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10 Lingerie Sets You Need This Season

Last summer, I had the pleasure of attending CurveNY and reporting on some beautiful lingerie trends for the next season.  Well, some of those trends are finally in stores and I thought it was time to do an update with a few of my favorite pieces. What do you think of my choices? Tell me your favorite in the comments!

Ayten Gasson “Phoebe” Silk Teddy
£104.00 (~$166.00 US)

 Brulee Silk Chemise

Fortnight Lingerie “Rita” High Waist Knickers & Bra

Hopeless Lingerie Jersey Coral Camisole & High Waist Knickers

 Between the Sheets “Well Played” Cardigan

Maison Close “Cancan” Dress

SockBox “Brownie” Ankle Socks

Naomi Chiffon Garter Boxer & Bra
Mimi Holliday “Pompier” Bra & Boyshort
Huit “Cupcake” Bra & Thong

Lingerie in San Francisco: Vintage Fashion Expo & Dollhouse Bettie

About a week ago, I flew to San Francisco to attend my very first Vintage Fashion Expo and to pay a visit to Dollhouse Bettie. I heard about the Expo several years ago when Dita von Teese mentioned it as one of her favorite places to shop, and ever since then, I’ve been determined see for myself just how awesome it is.  And let’s just say the Expo did not disappoint.

There was vintage fashion on the trade show floor from each of the past 14 decades, and almost every piece was in pristine, wearable condition.  Jewelry, shoes, dresses, suits…the expo had it all, but what I was looking for (unsurprisingly) was lingerie.

Compared to all the other fashion available there was very little lingerie, and I understand why (after all, do you save your old underwear?).  But the pieces that were at the show were simply exquisite.  I’m talking delicate lace bedjackets from the 1880’s, luminous silk camis and tap panties from the 1920’s, and, of course, the ever-present 1950s nylon slip.  Most surprising was how reasonably priced all the lingerie was.  For example, that 1920s cami and tap panty set I mentioned was only $55.  It seriously made me consider getting into the vintage lingerie selling business.

After a long day of walking around the show (where I picked up this gorgeous little slip for only $16), I traveled downtown to Dollhouse Bettie, my other scheduled stop.  I’ve mentioned Dollhouse Bettie on the blog several times before, and I have wanted to visit their brick-and-mortar location since it first opened.  Much to my delight, they did not disappoint.

I’m a big fan of lingerie stores with a personality, and I love boutiques where it’s obvious the owner has selected the merchandise with love and care.  And Dollhouse Bettie has personality, love, and care in abundance.  The vintage lingerie was gorgeous. The contemporary lingerie equally beautiful. As for their their in-house designed line…well, let’s just say I have some new additions to the Lust List.  All in all, I’d call the trip a smashing, lingerie-filled, success!

What do you think of the sights in San Francisco? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

Help Choose The Next Lingerie Addict Event!

Every six months or so, I like to host a special lingerie “event” on the blog. Events are week-long celebrations focusing on a particular type or aspect of women’s lingerie. In the past, I’ve hosted Corset Week, Wedding Week, and Fishnet Stockings Week.

Well now it’s time to hold another event, but I need your help! I’ve come up with three options, but I can’t choose my favorite between them. So I’ve set up a poll to let you choose.

The options are…

  • Pin-up Week
  • Shapewear Week
  • Eco-friendly/Fair Trade Week

Simply vote between now and next Monday, and the choice with the most votes will be this Spring’s special lingerie event. I can’t wait to see which one you pick!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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I’m in San Francisco getting ready to attend my very first Vintage Expo (!!!), but I wanted to take a moment to ask that you please visit the sponsors in the sidebar & header of my blog.

Without my sponsors, I simply wouldn’t be able to bring you the quality, caliber, and variety of articles you’ve come to know and love on The Lingerie Addict.

So please take a second to stop by Intimate Boudoir by Leah, Intimate Wholesalers and Hepburn & Leigh.  And when you’re ready to satisfy your own addiction, keep them in mind.

Have an excellent weekend, and I can’t wait to share my photos from Vintage Expo!


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Thank You

In a couple of weeks, I’m celebrating my 3 year blogging anniversary, and only 2 short weeks ago, I published my 900th post to The Lingerie Addict.  I love writing more than any other career in the world, and nothing makes me happier than talking about lingerie. 

But blogging, especially for as long as I have, is very much a labor of love and some days are harder than others.  And so I wanted to share an e-mail one of your fellow readers sent me last week.  And I just wanted to tell all of you how much I appreciate the kind letters and tweets and comments you send me everyday.  

So thank you to Alice and to everyone else who takes the time to visit my little lingerie blog. You matter more to me than you know.


I subscribed to your newsletter and started reading your website and blog after I began dieting in late December. I needed some extra motivation to get the ball rolling and keep it going, so I decided that pretty, pretty under things were something I could look forward to as I lost my weight. I was having some rough patches with my husband and found that even the extra effort I put into buying nice lacy panties and bras even at my current weight resulted in excellent “feedback” from him!

As I lose weight and everything is getting much firmer from my time at the Y, I keep buying more and more things and getting more and more attention from him. It’s definitely not just the weight, but how I am presenting the whole package, you might say. I have now lost 25 pounds with 50 more to go. I don’t look at all like I need to lose 50 pounds, about 20 at best, but I hide it well. I have made a commitment to myself to keep it up and keep buying pretty things to show off the new me.

Your blog has inspired me, informed me and delighted me. I intend to spend an absolute ungodly amount of money on lingerie in the next 6 months after buying boring cotton thigh cut Hanes for 28 years of marriage! The kids always got the best and cutest clothes, but now it’s my turn! Thanks for all your work and please keep it up!


What Katie Did Lingerie S/S 2011 Collection

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With regular features in all the most prestigious fashion magazines (including Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire), What Katie Did has become the world’s most famous retro lingerie brand.  2 weeks ago they released their much anticipated Spring/Summer 2011 collection.  Featuring corsets, shapewear, as well as a brand new limited edition range, this season’s line has something for everyone.

The standout pieces from the new line, What Katie Did’s new corsets feature the brand’s signature gored hips mixed with a little something new…vintage-inspired external bone casings and a super sexy black waistband to further define and accentuate the narrowest part of the corset.  Available in lace-covered and contrast styles, the Cabaret Laurie (overbust) sells for $340 and Cabaret Morticia (underbust) retails for $310.









Lingerie & Shapewear
What Katie Did also made several new additions to their main lingerie line.  My favorites are the tap panties (so, so vintage!), strapless bra, underbust panty girdle, and underbust open bottom girdle (pictured below).  The pieces are all based on vintage patterns, proving that shapewear can do the job and be incredibly sexy.









Limited Edition “Vicky” Lingerie
Last, but not least, let’s take a look at What Katie Did’s new “Vicky” range modeled by the always-amazing Bernie Dexter.  In my opinion, this is the most disappointing part of the new collection…not because the lingerie is unattractive, but because it looks so similar to another range What Katie Did released a few seasons ago named Lily.  I’ve put photos of the Vicky and the Lily sets side by side below. Can you tell the difference?










What do you think of What Katie Did’s new pieces? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

The Look for Less: Agent Provocateur Whip Me Stockings

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In the left corner we have Agent Provocateur’s gorgeous and exclusive Whip Me Stockings.  Selling for $70.00, these stockings have the words “Whip Me…Bite Me…Eat Me…Tease Me” in place of the traditional backseam.

In the right corner, we have the luxury-inspired but budget-friendly ASOSversion. Retailing at $17.93, these Love backseam tights have all the class of the more expensive version but for considerably less cash.

What do you think, fellow addicts, are these sexy stockings a purchase…or pass?

Lingerie & The Movies: Elizabeth Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof & Butterfield 8

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This second installment of Lingerie & The Movies is by Clarabela.  Clarabela writes about her love of movies at and is a regular contributor to DignityZine. Contact Clarabela at

It is one of the most iconic images in cinema history. The sultry and beautiful Elizabeth Taylor lounging on the brass bed Cat on a Hot Tin Roof wearing nothing but a full white slip and high heels. Liz made the white full slip sexy!  Believe it or not, this was considered provocative to 1958 movie goers. In fact, designer Helen Rose had to construct a special fully lined garment for Taylor, to ensure there would be no-show through.

Based on the Pulitzer Prize winning play by  Tennessee Williams, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof tells the story of a southern family in turmoil. The movie stars Elizabeth Taylor as Maggie (aka Maggie the Cat), the sex-starved wife of Brick, play by Paul Newman, who wears  pajamas for the entire movie.In the movie, Elizabeth Taylor spends a lot of time wearing this sexy white lace slip while trying unsuccessfully to seduce her alcoholic and sexually confused husband.  To comply with the Hollywood Production Code, during the repressed 1950’s all references to Brick’s homosexuality in the original play were removed from the movie. If you have seen the movie, that will answer the question: How could he resist  Maggie’s advances in this sexy lace slip?
The Full Slip in Movies


In this wardrobe still from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,  Liz is wearing the white slip she made famous. The modern-day version from Farr West is a nice way to recreate the look.
In the movie Butterfield 8 Liz plays a call girl and appears in an even sexier slip.  The vintage look of this lace-trimmed satin slip from Secrets In Lace is a great recreation, just right for wearing under short skirts or dresses.
In the Golden Age of Hollywood, women wearing a full slip was a common image of sexuality. With censorship in full force, actresses like Liz Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and again in Butterfield 8, Jean Harlow and others boldly appeared on-screen in silky full slips. Recently, Naomi Watts (King Kong), Reese Witherspoon (Walk The Line) and Sanaa Lathan (Something New) have also appeared on-screen in a full slip.

The Return of The Full Slip

Back in my mother’s or my grandmother’s day, no proper lady would dare leave home without wearing a slip under her outfit. The slip was the required undergarment to avoid show through on sheer summer dresses,
Thanks to the return of the dress, the demure and feminine silhouette of a silky full slip full slip is also making a comeback. Unlike the dreaded half-slip, which always seems to hang below the hemline of my skirts, the full slip is the perfect undergarment when I am wearing clingy or sheer tops and dresses. I also really love the feminine feeling of wearing a silky slip under business suit. 

<style=”text-align: left;=””>Have you seen Cat on a Hot Tin Roof or Butterfield 8?  What are some other movies that feature an actress in a full slip?

Lingerie Addict Exclusive: La Perla Miss Studio Collection

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A few months ago, before my subscription to Lucky Magazine expired, I ran across some very exciting news.  La Perla, the famous luxury lingerie brand, was preparing to release a brand new, lower priced line especially for women 20-30 years old.  And they were calling it the La Perla Miss Studio Collection.

Instead of paying upwards of $150 for a panty and $250 for a bra, the new line starts at $37 for briefs and $65 for bras.  Now everybody can own a little bit of La Perla.  But before you worry that La Perla is becoming too accessible, the new collection will only be available in two stores: brick-and-mortar Bloomingdale’s and e-tailer Bare Necessities.

I thought my readers might like a super-exclusive sneak peek (you can’t buy this lingerie until the end of this month…at the earliest!) so I asked Bare Necessities for a few select press images.  These photos were only released to The Lingerie Addict, and they’re so fresh that Bare Necessities hadn’t even had time to find a live model yet.

Though we both know that you can only get the full effect of lingerie when you’re able to view and touch it in person, I’m very happy with the color, embroidery, and detailing I can see on the images below.  And while these pieces don’t have the same drama, weight, and glamour of the original line, La Perla’s new Miss Studio collection is fresh, wearable, and pretty.  Plus (and I’m sure this is what they had in mind all along), it’s a great way of introducing younger women to fine lingerie…and making them customers for life.

What do you think of La Perla’s Miss Studio Collection?  Please tell me in the comments!

Image Credits: Top photo–La Perla F/W 2007-2008; all other photos–Bare Necessities

Bra Fitting & The Problem With Sample Sizes

Today’s blog post comes from Samantha, the artist and writer behind As a former bra fitter, boutique manager, and lingerie model, Samantha shares her unique perspective in this personal essay about the problem with the standard sample sizes used in the lingerie industry.

The lingerie industry has a problem, and that problem is their standard sample sizes. Hello, I’m Sam. I have an absolute zeal for all things underthings. I have been a bra fitter, a boutique manager, a boutique buyer and a lingerie model.

Every time a new line of bras comes out, the manufacturer sends out samples. As buyers, we base our purchasing decisions on these sample bras. To save money, a standard bra sample size (34B) is used by most companies. Companies that specialize in fitting larger busts use 34D as a standard. In my opinion neither of these sizes is the correct choice. In fact, the current sample sizes actually make it harder for buyers, models and fitters to do their jobs.

First, for buyers: a sample bra does do one thing – it gives me a good idea of what the bra will look like when it goes into production. But my purchasing decisions were not based only on looks. Fit was also very important, and the best way to know how a bra fits is to see it on someone.

No ethical fitter would sell an ill-fitting bra (and very few women want to buy one). I know that if that sassy new polka dotted balconette lacks support or gives a strange shape, customers are unlikely to buy it. Fit is especially challenging when it comes to larger busted women.

An ideal sample should be a popular size should reflect both the most popular size within a range and a mid point the range’s scale of sizes I want to be able to see what a bra will look like on the average woman. In my experience, there are a lot more women who are 32C than 34B. This isn’t a disaster, because usually there was someone on staff in 32C who could try on the sample bra on the tightest hook in order to get an idea of the fit. But that told me nothing about how the fuller-cupped versions of that bra would fit. Companies that expand their line to carry bigger sizes still only offer the 34B sample bra. It’s hard to celebrate the inclusion of an F cup demi when the only sample they send me is 34B and I have no way of knowing how the F cup would fit.

As I mentioned, companies that specialize in D and up bras offer 34D as their sample size. This isn’t much better, though, since they usually manufacture their bras to size 38G and beyond. A woman with breasts this size is going to fit a bra very differently than a woman who wears a 34D.

I worked as a “busty” fit model (I wear a 32FF) for an importer who carried some brands specializing in D+ cup sizes. Here, I saw the sample size problem first hand. At shows, I would never be able to show off the upcoming styles (in this case, only available in the 34D sample size), and instead was provided with ‘classic’ styles to model for buyers. Sample sizes were problematic for other models as well. Most models tend to be very slim, so a 34 band would always be too big and would ride up in the back, even on the tightest hook.

Ideally, a sample size should reflect both the most popular size within a range and a mid point in their scale of sizes. I think a 32C sample size would make the most sense for A-D bra lines because it’s a popular size that falls midway in the size range, and is a more appropriate fit for “straight-size” models. For lines that specialize in D-G, a 34F would be a more apt sample size, as it’s more popular, falls more in the middle of the range and allows for a suitable fit for plus size models. Lines that carry a wide range of sizes (like A-D) should offer both, and fuller busted lines that carry up to a J should be prepared to offer both a 34F and perhaps a 36GG.

I understand that producing samples costs money…but so does discontinuing a bra or a whole line because it won’t sell. Fit sells, and helping buyers evaluate the fit of a bra before ordering is good for manufacturers in the long run.

Image Credit: All images from