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How to Buy Lingerie for Your Wedding Night

Wedding week moves from the altar to the boudoir with a guest post on how to choose you honeymoon lingerie from Sarah over at  Sarah not only gives great tips for brides on her blog, she also offers a free wedding planning checklist to keep you organized and on track for the big day.  Thanks so much for bringing your expertise over to The Lingerie Addict, Sarah!

You’ve chosen the perfect dress, argued about up-dos until you swore you’d rather shave your head, and hand-picked flowers for your bouquet. With a little shellac from your hair and make-up gurus at the salon, you are reasonably certain you’re ready to waltz down the aisle.  But what happens after the wedding?  When the garters come off and the dress is back on the hanger, what will you wear for the most important night of your life?  Choosing your lingerie isn’t as easy as grabbing the nearest white night-gown on the rack, so here are a few simple guidelines to help you choose the slip of cloth that will set his heart on fire.

1. Don’t be skimpy.  This rule applies to both the garment and the price tag.  Your husband did not order a pole-dancer for this night of intimacy, so leave the tasseled pasties for another night (his birthday, maybe).  Instead, choose something sophisticated and adult (stretch fabrics like mesh and jersey need not apply).  There are so few times when you can justify a splurge on really expensive lingerie, and this is one of them, so enjoy it (and let him relish uncovering every hidden inch of you!).

2. Make it special.  You should be comfortable, but a floor-length cotton nightgown is neither appropriate nor attractive (unless you happen to be entering wedded bliss as a senior citizen). So stick to something satiny, silky, lacy, or all of the above.

3. Go wild.  Nobody sleeps in a corset because they’re supposed to be taken off (ideally in the heat of passion, so make sure is has snaps or hooks rather than lacing or buttons). This lingerie is meant to be unique, for one night only, not practical, so don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone and opt for something a little spicy like that teddy in the store window or the merry widow you never thought you’d have a chance to wear.

4. Just because your gown says virginal doesn’t mean you have to be traditional behind closed doors. While white may show off a tan better, it is not exactly flattering on most skin tones, so opt for something in a jewel tone that will really make his eyes pop.

5. Go designer. While many department stores claim to offer wedding lingerie, the selection is a snooze-fest (not ideal for your wedding night). Seek out designer labels for something both classy and unique. You want to get his attention, not put him to sleep.

Wedding Lingerie: Should You Wear a Corset Under Your Wedding Dress?

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Our celebration of all bridal lingerie continues in this week’s “Ask the Addict” feature with a question from reader C. who writes–
I am getting married in July and my wedding dress doesn’t have a corset built into it.  What kind of corset can I wear that’s not too heavy but will still cinch my waist? 

C. :)
This is a great question, C., and one I get asked surprisingly often.  I did a bit of research and consulted with a few lingerie retailer friends of mine to come up with an answer.  I hope it helps!

Hi C.Thanks so much for writing!I’m actually going to go against the grain here and suggest that you not purchase a corset for your wedding day.  Corsets are gorgeous, and they do cinch your waist, but clothing today isn’t really cut to allow for the extra bulk and period shape of a corset.At the least, you’ll have odd lumps, bumps, and ridges under your wedding dress (especially if its already purchased).  At the most, you’ll be intensely uncomfortable as corsets require a bit of a breaking in period before wearing, especially all-day.

Instead, I’d recommend investing in good shapewear.  You’ll be smooth and shapely under your dress, but still be able to breathe, dance, and, most importantly, smile.  Kiss Me Deadly is one of my favorite brands, however What Katie Did and Secrets in Lace also carry functional, fashionable shapewear.

If you’ve got your heart set on a corset though (and I completely understand if you do!), then I suggest a short, smooth, no frills underbust like this one from What Katie Did or this one from FairyGothMother.  It’s very important that you have the corset with you when trying on dresses and going to fittings; otherwise, the silhouette will not look right.

The absolute best solution for wearing a corset under your wedding dress is to go the custom made route.  Either have the same person who made your dress also make your corset, or go with a reputable, experienced corsetiere.  This breathable bamboo underbust from Electra Designs, might be a good option, for example as it’s both light and comfortable.  I hope I’ve answered your question, and please feel free to write back if you need anymore clarification.


Photo Credit: Morgana for Kiss Me Deadly 

3 Tips for Buying Bridal Lingerie

Today’s the start of a brand new event here on The Lingerie Addict–Wedding Week! Summertime is a big time for brides, and I want to make sure all my nuptial-bound and newlywed readers are covered with the very best in bridal lingerie information.  Today’s feature is about how to buy bridal lingerie.

1) While your wedding day is a special day, it is your still your day. Bridal lingerie should be a reflection of your personal style.  Considering that you’ll be on your feet and around cameras all day (not to mention a constant influx of family, friends, and loved ones), it’s absolutely essential that you choose lingerie you’re comfortable in.  If you’re not the kind of lady who likes boning and corsets, a basque or merrywidow may not be the best undergarment for you.  If you never wear thongs, then please don’t experiment with them on your wedding day.  Whatever lingerie you wear needs to work for you.

2) Try on any lingerie you buy with your dress before the big day.  I can’t stress this enough.  It’s tragic when a woman purchases lingerie and then purchases her dress only to find out the former won’t fit under the latter.  You should either purchase the dress first, and take it with you when buying your lingerie or purchase lingerie from a retailer with a flexible return policy (like Nordstrom) and take it along with you while buying the dress.  Don’t be afraid to get tips from the dressmaker about what kind of lingerie would give the best silhouette too.  Finally, check the structure of the gown…does it already have boning or cups built in? Is it slinky satin and bias cut?  Those kinds of details are important, and they will have a big influence on the type of lingerie you decide to purchase.

(As an aside, a lot of women say they’d like to wear corsets–the Victorian, wasp-waisted kind–for their wedding day.  I highly discourage this, and I’ll explain why in this week’s “Ask the Addict” feature appearing tomorrow.)

3) Give yourself enough time. Wedding lingerie is not something you buy at the last minute. You want to give yourself time to not only buy the perfect dress but also to get the perfect underthings…and that includes the time for alterations, weight loss/gain, and even custom made pieces. Though I’ve never been married, I’ve been a bridesmaid in several weddings, and there is nothing more stressful than the bride trying on her lingerie in the morning and realizing it doesn’t work with her dress!  Save yourself the stress and drama by buying things ahead of time, and either exchanging or returning them promptly when or if they don’t fit.

Do you have any tips for brides-to-be?  Wedding horror stories you’d like to share?  Tell me in the comments; I’d love to hear them!

Photo Credit: Morgana of Threnody in Velvet

Figleaves Summer Sale Now On!

Figleaves, one of the biggest and best retailers of European lingerie on the internet, is clearing away their old collections to make room for the new.  I love this time of year because it means you can purchase high-end, designer lingerie for literally a fraction of the cost.  I’ve put a few of my more luxurious favorites below, but I’d love for you to take a peek at the Figleaves sale page and tell me what you’re lusting after.

Lascivious “Simone” Bra & Garter Panty
 Damaris “Frisson” Bra & Brief
 Miss La La’s Boudoir “Chocolat” Bra & Brief
Lascivious “Milla” Bra & Thong
Emily “Animal” Bra & Brief

Photo Friday: Ligeia Noir

Every Photo Friday is super exciting to me, but this one is really special.  For the first time ever, I’m featuring the work of one of my readers, fellow lingerie addict and fashion blogger, Ligeia Noir.

I can’t recall when Ligeia and I first crossed paths, but I’m pretty sure our mutual love of lingerie had something to do with it.  Her excitement for art and fashion is nearly tangible, and it’s a great honor for me to show her work here.

One of the reasons I enjoy Ligeia’s photos so much is because most of her shots are self portraits.  We, the viewers, are allowed access to the most intimate of perspectives…we get to see Ligeia as she sees herself.

Review Wednesday: Betsey Johnson Intimates Zipper Stripe Bra & Panty Set

Short version:

Q: Should you buy this bra set?
A: Yes, yes you should.

Long version:

I haven’t felt this strongly about lingerie since the MySkins nude bra and panty set I reviewed a few weeks back.  The Betsey Johnson Zipper Stripe Bra and Panty from Freshpair achieved the elusive lingerie holy grail of being both extremely sexy (The Boyfriend approved) and extraordinarily comfortable (I forgot I was wearing it after about 15 minutes).

Come to think of it, positive lingerie reviews are a lot harder to write than negative ones.  After all, there are only so many ways to say “I love this.”  So maybe I should just stop right there.  I love this bra and panty, and I honestly think you’d love it too.

Disclosure: I received the item discussed above free of charge for review purposes only.  The retailer/manufacturer/designer did not influence this review in any way, shape, or form.  All opinions presented here are the authors own.

Ask the Addict: Help Me Find These Ruffled Silk Panties?

Today’s Ask the Addict feature comes courtesy of Seleena, a fan of The Lingerie Addict over on Facebook  Seleena writes:

Hi Treacle,

I’m looking for a particular style of panty to wear with a corset. I’m attaching a photo of something similar but this is a little too “costumey” and likely can’t be worn under everyday wear. (Also, this particular panty is handmade and although gorgeous … is around $150). I’d love something full and gathered but not quite this full. 


I do lots of my shopping online and was wondering is you’ve seen anything like I’m describing and if so, when I might find it; and if not, what would be a good search string for me to use when searching? What would you call them?


Hi Seleena,

Thanks so much for writing.  I know exactly who made the panty you’re talking about, a wonderful corsetiere and costume designer named Espalore.  While I won’t be able to find you any knickers exactly like hers (they’re simply too exquisite), I did some find some similarly ruffled, satin panties for a lot less money.  Most of the knickers I’m linking to are sold through a UK site, FairyGothMother; which carries an excellent selection and ships worldwide for around $15 USD.

As far as search terms, I’m not sure what the best phrase would be.  I tried a few different search strings (including ruffled knicker and bustle panty), but none of them gave me the results I was looking for.  Maybe posting it here it will give us a few more ideas.

Hope this helps!

What Katie Did Striptease Ballet Knickers
Fairy GothMother Ice Frill Knickers
Fairy GothMother Purple Frill Knickers
Jezebel Ruffle Boyshorts
Fairy GothMother Tutu Knickers
  Fairy GothMother Pandora Knickers
Lulu and Lush Burlesque Sailor Brief
Fairy GothMother Deep Frilled Knickers
Fairy GothMother Burlesque Brief
Fairy GothMother Scarlet Frill Knicker

The Playful Pin-up Art of Amano Jyaku

I recently had the pleasure of meeting pin-up graphic artist, Amano Jyaku, at Emerald City Comic Con, and he was an absolute peach.  Jyaku’s art manages to be beautiful, fun, and funny all at the same time.

If you want to see more of Amano’s work, check out his blog (where the most recent post is all about redheads!) or his gallery.  You can also follow Amano Jyaku on Twitter.  And tell him Treacle sent you.  ;)

What Do Men Really Think About Lingerie?

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads reading my blog!  I’m a Daddy’s girl at heart, and I know that I could never have become the woman I am today without my pop’s kindness, love, and support.  He even reads the blog!

A few days ago, I posed a question to one of the many listservs I’m a member of.  In it, I asked for men to tell me what they thought about lingerie.  Did they love it, hate it, or did they feel indifferent?  Were certain kinds of lingerie better than other kinds?  Did they have any suggestions for how women should wear their lingerie?

I got a lot of varied responses, but I wanted to share my three favorite with you here–


“Take it from a man who speaks from the vantage point of many years: Lingerie is only as sexy as the self-image of the woman who wears it. No amount, or lack of, lingerie on the outside will be sexy on a woman who does not feel it on the inside.” –John

“As a regular guy, I can appreciate the idea of lingerie, and certainly appreciate the sentiment a woman feels when selecting such clothing “for” her man. The reality is, however, that any kind of clothing looks better in a little pile on the floor than coming between two partners. Lingerie is nice, but naked is better. Just one opinion from a regular guy.” –Jeff

And my absolute favorite from Erik:

In short; men LOVE lingerie on women!  An easy testament to it is if you look at the cover of virtually every major men’s magazine from Maxim, GQ, Esquire, and the list goes on and on and you will find a common element: A woman wearing some type of lingerie.

There are some men who are intimidated by it in terms of not understanding “how it works” with regards to how to undo parts of it when someone is wearing for them, and I think some women feel the same when they’re putting it on. There are also certainly a lot of men who are quite intimidated by the thought of buying lingerie for the woman in their life, or to even enter a store full of lingerie out of fear of a lot of a lot of other things.

Personally, as a true admirer of women who wear lingerie I don’t think there’s anything sexier than a woman who either A) likes to dress up and wear something sexy for her man, or B) likes to make herself feel sexy by wearing something provocative that only they know about under their clothes. It accentuates the truly wonderfully feminine side of women that we as men aren’t able to explore without the participation of the lady in our lives. Lingerie shows off the beautiful parts of a woman’s body in a way that other clothing cannot. When a woman wears lingerie for her man, or even in general for just herself, it’s like the beautiful wrapping for a great gift that’s underneath it all. Why else would the intimate apparel business be a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide?

In terms of which kinds of lingerie are better than others from a man’s perspective, it really varies.  Quite simply a corset and thigh highs and high heels are always a major winner in my book and I suspect that is the strongest front runner for virtually any guy. Other times a sexy, lace teddy or even just a garter belt with stockings and heels or a nice sexy bra and thong works quite fantastically.

As far as how women should wear their lingerie, personally I go nuts over the idea of women who wear some of their intimates as outerwear, like a tasteful looking corset with a nice skirt or pants and a fitted jacket to go over it and heels. It shows this woman is truly confident all around, sexy and is in control of her own situation. That is truly hot and super alluring.

The other thing about how women should wear their lingerie is that it doesn’t just have to be on a special occasion that the “nice stuff” comes out. There’s something truly empowering and sexy watching a woman getting ready in the morning as she slides on her sexy panties one leg at a time and snugs them up against herself and how her beautiful bra perfectly accentuates her breasts. The image of that certainly leaves me thinking about her all day long, especially while I’m in the office wishing I could have her in front of me at that instance.

It also needs to be something that she genuinely enjoys wearing and feels comfortable in since there’s nothing more sacrilegious than buying a beautiful, sexy piece of lingerie that ultimately just sits in a drawer and never gets worn either because the woman doesn’t feel comfortable appearances-wises, or quite simply it just isn’t a comfortable or practical piece (i.e. a leather or vinyl corset on a hot summer day; you get the picture).”

Thanks for all your responses fellas!  As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.  Man or woman, it doesn’t matter, what do you really think about lingerie? 

Art Credit: Tyson McAdoo of Dayna Delux

Photo Friday: 666 Photography

A few months ago, during a sightseeing trip to Portland, I ran across several stunning photographs of corsetted women in flowers and skull makeup at a vintage clothing shop.  I could never remember who shot the images, but I do remember being absolutely captivated by them.

So imagine my delight when I rediscovered the artist behind those photographs at YUHMM Magazine (warning: NSFW).  666 Photography captures the retro, pin-up, and burlesque aesthetic that I’m so fond of, but manages to put her own unique stamp on it.  What do you think of the sample from her portfolio below?