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What Katie Did Clearance Sale Coming Soon!

According to Knickers Blog, the British retro lingerie company, What Katie Did, is launching a 50% off sale starting tomorrow, August 1.

The image below is from one of their limited edition lines, which probably won’t be on sale, but gave me an excuse to post a gratuitous photo of leopard print lingerie. ;-)

Edit: I just received an e-mail from the folks at What Katie Did stating that the sale starts online at 9 a.m. (London time, I imagine). They’re getting rid of items from their Maitresse, Dorothy, and Doris lines along with a few more goodies. Discounts start at 30% off and go up from there. Guess who’s setting her alarm clock five hours ahead?

Rago Shapewear on Sale at Dollhouse Bettie!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Dollhouse Bettie has the Rago 72523 black satin garter belt and the Rago 8355 pink shapette girdle on sale now at 35% off the regular price. Both items were around the $30-$35 range and are now around the $20-$25 range so I think that’s a pretty good deal.

Though I won’t do a complete review, I do have a couple of points of note about each item. The garter belt is a pull-on style with four garters and comes up fairly high on the waist. I didn’t experience any smoothing or shaping, and found it a bit awkward to wear though fans of vintage-style lingerie may like it.

As for the girdle, which is my favorite item of the two, I thought it was very cute and very well-made but gave no control or shaping whatsoever. It’s more like a garter skirt than a real girdle, but still a very fun, very retro piece especially when you want a smooth line under skirts.

These two items along with other lingerie on sale from Dollhouse Bettie can be found here.

I Love Leopard Print!

I’m spreading the gospel…of leopard print, that is.

If you haven’t guessed already, I have some pretty strong feelings about leopard print. Done well, I think it can be sexy, classy, daring, and just a little bit naughty and ferocious. Done poorly, it can make you look like a cheap tart. Unfortunately, most leopard print is very poorly done.

Perhaps that’s why I’m so obsessed with Vanity Fair’s leopard print line…because it’s an excellent example of a leopard print done well, and of how timeless such a pattern can be.

To that end, I have another treat for my amazing readers. A seller on e-bay has a Vanity Fair leopard print girdle, size large, going for auction right now, no reserve. Bidding is pretty low at the moment, but it probably won’t stay that way for long (the vintage Vanity Fair bra and girdle set I posted about last week went for a little over $150.00). Still, you never know, so it’s always worth tossing in a bid or two. I know I will.

The auction is here.

Vintage Vanity Fair Leopard Print Girdle on E-bay!

Guess what I stumbled upon dear readers?

Go here to see.*

That’s right. It’s a vintage, Vanity Fair, leopard print panty girdle, size medium for the astoundingly low price of $49.00.

Seriously, if this was in my size I’d have snapped it up already. Unfortunately, the hips are a bit too small. However, I’m hoping one of you can have the pleasure of owning this fine undergarment.

I’ve already corresponded extensively with the owner of this webstore, and she’s both prompt and professional when it comes to answering any questions or concerns.

So go take a look! I don’t want to see that panty girdle still online by this time next week. ;-)

*The pictures are copyrighted so I can’t post any photos here.

Review: Jonathon Aston Micronet Tights

Well, I couldn’t hold out until Saturday. The night was cool and breezy. I’m nylon deprived. So I buckled and put on a pair of stockings. These stockings to be exact:

These are the Jonathan Aston micronet tights, made of 75% nylon, 25% lycra, available in sizes S-L, and in two colors–black and natural. They have a cotton gusset and a non-reinforced (albeit seamed) toe. I purchased a pair in black during the Figleaves US clearance sale at the bargain price of $7.00. For comparision, these tights are currently being sold on the Figleaves UK site for £8.00 or roughtly $16.00 USD.

I rarely give an unmitigated review, and perhaps it’s the stocking withdrawal talking, but I love these stockings. They’re durable, true to size, fashionable, well-fitting, and look sexy-as-hell on the leg.

Often, micronet tights look (and feel) like tulle, which is nice but not always what I’m in the mood for. The Jonathan Aston micronets, however, are just very small fishnets. From a distance, they give the impression of sheer, textured tights. Only up close, do you notice the fine fishnet pattern. The fishnets are small enough that I can even see wearing these to the office with a nice pair of trousers.

I wore these tights for several hours, and loved them more by the minute. I’m only hoping they last longer than the last pair of tights I reviewed. A+.

It’s Too Hot for Hosiery

I haven’t posted any hosiery or girdle reviews lately, because, as the subject line says, it’s just been too hot.

For the uninitiated, Georgia summers often feature temperatures in the mid-90’s with humidity just as high. I break into a sweat as soon I step out of doors; the idea of wearing of wearing any more than necessary just makes me sweat more.

That said, I’m going to a party this Saturday evening, and I do think it will be cool enough to wear a pair of stockings, especially if I combine them with a breezy dress.

Now I just have to decide if I’m going to wear fishnets or sheer hose…

Vintage Vanity Fair Bra & Girdle Set on E-bay

Someone just posted this gorgeous Vanity Fair bra and girdle set in pale yellow with tons of lace. The bra is size 34b; the girdle is size small.

Bidding is still very, very low with a buy it now price of $60.00 and there appears to be no reserve. I’m a sucker for matching sets and Vanity Fair. If you are too, you might want to give a bid or three.

The auction is here.

Etsy Now Carries Vintage!

Etsy, that fabulous site for all things handmade, is now trying to become that fabulous site for all things vintage.

You know what that means…the potential for bargain finds and rare discoveries.

A quick search using terms like ‘girdle,’ ‘corset,’ and ‘nylons,’ has yielded interesting items like this 1950’s knit Vassarette girdle, this royal blue corset girdle, and these stockings which are an absolute steal at 4 pairs for $8.00.

Compared to more established sites, there really isn’t much available here yet, but I’m betting that will change very soon.

Go check ‘em out and happy shopping!

Dollhouse Bettie Exclusive Collection

As the subject line says, I’m back in town, and boy do I have some great news for you.

Do you remember the gingham print bra and garter set I posted about here?

Well, Michelle, the owner and designer for Dollhouse Bettie, has just revealed the set will be available starting August 1st. The bra will cost $98.00 and the garter belt $84.00.

To the left and right are photos of the final design.

She’s taking pre-orders now, so if you’re interested in being added to the wait list, give her a call at 415-252-7399.

I don’t know about you, but I’m seriously thinking about giving her a call tomorrow.

What Would Like to Talk About?

I’m going out of town for a week, and won’t be able to post while I’m gone.

However, that doesn’t mean the blog has to stagnate.

If you see a pair of stockings you like or run across a sale or just feel like posting some stockings love, feel free to do so here.

See you all when I get back!