The Lingerie Addict Guest Writes at The Lingerie Post!

Good morning, lovelies!  The wonderful people at The Lingerie Post (one of the best lingerie blogs out there) just put up a guest post from yours truly on my Valentine’s Day Etsy lingerie picks.  Why don’t you click the links and give them some love?

I also wanted to show you all one of my favorite Valentine’s Day-themed lingerie sets.  As you can see, it’s gorgeous from the front, but the heart shaped pleating on the bum is what sells me.  So, so luxurious!

Miss La La’s Boudoir Boit De Chocolat balconette braand deep pleated heart brief 
$248 (both pieces)


  1. Bra Queen
    09/02/10 at 3:10

    Well done! I am very happy for you

    Renee xx

  2. MissNeira
    09/02/10 at 6:35

    Great job! congrats!

    and love that pretty little set

  3. Wrecked Stellar
    09/02/10 at 6:53

    I love the subtle heart in the red set- so chic and playful at the same time! Congratulations on the guest post- will need to check it out!! xo, Mel

  4. cerivin
    09/02/10 at 8:25

    I love the red, it's very sexy-chic

    09/02/10 at 9:29

    Congrats Honey! Well deserved! I love the panties pictured…adorable!

  6. Haute World
    09/02/10 at 10:19

    Great guest post! And I love the Valentine's piece you selected… the heart detailing is gorgeous.

  7. Monika P.
    09/02/10 at 13:16

    I am so happy for you, congrats:)!!

    Monika from J'adore Fashion

  8. Sarah @ Pandora's Box
    09/02/10 at 14:30

    Congrats on the guest post! I agree, the pleating details on the tush make that set totally cute.

  9. FashionJazz
    09/02/10 at 15:29

    Congrats!! XXX

  10. Stocking Vixen
    10/02/10 at 1:59

    Yay! Also, agree that bum pleats and ruffles rule. :)

  11. Phivos Nicolaides
    10/02/10 at 7:07

    Congratutalions! Travelling

  12. Treacle
    12/02/10 at 1:40

    Thanks so much for the kind words, everybody! I really appreciate you alls support. :-)

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