Look for Less: Kiki de Montparnasse Garter Tank

Back in February, I reviewed the Kiki de Montparnasse Garter Tank and, without going into too much detail, was left terribly dissapointed.

I still really like the casually sexy look of a garter tank though, and I’ve been looking for a suitable replacement ever since. Now I’ve found two.

Etsy designer Clarebare makes an Organic Bamboo Jersey Garter Tank which is cuter than hell, sells for only $48, and comes in 4 different colors…not to mention being custom made.

Dollhouse Bettie also designs a Ribbed Cotton Garter Dress modeled off a classic Hanes tank. Available in black or grey, their version retails for $62.50.

Whatever you decide, either one is an infinitely better option than spending $150 on KdM’s “luxury” version. Click on the look for less tag to see more of these money-saving features!


  1. Nicole Leigh
    29/12/09 at 0:43

    that is adorable! i want that!

  2. wreckedstellar
    29/12/09 at 2:17

    Oooh the idea of a garter tank is soo sexy! xo, Mel

  3. Treacle
    29/12/09 at 3:05

    @Nicole Leigh
    They really are great pieces.

    I bet you would so rock this look!

  4. CMA
    29/12/09 at 4:21

    love it darling
    awesome blog, keep it up
    i adore the gorgeous inspiration
    thanks for sharing
    and thanks for the sweet comments


  5. Ligeia
    29/12/09 at 5:18

    beautiful choices. i love the colour on the second one :)

  6. Couture Carrie
    29/12/09 at 8:06

    Nice alternatives to the Kiki!!


  7. sexylegsandbody
    29/12/09 at 8:30

    Hmmm, lovely pieces, thanks for sharing with us!

    Here is wishing you a very prosperous new year, may all your wishes and dreams come true.


  8. cervin
    29/12/09 at 9:04

    Coquin et sage en même temps. sexy girl kikiwi

    29/12/09 at 9:12

    Wow, very sexy! You have given me many ideas in expanding my Lingerie collection…xo

  10. Fashion By He
    29/12/09 at 11:35

    kiki has some awesome and very sexy items!! big fan

    -He approves

  11. Isquisofrenia
    29/12/09 at 13:18

    omg that looks so comfy , i want that hahhaha
    but then again i want everyting
    yeah i think you should try the ripped tights
    they look good on everybody!

  12. Tights Lover
    29/12/09 at 14:34

    Who knew a ribbed tank can be so sexy? Now I covet the garter tank!!

  13. Tights Lover
    29/12/09 at 14:35

    ps…you can ALWAYS pick what I buy…you know that ;-).

  14. Monika P.
    29/12/09 at 15:19

    garter tank?? Wow great and so sexy!!

    Monika from J'adore Fashion

  15. (always)alanna
    29/12/09 at 17:07

    great staples; and they look comfortable.
    love the bodysuit below too!
    merry christmas and happy new year!
    and gorgeouss blogg!

  16. Couture Cookie
    29/12/09 at 17:50

    Thanks for the tips! The Dollhouse Bettie tank indeed looks very nice.

  17. Winters Reaper
    29/12/09 at 18:07

    those bamboo items are damn sexy…


  18. Pippa Artus
    29/12/09 at 19:40

    I WANT the Organic Bamboo Jersey Garter Tank…so gorgeous! Would love to know about the other colours! http://www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

  19. badside
    29/12/09 at 20:04

    Like that Dollhouse Bettie garter dress, very nice indeed!

  20. Noble Beeyotch
    29/12/09 at 20:35

    Wow….never knew garter tanks could come for such great prizes. Thanks for sharing these!

    Have a great New Year!

  21. Treacle
    30/12/09 at 1:17

    @Tights Lover
    Oh, you're going to regret telling me that! *evil laugh*

    Thanks for the kind well wishes. :-)

    Thanks so much for stopping by! I can't tell you how excited it makes me when my favorite companies come to say "Hi!"

    Let's the idea, lovely…that's the idea. ;-)

  22. Ashley
    30/12/09 at 9:19

    I've always loved the Kiki dM garter tank but its way too expensive. Thanks for the cute (and much cheaper) alternative!!


  23. Tights Lover
    30/12/09 at 13:31

    Oh now you intrigue me…

  24. 23/08/12 at 12:50

    I love the idea of a garter dress as I never wear tank tops….so sexy and so practical!

  25. crystal
    10/01/14 at 20:29

    If you’re still interested in garter tanks, you might want to try Love Haus. They have cute ones in gray and black.

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