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Stuff I’ve been reading lately…

Dollhouse Bettie just wrote a great piece on how to choose the right vintage stockings for your height and proportions.

Stocking Vixen is a new hosiery blog I’m already hooked on.

Sock Dreams has a Sock Journal which is chock full of nifty information about their products.

*Photo from Viva Van Story


  1. Pink Nylon
    26/02/09 at 10:41

    Thanks for the link, but it got cut off. And now I’m very very intrigued!!

  2. Treacle
    26/02/09 at 10:42

    Sorry about that.

    If you go to Sock Dreams, look for their “Polonova” section. She’s a new designer out of Portland, and her work is really different but really groovy.

  3. Pink Nylon
    26/02/09 at 13:31

    Yeah. I really really like these actually.

    I might just get them. Perfect for under my pants to work…

  4. T-Rex
    26/02/09 at 16:48

    Oooh…I like Stocking Vixen.

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