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the look for less: music legs vs. falke









Well, I was going to write an introduction for my upcoming event, Fishnet Stockings week, but I’ve found something better to talk about instead. As you can tell from the title, this entry is the fourth in a series. In all of my previous “Look for less” posts, I’ve had to settle for finding a similar item, something which carried the same theme even if it wasn’t expressed in the same way. This time, however, I’ve found a budget item with the exact same pattern as the luxury one…

Now I won’t insult your intelligence by asking you to identify which is the more expensive pair of tights; Falke’s advertising campaigns are much too obvious for that. However, I am downright flabbergasted at how the Music Legs Zurich tights on the left look exactly the same as the more expensive Falke Renaissance tights on the right.

Unfortunately (or perhaps, fortunately), because the Falke Renaissance tights are on sale, the price disparity isn’t so great as it once was. All the same, this post reminds me that Falke, Wolford, La Perla and the other high end names are not the be all, end all of fashion. There are great deals to be had, if you’re just willing to look.

the look for less: stella mccartney mesh bodysuit

Never in my life will I be able to justify the extravagance that is a Stella McCartney bodysuit, and believe you me, I’ve come up with some pretty convoluted ways of persuading myself to buy yet another undergarment. But this time, no matter how much I scheme, I simply can’t wrap my mind around paying $200 for what basically amounts to a black mesh leotard…even if that leotard is one of the sexiest things I’ve seen in recent memory.

So what’s a poor little Stockings Addict to do?

Well, never one to be dissuaded by something as trivial as a price tag, I believe I’ve found a way to replicate this look for literally a tenth of the price.

Both Urban Outfitters and American Apparel* make black mesh bodysuits of their own, and while they don’t come with the nifty, retro-inspired “modesty panels” of Stella McCartney’s line, I’m sure you all are creative enough to make it work somehow. ;-)

The Urban Outfitters bodysuit is available in three colors (burgundy, black, nude), four sizes (XS-L), and retails for only $24.00 USD. The American Apparel bodysuit is available in five colors (black, white, nude, scarlet, lightning blue w/ navy stripe), four sizes (XS-L), and retails for only $26.00 USD. In addition, if you sign up to be a part of American Apparel’s mailing list, they’ll send a 10% off coupon to your e-mail.

*Thanks to Sheen V for inspiring this post. :-)

Vintage Lingerie Surprises from Sheer Nylons!

Editor’s Note: As of February 2015, the site for Sheer Nylons appears to be defunct.

I didn’t know this, but UK retailer Sheer Nylons (mentioned in this post) also sells vintage lingerie…including some pieces I’ve never seen before. Take a gander at these delectable delights…

1970’s Rago Corselette–34D
1960’s transparent girdle–small
(also available in baby blue, psychedelic blue, orange, and black)

English Rose longline bra–34C

the look for less: falke vs. figleaves

Bold, graphic stockings are an ever-popular design trend and this season is no exception. The new twist for spring, however, is hosiery with geometrically inspired patterns. Both Falke and Wolford showcase tights with stylized lines and diamonds as part of their new collections. However at $45.00 and $31.00 USD a pair, respectively, it’s kind of hard to see myself indulging this fad.








So what’s a suitable alternative? How about these tights from U.K. intimates manufacturer, Charnos? On the left are the Stripe Net tights, retailing for only £6.00 (approximately $8.66 USD), and on the right are the Mesh Hexagon tights, selling for only £6.50 (approximately $9.30 USD). Keep in mind that until Monday at midnight, Figleaves is selling all their merchandise at 20% discount, so, if you hurry, you can buy these tights for significantly less than the regular price.