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On Stockings and Scribbles

My blogging friend Tights Lover, writer of the super-fantastic lingerie blog The Panty Drawer, just gave me a Superior Scribbler blog award. Mr. Tights Lover and I started blogging at the same time (April 2008), and I’ve been an avid fan of his writing ever since so this is quite an honor.

The rules of the award dictate that you have to pass it on to five other bloggers. So, without further ado, here are my nominees:

Frou Frou Fashionista

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I could list only five, but every link on my bloglist is worth checking out. Why don’t you click on a couple and tell ‘em Treacle sent you?

And because I simply cannot make an entry without posting some stockings related image, why don’t you check out the pic below? It’s my new fav…until tomorrow at least!

The 3 Kinds of Lingerie You Should Buy Online

black and white photo strappy bra

Now that we’ve gotten the negative news out of the way by talking about the three kinds of lingerie you should never buy online, let’s move on to a more positive topic–the three types of lingerie that are worth buying from the comfort of your own home.

1) Legwear. My favorite kind of lingerie…this includes stockings, socks, tights, and pantyhose. The internet has a better selection and better prices than any brick-and-mortar store can compete with, and sometimes these retailers offer free shipping.

In addition, it’s much easier to comparison shop online, and you could wind up paying significantly less than the sticker price if you visit coupon websites like Retail Me Not before purchasing. Just in keep in mind that most retailers will not accept stockings returns once the package is open, so make sure you want what you’re buying.

2) International Brands. If you’re a European lingerie fanatic (like me!) , then you know that lots of fantastic lingerie brands simply aren’t available in the US. In this case, online shopping is a godsend.

Before buying anything, though, you need to know your measurements, your converted lingerie size for that particular country or label, and the shipping & return policies for the retailer. It’s also a good idea to do a quick web search and see if anyone has had complaints with the store. As always, you can contact me; I’ve bought from more websites than I can write about.

3) Vintage. E-bay is one of the great online resources for vintage lingerie addicts. I’ve seen some of the most extraordinary pieces at the most extraordinary prices over there. I’ll do a more detailed post on how to buy lingerie from E-bay in the next couple of weeks, but, for now the most important things to remember are that you need to check the seller’s feedback, shipping & return policies, and to always pay via Paypal.

What kind of lingerie do you like to buy online? Tell me in the comments!

New Stockings, Girdles, and Tights…Oh My!

As retailers are gearing up for the shopping season, they’re getting lots of new and beautiful stock into their stores. Below are some of my favorite recent additions…

StockingsHQ is has recently begun carrying their own, exclusive line of shapewear . In terms of fit, function, and outright flirtatiousness, there is nothing like a well made open bottom girdle. Now I just have to decide if I want the black skirted version or the pink lace one.

Dollhouse Bettie is stocking new designs from Italian hosiery label Sisi’s Fall/Winter ’09 line. My two favorites are these knee-high illusion tights and these sheer stockings with festive lace trim beneath the welt. As far as I know, Dollhouse Bettie is the only retailer stocking Sisi’s products in the U.S., so these are effectively an exclusive item.

Finally, Folter Clothing is an indie label from my goth/alternative clubbing days. She’s come out with some really fantastic lingerie-inspired and gartered items lately, including the “Boudoir Bettie” dress and these mesh garter panties.

I have a feeling my holiday wish list is going to be very, very long…

Boudoir Lingerie for Burlesque Dancers

I first mentioned LoveChild Boudoir almost a year ago, when her cute vintage redesigned girdles with the heart on the bum first caught my eye. A few months ago, I splurged and purchased one of her PVC bustle skirts which received rave reviews when I wore it to Dragon*Con.

Now, LoveChild Boudoir is setting my heart all aflutter again with her latest creations. These decadent designs are almost too lovely to confine to the bedroom alone; I may need to take a Burlesque class or three so I can show them off properly!

Lovechild Boudoir is currently selling her couture girdles, corselettes, bullet bras, and bustle skirts through e-bay and her personal website [Editor’s Note: As of January 2015, this site appears to be defunct].

I Want This: Little Minx “Valentina” Lingerie Set

It’s love at first sight for this delightfully coquettish Little Minx bra set from La Magia [Editor’s Note: As of January 2015, this site appears to be defunct]. I’m still not quite sure what makes these pieces so irresistible. Is it the vivid aquamarine color? The flirty black lace? Perhaps the classic retro styling? Whatever the case, I simply can’t get this lingerie out of my head.

Total cost for the bra, panty, and garter belt is a very palatable £58.65 (or $93 USD) once you activate the 15% off discount code PINK123. Plus, don’t forget that La Magia ships free to anywhere in the world. With Christmas only two months away, this is a bit of European finery worth saving up for.

3 Kinds of Lingerie You Should Never Buy Online

Red Lingerie

Lately, I’ve been hearing way too much bad news about shady dealers, sham websites, and substandard products. Most of the transactions involving those three “S’s” have been online. The internet is a great resource for buying lingerie, but only if you use it well. Here are the three kinds of lingerie I believe you should never buy online.

1) Your first bra during/after pregnancy or during/after any significant weight change. I personally know several women who’ve insisted on wearing the same bra size after pregnancy that they wore before it. Ladies, your breasts are alive; they change as your body changes. If your body isn’t the same as it was one year ago, your breasts aren’t either. Go get fitted.

2) Your first corset. Sadly, this is the one area where I’m hearing the most bad news. Corsets are wonderful and everybody should own one, but before plunking down your hard earned cash on a fly-by-night website, please, please, please do your research. The LiveJournal group I’ve linked above is an excellent resource. In addition,don’t hesitate to write me at I’d much rather you lose a few minutes on web research than a few hundred dollars to a scam artist.

3) Any final sale merchandise. There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as lingerie you’ve purchased before and know you’ll love, but, for the most part, anything that cannot be returned to the store needs to be left at the store. Remember, it’s not a good deal if you never wear it.

Come back next week for Part 2 of this series, “The 3 Kinds of Lingerie You Should Buy Online.” In the meantime, why don’t you share your favorite online lingerie buying tips in the comments section?

Wolford Stockings & Simone Perele Lingerie Sale!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

I just found out from The Lingerie Post that Gilt. com is having a Wolford sale on Tuesday, October 13, 12 p.m. EDT. (9 a.m. PDT). Like the Wolford sale from a few weeks ago, this is a private, invitation-only event, and you’re not gonna want to miss out. If you need an invite, just click here.

Rue La La brings the sexy for the third time in as many months by having a Simone Perele sale on Tuesday, October 13, at 11 a.m. EDT (8 a.m. PDT). I’ve yet to be dissapointed by any of their lingerie sale events, so if you need some European intimates (and, trust me, you do), get your invitation here.

And The Winner Is…

Thanks to everyone who entered The Great Stockings Giveaway sponsored by Pandora’s Choice. I had a blast reading each and every one of your entries! Now it’s time to reveal the winner, and she is…

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Golden Means!

Ms. Golden, please shoot me an e-mail with your contact info to, and we’ll set up getting your stockings to you ASAP. Congratulations!!!