farmgirl chic

I just received an announcement from Dollhouse Bettie saying that they will soon release an exclusive, custom, handsewn design created entirely (after much painstaking labor) by the owner, Michelle.

I think the garter apron/button bra set is rather cute. It reminds me of a cross between a country girl and a 1950’s housewife. No word yet on the price or if it will be available online as well as in stores, but I’ll update readers here as soon as I know something.


  1. Pink Nylon
    25/06/08 at 8:47

    Agree with your description. I like it a lot, it’s very unique!

  2. Miss AJ
    26/06/08 at 5:40

    I think it would work well in a theme restaurant for the waiters. It looks chic and far too good to be underwear.

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