, there just aren't the people available with the skills often, and training someone to an equivillent standard is liable to take years. Finding 'made in Britain' isn't that hard. Finding quality and affordability is a lot harder, unfortunately. Do you bypass that problem with such a larger and more varied pool of labour to draw from?

  9. Anonymous
    12/07/11 at 14:06

    don't forget Lucy b ;)

  10. Anonymous
    12/07/11 at 22:16

    Maybe you've seen this one:

    Her things are sewn in the USA, but she's honest about sourcing her materials from European manufacturers.

  11. Lauren Rich
    20/07/11 at 9:40

    BRULEE and Lola Haze! Both are beautiful indie lingerie & loungewear lines fully produced and manufactured in New York City's Garment District. :-) Lingerie solution line Second Base is also made-in-the-USA in Los Angeles.

  12. Intimate Retreat
    06/11/11 at 14:03

    As well as new items, there are many vintage lingerie items that you can find that are made in the USA. I collect and sell vintage lingerie and most of my items were made in the usa.

  13. Bamidele Olufunke
    12/05/12 at 5:47

    Have been doing some window shopping on this site past few months now; it cool i like your brands. keep it up

  14. 27/08/12 at 10:55

    I like that you have this list, now I can contact them all to see if I can open wholesale accounts to stock my fuller figure shop! I do use Empire Intimates for USA Made corsetry, bustiers and fashion bras They also carry bridal slips and undergarments. They are in Pennsylvania and have been around for over 30 years.

  15. JPM
    29/03/13 at 6:50

    I would endorse Cortland, Venus, an American company, upstate New York. I love their girdle designs, especially the line Foundations for the Forgotten Lady.

  16. shannon cunningham
    29/12/13 at 5:55

    As a nonafluent American I buy Made In USA because I want my dollars I spend now to increase my ability to earn more later.
    its simple self preservation do I support myself & my country or buy goods imported & export the American dollar?
    Not even touching on moral humanitarian or quality of product environmental issues-which also lead one to buying American made (go unions & small business! ).

  17. Mike
    16/01/14 at 21:46

    I love American made lingerie as do many, many other men!

  18. 10/02/14 at 0:39

    I always buy American made, or European if there is no alternative. We cannot continue to try to save our pennies at the expense of our country and the well-being of others. There are more important things than money, such as values.

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