Look for Less: Agent Provocateur Satin Corset

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Love the look of Agent Provocateur’s classic black corset but don’t have a spare $400?  Then try the budget ASOS Boudoir version.

For around $60, you can get the exact same lingerie look and still have enough money left over for a room in a five star hotel.

What do you think of this look for less?  Purchase?  Or pass?


  1. Panty Buns
    24/09/10 at 0:49

    Although that corset looks really nice i'm afraid i'll have to pass. Unfortunately i just don't have the cleavage for it It is pretty though.

  2. Kristine
    24/09/10 at 1:34

    big thumbs up!

  3. cervin
    24/09/10 at 5:58

    Very nice, I like this ;)

    Thank you Treacle

  4. Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl
    26/09/10 at 5:55

    Usually I'm not a big fan of such "substitutes" but this ASOS piece looks cute!!!

  5. Clare
    29/09/10 at 11:10

    Wow! This is SO hot!!

  6. 04/08/12 at 18:07

    I bought a waspie and corset-briefs from AP during their sale… Honestly, I love them, but I could not image justifying paying their original (nearly $400) price tag for either of them. The price seemed to be based more on the prestige in this case, not the feel it gives me. As I said: I DO love them, but wow- for almost $400 I’d just have been left wanting; I would have returned them and spent that money on a custom corset made to my measurements. In the case of ASOS- I haven’t bought their corsets (they invariably are all overbust without variety in the bust and so do not fit my size) but I am familiar with their brand’s quality. I’d honestly say either go for something like ASOS’ or an under 100 corset, or get a corset made by specialist shops.

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