The 2010 Curve Report, Day 2: Lingerie Trends in Shapewear, Sleepwear, and Swimwear
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The 2010 Curve Report, Day 2: Lingerie Trends in Shapewear, Sleepwear, and Swimwear

Today was my second day at CurveNY, the semi-annual lingerie tradeshow held every summer and winter in both Las Vegas and New York City. Yesterday, I mentioned some overall trends I noticed as well as a few designers specializing in plus-sized and small-busted women.

Today, I want to point out two more designers (one specializing in curvy chicks, the other in petite ones) that I didn't mention yesterday, along with some exciting new things in shape, sleep, and swim. Full disclaimer: I am truly, horribly jetlagged so if there's a typo or two in this article, please forgive me. Now let's get started!

I want to start off with Kris Line, a lingerie company out of Poland that carries bras up to a K cup. Yes, a K cup. As far as I know, they are the only brand making pretty, feminine bras for ladies of size. Best of all, their maternity bras go up to a K cup as well, which is great news for my expectant mothers who are struggling to find lingerie that works for them. The model in the photograph to the left is a 34JJ, and as you can see, the bra she's wearing fits her perfectly.

On the other end of the spectrum, The Little Bra Company is bringing the gifts of glamour and great fit to small-busted women everywhere. Her bras range in size from 28A to 36B with matching knickers available in XS, S, M, and L. The prices are reasonable too and comparable with midrange lines from stores like Figleaves and Bare Necessities.

Moving on to shapewear, color, color, and more color is the name of the game. No longer is shapewear only available in black, white, or nude. Now you can purchase forest green slips from Cass Luxury Shapewear, lavender corsets (meant to be worn on the outside!) from Squeem, soft peach teddies from Yummie Tummie, polka dot chemises from Body Wrap, and lipstick red bodybriefers from Rago. (Photos left to right: Yummie Tummie, Squeem, Body Wrap)

Designers aren't slacking off on fit either; they're adjusting seams, experimenting with breathable fabrics, and putting old staples together in new ways. I'm especially impressed with Rago's latest creation, the corset dress, which combines a longline bra with a full crinoline slip. It's only available through American Shapewear for now, but I sincerely hope a few more stores grab this style to keep it from being discontinued. On a more "high-end" note, you're going to love the new Bordelle line; I was sworn to secrecy at the table, but some of the pieces literally made me gasp aloud.

In the world of sleepwear, I saw several designers who I believe are worth paying attention to. The first, Ombrato, is doing beautiful things with silk charmeuse. I thought the black nightie with cream ruffles (pictured below, far left) was one of the most graceful and elegant pieces in the show. Toute la Nuit (center photograph) a brand both designed and manufactored in San Franciso, was another favorite. Finally, Linda Hartman's sleepwear (far right) was not only pretty but accessible; I could see the average woman (i.e. one who isn't all that into lingerie) buying her chemises off the rack without feeling intimidated.

Finally, as someone who doesn't usually talk about swimwear, I'm afraid I only have one designer to share in this area, but I was very impressed with her. Anna Maria La Bianca's swimsuits, especially the "nude/tattoo" one, are made more for looking at rather than swimming in, but oh are they delight to look at.  What do you think of her?

I'm going to close with a few more designers who didn't fit into any of these categories, but who all had a signature piece I postively lusted over.

Zinke's version of the classic romper is young, flirty, and fresh. You know I love anything sheer, and I especially love how they opted for sheer purple rather than the more typical black. I hope they make this piece a part of their permanent collection and produce it in more colors (like a lime green or coral, perhaps?).

Dirty Dolls Lingerie has been on my radar for awhile, and I'm happy to see that they're continuing their line in the retro/burlesque/pin-up tradition. This high-cut garter panty just might be a wardrobe staple when it's released this holiday season. And oh my goodness, isn't their model gorgeous?

NuBra specializes in strapless, backless, seamless bras (along with some very realistic-feeling mastectomy prosthetics) but what impressed me most was this sequin covered bra and string bikini. My love of burlesque is no secret, and I can see this being a big hit with performers.

In closing, you may have noticed that I didn't have much to say about the big brands like Simone Perele, Cosabella, Betsey Johnson, or DKNY. There's a good reason for that, but it's a topic for another an upcoming post. In the meantime, I'd love to hear your answers to this question... why don't American women seem to enjoy lingerie as much as European women? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

9 Comments on this post

  1. Miss Kitty Plum says:

    I think there are women all over the world that love their lingerie and those that aren't that interested. I would love to be able to say every British woman wears matching sets but they don't… I do know that put a woman in beautiful well fitting lingerie and they universally feel better about themselves and to me you can't put a price on self esteem.

  2. Melissa says:

    I think American women do not enjoy lingerie as much as European women because lingerie can be expensive. For example I wear a 36DDD/E. A good bra for me is about $65 or more (full coverage wacoal brand). Bras have to be replaced every 8 to 12 months or when your body has changed from surgery or pregnancy. I love slips, garters and sexy knickers…but right now these luxuries for me are not important. I think women might not want to spend money on lingerie or they might not have the money for it. I know I don't for now. Men like to see women naked anyway.

  3. Persis Shah says:

    just stumbled upon your blog and i have to say i LOVE it! do drop by mine too when you have some time. perhaps we can follow each other? =)


  4. Melissa says:

    Treacle, where can I find the peach teddy? I know we should stay away from the nudes but I would like to find a brown slip to go with my skintone. I know it sounds boring but I want to look good in my dresses. I want to avoid panty lines and bumps. So ladies, I need help getting away from the boring colors, lol. Any other suggestions? Also the sqeem website is jamming, who is the jazz group playing in the background? Thank you Treacle for exposing me to all this sexiness and to my feminine side. I enjoy lingerie!

  5. frankufotos Lingerie says:

    :: is envious :: : P

    I wish my gf and I could be there, too – Treacle, keep up the great work for all of us who can't be there!

    And a Happy National Underwear Day to all!

  6. Bella Bella Boutique says:

    I was there on Sunday only, would have loved to meet you… Love Bordelle SS11 bodysuits (we will be carrying them) also Toute La Nuit (it really stand out, so pretty), a new brand we will be carrying is Fruit de la Passion (from Brazil), did you see the gorgeous magenta line? Hot, hot!! On the accessories note, we will be carrying Lelo and Bijoux Indiscrets, did you visit their booth?

    And to finish, to answer your question I think American women has yet to learn to appreciate the delicacy of lingerie and to change their mind set about purchasing lingerie overall. I find that many of American women lack a bit of femininity due to the fast pace lifestyle and the quest for equality of the sexes as it pushes many woman to loose their poise as I agree with Petra. Being born and raised in Brazil, we share many costumes as the Europeans because of the huge influence and migration of Europeans to Brazil. So I understand very well how to appreciate lingerie as I do for a beautiful pair of shoes and a piece of jewelry.

    xoxo, Aline

  7. Stacey says:

    I think that American women don't enjoy lingerie as much as European women has it's origins in America's puritanical founders. Some of the girls I know think sexy is wearing a matching set and that garters and stockings are for strippers and prostitutes.

    I wore a pair of nude backseams (WKD) to work once and any woman who saw them immediately commented that I must be going home after work to ravish my boyfriend.

    Women I know also tend to think that anything other than a bra and panty is too expensive and too complicated. They might be willing to wear something like Spanx to control a bit of jiggle, but would never consider a corset.

    It doesn't help that it's impossible to find anything special in regular stores. I can't even get stockings that require garters in any store I've looked at here in Atlanta, they all come with silicone around the thigh. It does get kind of annoying to have to order things online any time I want stockings or fancy lingerie.

  8. Petra Bellejambes says:

    …why don't American women seem to enjoy lingerie as much as European women?…

    Great question Treacle. Here, feminism was more of a battleground issue in the 60's and 70's and remains so today than in Europe. Perhaps in the quest for "equality" the reflex for really overt displays of femininity was lost or weakened here.

    Shame really. Vive la difference say I. And there really is nothing that features and celebrates the differences between men and women better than a pretty piece of lingerie.

    How about you? Do a post on the topic soonish would you?

    Thanks for the reporting. And yes my goodness, the Dirty Dolls model is a complete beauty.

    xxoo – Petra

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