There’s Nothing New Under the Sun…

Warning: The image in the following article contains nudity. I don’t usually post photos of naked women, but due to the age of the picture and the subject of this piece, I’m making an exception.

Around a month ago, I posted about my newest obsession with sheer vintage dresses, and how pretty a retro garter belt and stockings would look underneath.

Well, somebody beat me to it. By a hundred years or so.

The good thing is, I’m even more convinced this is a swell idea. Now I just need to find the right dress.


  1. Stocking Vixen
    20/09/09 at 15:19

    How about this one?

    I've got five bucks to put into a "Buy Treacle this Dress Fund" :)

  2. Treacle
    20/09/09 at 23:58

    Now that is hot.

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