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Ask the Addict: Pretty Bras for Bigger Busts?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Today’s “Ask the Addict” feature comes courtesy of Shinxy who writes,


My boobs have been going on a growth spurt for about a year now, I’m now at least a 34E, and they’re still growing.

Where can I buy sexy, preferably cheap, bras for someone with a small rib measurement but large cup size?

I can only seem to find plus size bras in my cup size, but when I do find bras in my exact size, they’re often unattractive. I don’t mind plain, but beige or white with no detail whatsoever is unappealing to me.


Hi Shinxy,

Thanks so much for writing! I’ve done some research and, just as you said, it’s hard to find small band/large cup size bras that are inexpensive, attractive, and available in more colors than black, brown, or white.

I don’t know much about your specific tastes, but I did try to pull up a few bras that aren’t basic, that come in your size, and sell for less than $50. Tell me what you think? 


And I’m pleased to report that Shinxy had the following to say the next day:
Hey Treacle,

These are perfect! Thank you so much!

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Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

9 Comments on this post

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, try the following ranges they all make small back sizes and larger cups:
    Elixir de lingerie is great (get at figleaves or http://www.undercoverexperience.co.uk
    masquarade makes sexy low cut bras for bigger busts get at (http://www.simplyyours.co.uk), Cleo by panache is a fun young range, bravissimo.com, Fayreform available at (herroom.com), Le Mystere (barenecessities.com)
    All of these are great and all sites have frequent sales

  2. Treacle says:

    I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who's commented with their expertise on the subject of curvy girl bras!

    It makes me so excited when other folks are able to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. :-)

  3. Lillefix says:

    Hi, I second the reckomendation of brastop, figleaves and the brand recomandation for Freya (this http://www.freyalingerie.com/Lingerie/Charlotte_SS2010.aspx is awsome).

    I haven't shopped in so many places yet, I have used brastop and figleaves. Brastop hasn't been a disaster for me, but I do expect some sizing issues when trying new brands. There is no store to try any bras in my sizes where I live, so online guessing is the only kind of option I am used to. I don't know if sizing was the issue for Kelly, but that's usually it for me.

    Other places I visit to (so far)look for bras are:


    In brands other than Freya, I would mention Curvy Kate. Some other brands I don't have so much experience with but seems very likely to be great is Masquerade (their English rose bra in ivory is the hottest thing ever, but I think they're pretty much sold out by now, sadly) there's Fantasie, and Panache as well.

    I might have unknowingly left out some good stores and brands for the person asking. I visit places that carry 28 bands, and those are harder to find.
    To anybody else that use 28's that look for stuff, I don't think Fantasie come in that size, they start at 30. The other brands mentioned make some of their bras in 28's with exeption of Curvy Kate. They make ALL of their bra styles in 28's. That's the only brand I know that do that. Really cute models too :).

    Now since I've given away all this information I really must hurry to make sure I have all the bras I "need".

  4. Kelly says:

    For inexpensive bras, brastop.com is awesome. All the discounts totally make up for the overseas shipping! The only thing I would say is to only buy styles you've already purchased and liked before – whenever I purchase something new from brastop it's almost always a disaster, but I've found some of my favorite styles in discontinued colors or something for pretty cheap!

  5. @Hera Freya can be found in the U.S. @Bare Necessities and they have sales quite often. When the $$$ is stronger Clara Olivia can't be beat.

    @Shinxy If you have a Nordstrom's Rack try Fayreform (an Aussie/NZ company). I've picked up $65 plus bras for under $20. Also try TJ Maxx for Le Mystere also under $20. And last but not least there's ebay.

    @MissKittyPlum I love PD/MJ but they are expensive $100+. Fortunately, SoL in Denver has a sale in July, which is when I stock up. It's helpful if you can be there (because it's so busy) but you can email them.

  6. Shinxy says:

    Thanks for the extra help, guys :)

  7. Miss Kitty Plum says:

    Have you tried Prima Donna and Marie Jo and also Simone Perele. They aren't the cheapest but the quality is unbeatable!

  8. Hera says:

    Forgot to mention that Freya (unlike the ones above that I liked, unfortunately) runs from 28 band upwards. So for the girls who, like me, have a small band but average breasts, there's good news. As a 30DD, I tried wearing 32B/C bras for years, but it never worked. Until I found out which Freya models work for me.

    Not all of them fit every type of breasts, by the way. But you could see that as an advantage as much as a disadvantage. I know that I have to stay away from their full cup-bra's, but the plunge ones do great !

  9. Hera says:


    Freya is fantastic. Their designs are young and cheeky without becoming too childlike/"OMG KITTENS !!1!". And they do swimwear. And sportsbras. And nursing bras with a leopardprint ! (http://www.freyalingerie.com/Lingerie/Kelly.aspx)

    It might be a bit on the expensive side for you, but I don't know how much it costs in the US. In general, a Freya bra sells for about 50 euros here in Europe. But there's always discounts. (For us Europeans: try the big London department stores in the first weeks of January!) But the price is worth it. Every bra is hand made and its quality is so much more sturdy than those relatively flimsy high street bra's.

    I personally love these best:

    Freya Deco (t-shirt bra)

    Freya Frankie (cute every day bra) (http://www.freyalingerie.com/Lingerie/Frankie/underwired_plunge_bra.aspx)

    Freya Nancy (haven't bought it yet, but it just looks too cute)

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