The Most Incredibly Kick Ass Garter Belt Ever!

Hand tooled leather, from the uber-creative folks at
Delicious Boutique.

Available in black, distressed gray, and antique brown.


  1. Too Many Tights
    12/04/09 at 6:28

    Hot, hot, hot. Wow, love it. :)

  2. T-Rex
    12/04/09 at 21:21

    I seriously considered plunking down the bucks for that. As it is, I spent way too much at their booth.

    My man *does* go to Philly once in a while… :-)

  3. Janus
    15/10/09 at 12:37

    Now that I think about it, this looks like a garter belt that Lara Croft would wear.

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