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2 tattoo

I just want to say that I love tattoo print lingerie.
Photos courtesy of Sailor Jerry and Boobie Trap [Editor’s Note: As of February 2015, this site appears to be defunct].

2008 Trend: Tartan

Designers everywhere are taking a cue from the Scottish Highlands and putting tartan on their runways for the Fall/Winter season. Tartan isn’t a new thing, of course. It’s been associated for hundreds of years with the Scots, and, more recently, there was a big tartan trend in the 1980’s (we won’t mention the schoolgirl fetish of the 1990’s. *shudder*).

What makes this season’s tartan new, though, are the crisp lines, modern cuts, and aesthetic of “a little goes a long way.” It’s not hard to imagine how you might incorporate tartan into your external wardrobe, but how does it carry over into the realm of lingerie?
For those living in Europe, the Italian lingerie label, Tezenis, offers a cute red tartan bra and panty set which costs roughly 20 Euro for both pieces. In America, the celebrity lingerie line, Trashy, has an entire series (unfortunately titled “Schoolgirl“) full of tartan inspired pieces.

Tartan also appears in corsets. This season’s Vollers’ collection contains a Tartan underbust corset (shown at left) and even other, independent designers are getting into the tartan trend like the Etsy store VioGemini Designs, which offers both tartan corsets and coordinating fishtail skirts.

Last, but certainly not least, the tartan trend is appearing in stockings and hosiery. Celeste Stein Designs offers several patterns of plaid on fishnets, thigh highs, or tights (these hose are also sold at Stockingirl, but why pay their mark-up?). As you can see, there are infinite ways to work this trend. Plus, if you buy tartan underwear, you don’t have to worry about being unfashionable next season!

I love Etsy.

You know I can’t leave well enough alone, so, after finding Crikey Aphrodite’s etsy store, I had to see who else was selling suspender belts. I really like this garter set by seller Hopeless. It feels very luxe and retro, and, with the right accessorise, could even work as supersexy maid costume for Halloween. She even has a pair of delectable, rufled undies, and I know how some you like your frilly underthings!

Crikey Aphrodite!

That’s the name of the corsetiere from yesterday’s post, and guess what? I just found her Etsy shop. Go here if you’d like to see (or buy!) more of her work, including the two scrumptious garter belts shown below, both retailing for $70 UD.

New hotness.

A corsetiere just posted her latest work over on Corsetry, a LiveJournal group for corset lovers which I watch religiously.
Can I just say how unbelievably hot the matching corset, blindfold, and garter set is below?
Yup. Unbelievably hot.
You can see her other new corsets here.

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This Elle Macpherson Bra is Gorgeous…

I wish I’d bought this bra when I first saw it instead of waiting around and deliberating.
It’s the Elle MacPherson Boudoir halter bra. The only place I saw it was on the Figleaves UK site, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend the £60.00, especially since the exchange rate was approximately 2 dollars to 1 pound at the time.
Ah well. I’m sure it’s making someone very happy.