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Help Me Pick My Panties!

I’ve been in my new apartment a little more than two weeks now, but while packing up to move back in April, I realized that a lot of my knickers broke the rules I said about lingerie.  So as not to be a hypocrite, I tossed a lot of my underwear out, but now I’m in desperate need of new panties.  

Below I’ve made a list of some of my favorite styles.  Because we’re talking everyday undies here (and not the special occasion kind), everything is $12 or less.  Tell me which ones are your favorites and those are the ones I’ll buy.  The more opinions, the better so please share this on your blog, Twitter, or Facebook too!  I’ll compile your votes a week from today and let you know which knickers came out on top.

Thanks so much for helping me out!  :-)

Blush Sweet Surrender Hipster Panty

Biatta Chantal Boyshorts Panty

b.tempt’d by Wacoal Captivating Cotton Bikini Panty

b.tempt’d by Wacoal Captivating Cotton Hipster Panty

Warner’s All Day Fit No Pinching V Hipster Panty

Kiss Me Deadly Van Doren Pin-up Brief

Figleaves Basics Lace Bikini Brief
Figleaves Basics Smooth & Lace Boyshort
Figleaves Basics Smooth & Lace Brazilian Brief
O Lingerie Forget-Me-Not French Knickers
Figleaves Basics Cotton and Lace Boyshort
Figleaves Basics Cotton and Lace Bikini
 b. tempt’d Super Natural hipster

 Betsey Johnson Wideside Bikini Panty

Biatta Seamless Hotshort

Maidenform French Collection Tanga

Biatta Microfiber with Lace Panty

New Discovery! Gail Stern Tights

So one of the things I like most about writing this blog (aside from connecting with other lovers of lingerie, of course!) is discovering new and interesting designers.  I look at a lot of lingerie now, and while I love it all (or most of it anyway), not much makes my breath quicken and my heart race anymore.  But these tights do.

Gal Stern is an Israeli designer who specializes in hand-printed tights.  Her designs are fresh, innovative, and ultra-fashionable.  They’re also surprisingly reasonable; many of my favorite items only cost $35.  Gal doesn’t have many stockists yet, so it looks like ordering directly from her online is the best bet.

I’d love to hear what you think of her unique designs!  Why don’t you tell me in the comments?

Photo Friday: Rosie Huntington-Whitely for British GQ

So I was in a bookstore with The Boyfriend over the weekend and ran across the British GQ’s May issue featuring a photospread of Rosie Huntington-Whitely taken by Ellen von Unwerth.  And, my goodness, is it delicious!  I’ve featured only a few of the shots here; visit GQ-UK’s website for more.

P.S. Scroll to the end of the article to find out where you can buy the pieces Ms. Rosie H-W is wearing!


Where to Buy Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s Lingerie:
1st Photo:  Lisha Bra & Brief Set from Agent Provocateur


3rd Photo: Latex Stockings from Agent Provocateur
4th and 5th Photos: Bondage Angela Molded Chemise by Bordelle

Review Wednesday: Yummie Tummie Lace Control Teddie

Today’s review is a bit of a departure from the norm for me.  While I do wear and love shapewear, I’m not usually a fan of the modern stuff.  It just seems kind of boring compared to vintage-inspired girdles, cinchers, and merrywidows. That’s why I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received the Yummie Tummie Lace Teddie.

Composed of a nylon/polyester/spandex blend, the Yummie Tummie teddie bills itself as a piece of firm control shapewear able to take you from the “boardroom to the bedroom.”  It reminds me of a bodysuit, with a lace covered demi bra up top, smooth seamless paneling in the middle, and a sheer lace boyshort at the bottom.  The bra has adjustable straps and keyhole style hook-and-eye closure at the back, while the panty has a snap open gusset to make your daily functions as easy as possible.  The teddie is available in sizes XS through XL (fitting maximum dimensions of 39-31-42″), comes in the colors black and nude (nude is only available at the Yummie Tummie webstore), and retails for $108.

I wore the teddy to work all day yesterday and found it surprisingly comfortable.  The boyshort didn’t bind, bunch, or snag and the bra stayed in place all day.  The shaping midsection was also very smooth and barely noticeable.  My chief complaint, however, is that this piece doesn’t offer any shaping power.  It felt almost exactly like wearing a leotard underneath my dress…a nice, warm underlayer but without any of the curve-creating power old-fashioned shapewear provides.

Here’s the verdict: if you’re looking for light control or just a cute, modern one piece to wear under your clothing, this works just fine.  If you’re looking for firming, cinching, or any other figure-reducing power, I have to say there are better out there…and for a bit less money too (check my Lingerie Resources page for examples).

Has anyone reading this experimented with Yummie Tummie?  I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Disclosure: I received the item discussed above free of charge for review purposes only.  The retailer/manufacturer/designer did not influence this review in any way, shape, or form.  All opinions presented here are the authors own.

Lust: Playboy Sequined Lingerie

Between the costs of moving and the costs of living, I’m on a bit of a lingerie diet.  No new skivvies for the next month or two…though I do anticipate lifting the ban in time for a birthday splurge!  Anyhow, while visiting Sweet Cherry Vintage (one of the many amazing blogs on my blogroll), I ran across this article on Playboy Lingerie.

The good folks at Playboy have just released an updated version of their classic Bunny Corset costume.  While it’s not quite for me (I’ve seen better quality elsewhere for less…though without the Playboy name), this hot little number caught my eye.

I know, I know.  It’s cheap.  It’s trashy.  It’s tasteless.  It’s completely impractical.  But I love it anyway.  And I can’t help but think how amazing this bra and panty set would look on stage during my next burlesque performance.  What say you?   

Have I (finally) lost my mind or could I pull off this over-the-top look?  Let me know in the comments!

Ask the Addict: Bra Shopping after Weight Loss and More!

Today’s “Ask the Addict” feature comes courtesy of Evija, who frequently graces the blog with her insightful and savvy comments.  Evija had several questions for me, and I tried to answer them as best I could.  As always, if you have something to add, please don’t hesitate to do so in the comments.  I love hearing what you all have to say!

Q: Hey Treacle!

I’ve noticed you’ve recently answered quite a bunch of the readers’ questions, so I thought it’s about time I submit mine and see whether you can help me!  

1) Almost every lingerie store has bra extenders as their lingerie accessory. But what to do with a band size a bit too big? I’ve lost some weight recently and feel that even though all bras still do the support part rather well, I’d like the band a bit tighter.  

2) Maybe you could do a post for all the colour freaks all there and post the lingerie sites that allow you to browse by colour? I encountered this when I made a promise to myself “buy more green lingerie!” and I didn’t found much besides Figleaves. I’m rather fanatic towards jewel colours and nearly hate the pastels, and frankly, it makes life hard!  

3) I’m rather tall (nearly 5′ 9″) and with rather massive legs which isn’t too helpful when it comes to finding nylons. So far I have bought only the KMD’s Ophelia, and even though I picked size 5, I had the welt a mere 6 inches above my knee, which isn’t quite the thing I sought for. And I’ve heard the Cervins run even shorter! And StockingsHQ offer only lycra-heavy “extra tall” stockings.

In other news, I think the new Review Wednesday is a rather neat idea, can’t wait to see more!

Best wishes,

A: Hi Evija!  Thanks for writing.  I’ll answer your questions in the order you’ve given them above.

1) There are a few different ways to handle a too-large band size.  In order of least to most time-consuming, you could try sewing extra hook-and-eye closures onto the band and cutting away the excess.  You could also take the bra to a seamstress or tailor who could professionally take in the band for you.  Or (and this is the option I’m most in favor of) you could just scrap your old bras and start afresh.  I know that’s hard to do, especially when you might have to toss your favorites, but chances are that your weight loss has changed more than just your band size.  I recommend going in for a professional bra fitting, and then treating yourself to a brand new lingerie wardrobe!

2) Unfortunately, when it comes to browsing lingerie by color, the only store I know of that allows that is the same one you already use…Figleaves.  I’m afraid you’ll have to search for jewel tones the old-fashioned way.

3) As a long-legged 5’8″ gal, I empathize with your hosiery plight.  The store that I’ve found has the best stockings selection, in terms of height, weight, color, and style, is  Check them out and tell me what you think!

Got a lingerie question you want answered by an expert?  Just send a note over to  I read every e-mail, and I try to answer them all too!

Credit: Top photo is of me and was taken by Photognome. You can find more photos of me under the tag Treacle.

Review Wednesday: Sock Theory Oversized Boucle Legwarmers

Wheeee!  It’s time for another Review Wednesday.  Today, I’m talking about the Sock Theory Oversized Boucle Legwarmers.  I got these back in February (a.k.a. the dead of winter), and they were absolute lifesavers.  I’d never worn legwarmers before in my life, but I found myself putting on the Sock Theory ones as often as possible, especially as rainboot liners. 

The boucle makes them very warm and soft, and when worn with boots, it looks like you’re wearing really “nubby” knee-high socks.  They’re also very stretchy; I have muscular calves but had no problems wearing these all day.  At only $12/pair, these have The Lingerie Addict seal of approval–they’re a must-buy.

P.S. Sock Theory has lots of other great legwear, like the items pictured below…but I find myself visiting just to admire the excellent photography.  All the modeling is done in-house by Sock Theory owner, Morgan!

Disclosure: I received the item discussed above free of charge for review purposes only.  The retailer/manufacturer/designer did not influence this review in any way, shape, or form.  All opinions presented here are the authors own.

The Ethereal Lingerie Art of Caitlin Shearer

I first learned about artist Caitlin Shearer through the very, very lovely blog A Red Lipstick [Editor’s Note: As of January 2015, this site appears defunct], and I had to share her gorgeous drawings with you here.  I think the first sketch is my favorite; there’s something so familiar about the ritual of finishing your makeup in front of the mirror with naught else on but your undies.What do you think of her paintings?

How to Buy Lingerie for Mother’s Day

Note: This article is about how to buy lingerie for your mother.  If you’re looking for tips on how to buy lingerie for your romantic partner (who also happens to be a mom), check out this post I wrote for Fashion Network Seattle titled  “The Quick and Easy Guide to Buying Her Lingerie .”

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 8th.  With less than a week left to shop, you might be racking your brain trying to think of the perfect for Mom (especially if you’re a procrastinator like me).  Flowers, chocolate, and greeting cards are all great, but they’re also a little, uh…typical.  So what about giving one of the most important women in your life one of the most intimate gifts of all–lingerie?

If your first reaction is to go “No way!” I totally understand.  Lingerie is all about sex, right?  And sex is one of those things we don’t really like to imagine our parents doing.  So maybe the best question is “How can I buy lingerie for Mom without coming across as inappropriate?”

The first thing to remember is that the world of lingerie is humongous.  I talk a lot about bras, panties, stockings, corsets and other “naughty” items here on the blog because that’s what turns my crank, but lingerie also includes robes, slips, camisoles, pajamas, gowns, kimonos and even articles like lingerie bags or lingerie washes.  When it comes to gifts for Mom, that second group is one you want to pull from.  Think classy, tasteful, and luxurious not sexual, erotic, or boudoir.

Need a little more advice?  Check out my top 15 lingerie-related gifts for Mother’s Day (updated May 2011!).  And don’t forget about the present that fits everyone…a gift certificate from her favorite lingerie store!

Do you plan on buying lingerie for Mom? Or is that a little too weird?  Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

Hips & Curves Long Lounge Dress
Calvin Klein Essentials Short Robe
Fortnight Lingerie Satin Kimono
Camelia Soft Touch PJ Set

Lady Godiva Pebble Robe

Figleaves Silk Pajamas

 Eberjey Prima Ballerina PJ Set

 Kiku Spring Cherry Kimono


 Between the Sheets Cardigan & Yoga Pants

Hanro “Rome” Pajamas

 Pure Cashmere Hooded Robe

Agent Provocateur Silk “Desiree” Pyjamas

Myla “Angelica” Long Robe

Myla “Jasmine” Long Kimono

Credit: Top photo by Vincent Peters.

What I Wore to the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival (SEAF).

Yesterday, The Boyfriend and I went out on a “real” date and attended the 8th annual Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, held in the Seattle Center.  Events like SEAF are not only a great place to see and be seen, they’re also an excellent excuse for dressing up.

I had the chance to pull out my custom Totally Waisted corset (which I haven’t worn since September–last seen in my Dragon*Con post here) and paired it with an Alexander McQueen for Target skirt and La Perla stockings

Unfortunately, photography wasn’t allowed at the event, but you can find dozens of photos from the spectacle (including an amazing burlesque show…which featured my instructors Inga Ingenue and The Shanghai Pearl) right here on Facebook (probably NSFW).

Hope everyone had a nice weekend, and come back tomorrow for a very special article on “How to Buy Lingerie for Mother’s Day.”