Etsy: Tattoo Socks, Stockings, and Thigh Highs

Attention fellow stockings addicts! Check out this fabulous Etsy find from Israeli design team Post. I already dig the tattoo trend, and screenprinting legwear is just so fashionable. Plus, the price is spot on. Now I just have to decide which pair I want to try first! Suggestions?


  1. Janus
    29/11/09 at 15:51

    I rather like the one with the peacock feather. But all of the tattoo stockings look much sexier than getting a real tattoo. (Much less painful, too, for that matter.)

  2. SoCalMan
    29/11/09 at 19:47

    I love that octopus. Wonder if they could do it in red…

  3. Treacle
    30/11/09 at 2:40


    I think the peacock feathers are my favorites too. I love any kind of legwear with peacocks on it.


    Ooh, I like that idea! You should totally ask them if they can. :-)

  4. Jim
    30/11/09 at 2:53


    And if they do, what size do you wear? ;-)

  5. Treacle
    30/11/09 at 2:56

    Oh Jim…don't tease me, I couldn't take it! ;-)

    I wear a size L/XL. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. Pinupmania
    02/12/09 at 6:10

    So pretty shoes (Salomés)!

  7. sharonlei
    04/12/09 at 0:22

    Did you try any yet?? I've been eyeing this for some time..(just blogged about it too.. he hee).. I have to give in and buy a couple.. oh I can't wait!

    Love & Aloha.

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