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Check out these new leg suspenders from Stockingirl. According to the website, they work a lot like old fashioned sock garters.

I can see how these might be more convenient than a garter belt or girdle, especially during the summer months, but I’m really wondering how comfortable they are and how well they stay up.

Unfortunately, I’m not quite interested enough to conduct an experiment of my own.

Boxing Day Sales Roundup

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

15% off everything at Fairy GothMother.

25% off everything (with code BOXING) at Mio Destino.

15% off everything (with code PINK123) at La Magia [Editor’s Note: As of February 2015, this site appears to be defunct].

20% off everything (with code morganalovespuimond) at Puimond Corsets.

50% off everything at La Senza.

50% off select hosiery at Wolford Boutique London.

50% off select lines at Agent Provocateur.

40-50% off select lines at Myla.

40% off select lines at Coco de Mer.

20% off everything (with code ASLIP20) at Cameo Intimates [Editor’s Note: As of February 2015, this site appears to be defunct].

$20.00 off all purchases of $100.00 or higher at East 13 [Editor’s Note: As of February 2015, this site appears to be defunct].

Up to 50% off lots of things at My Tights.

25-35% off select hosiery at Bare Necessities (including the awesome Wolford Diagonal tights pictured here).

40-50% off select hosiery at Nordstrom (some really cute Betsey Johnson pieces here).

Hosiery basics on sale (think perfect for work) at

"I taste just like candy"

Like an addict always searching for her next fix, I’ve found another sinfully scrumptious bit of lingerie over on e-bay.

You’re looking at the Esmee panty girdle. With a Buy It Now price of 49.99 GPB (approximately $74.26 USD), it fits waist measurements 24″-28″ and hip measurements 30″-36″.

*sigh* If only my hips were a teeny bit smaller…

The e-bay store is LoveChild Boudoir if you want to see any more of the seller’s amazing custom pieces.

something old, something new

E-bay has two really spectacular auctions going on right now. One is a sample from Starkers! Corsets. The other is an antique corset which appears to be from the early 1900’s.

I believe I mentioned Starkers in my series of entries on how to buy a corset. Starkers is a Canada based company that’s well known for it’s innovative custom corsetry. The piece on auction is from their Dorris collection…basically, it’s a corset dress.

I love corset dresses.

Bidding is currently at $100 USD which is an outright steal considering how this dress starts at $620.00 USD on the website. The corset up for auction is made from black silk, and, fully closed , its measurements are 26-22-32 (inches). Maximum, this dress fits measurements 31-27-37 (inches). That first measurement in the series is of the underbust, by the way, not the bust…so you’d want to measure your ribcage just under your bust to see if this could fit you. If I were a little smaller, I know I’d snap this up in a heartbeat.

The next corset is a museum quality gem. I don’t know as much about Edwardian fashion (Lara Corsets is the place to go for more information on that), but I can tell you I have never seen such a pristine corset from this period. Shockingly enough, it appears to brand new and never worn. It even comes in the original box.

Bidding starts at 150 Euros (about $215.37 USD), and the seller lives in France. The corset has a 19″ waist, but that’s immaterial as you really shouldn’t wear a piece like this anyway. If you’re a collector of vintage lingerie or a costume designer or seamstress, this seems like the perfect piece to add to your collection. I’m smitten.

vintage innovation

I was surfing e-bay the other day (as I am wont to do) and ran across the most delightful thing…a pair of vintage stockings hangers. Before now, I’d never even heard of a stockings hanger.

While I do handwash my stockings, I usually just throw them on the towel rack to dry when I’m done. With six clips on each hanger, I could dry a week’s worth of stockings at a time!

Hmmm…I think I might have to give these a try.

A Slip of a Girl exclusive

One of my favorite bloggers, A Slip of a Girl, just posted an exclusive 20% off coupon for Cameo Intimates Lingerie. Just enter the code ASLIP20 at checkout.

I own a bra, panty, and girdle from Cameo Intimates and adore every single piece. The coupon doesn’t expire until February 14, 2009 so you can even pick up an early Valentine’s Day present!

For my part, I think I may finally buy this naughty little ouvert panty I’ve been lusting after for awhile.