Photo Friday: 666 Photography

A few months ago, during a sightseeing trip to Portland, I ran across several stunning photographs of corsetted women in flowers and skull makeup at a vintage clothing shop.  I could never remember who shot the images, but I do remember being absolutely captivated by them.

So imagine my delight when I rediscovered the artist behind those photographs at YUHMM Magazine (warning: NSFW).  666 Photography captures the retro, pin-up, and burlesque aesthetic that I’m so fond of, but manages to put her own unique stamp on it.  What do you think of the sample from her portfolio below?


  1. Ligeia
    18/06/10 at 5:53

    wow wow and wow.
    I can say nothing else
    Mesmerizing :)


  2. Bunny
    18/06/10 at 7:02

    I think the pictures are amazing. They remind me of the suicide girls gone retro.

  3. Lingerie lover
    18/06/10 at 7:47

    Amazing. I love them all. How do you keep finding all of these treasures?

  4. Jennifer Perry
    18/06/10 at 8:28

    How in the world did you find these exquisitely gorgeous photos? Just gorgeous. Treacle, you are our goddess!

    18/06/10 at 9:38

    Magnifique, j'adore… très beau travail de make up

  6. Happy pet
    18/06/10 at 12:49


  7. naomemandeflores
    18/06/10 at 17:19

    AMAZING! So cool!

  8. Panty Buns
    19/06/10 at 1:48

    Love that surprised coquettish look in the 666_photography_pin_up_gil_elvgren with beautiful round bottom in vintage black full brief panties and vibrating wide exercise belt.It's wonderful.

  9. knk
    19/06/10 at 6:58

    beutiful photography nice post

  10. Einar
    24/09/10 at 8:51

    They are all lovely but the corset in picture 8 i defenately my favorite.
    The perfect garment to have a nice week-end :-)

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