Help Choose The Next Lingerie Addict Event!

Every six months or so, I like to host a special lingerie “event” on the blog. Events are week-long celebrations focusing on a particular type or aspect of women’s lingerie. In the past, I’ve hosted Corset Week, Wedding Week, and Fishnet Stockings Week.

Well now it’s time to hold another event, but I need your help! I’ve come up with three options, but I can’t choose my favorite between them. So I’ve set up a poll to let you choose.

The options are…

  • Pin-up Week
  • Shapewear Week
  • Eco-friendly/Fair Trade Week

Simply vote between now and next Monday, and the choice with the most votes will be this Spring’s special lingerie event. I can’t wait to see which one you pick!

Photo Credit: Pinterest


  1. ValGalArt
    21/03/11 at 16:12

    i always love a pinup ;)

  2. Thursday
    21/03/11 at 20:11

    Pin up for sure:)

  3. Kim A
    21/03/11 at 20:33

    I vote pinup week!

  4. Ashley
    21/03/11 at 23:48

    Pinup would be fun… But my vote is for shape wear! I'm currently looking for some nice stuff for my dress :(

  5. Anonymous
    22/03/11 at 5:28

    Yes pinup is beautiful… BUT… shapewear for me. I never know what are the correct pieces to wear under what clothes. SHAPE WEAR PLEASE.

  6. Anonymous
    22/03/11 at 5:38

    shapewear please X

  7. Pleasure Galaxie
    22/03/11 at 12:29

    Great question! I'm definitely biased, but how about Pin Up and Eco-Friendly combined? If I absolutely had to choose I'd vote for Eco-Friendly though. Thanks for all of the wonderful info and insights.

  8. Tiffany
    22/03/11 at 14:09

    Pinup for some fun!

  9. frankufotos Lingerie
    22/03/11 at 16:26

    Hadn't even made it to the comments when I'd made my choice -

    Pinups : )

  10. Anonymous
    22/03/11 at 19:21

    Pinup :)

  11. Stacey
    23/03/11 at 11:11

    While I very much enjoy the beauty in pinup photography and the gorgeous lingerie, it's so "been there, done that", something new and fresh would be awesome. I have yet to see ANYTHING devoted to Eco-friendly undies. Even if you don't choose the topic, please keep it in hand for next time around!

  12. styleonthecouch
    24/03/11 at 16:48
  13. FancyLingerieStore
    24/03/11 at 18:43


  14. Megan
    25/03/11 at 11:48


  15. MsSparrow
    30/03/11 at 10:10

    out of those three, definitely shapewear because it can be so tricky to find good shapewear. But you could always combine shapewear and pinup and go for the classics!

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