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Frederick’s of Hollywood

Once upon a time, Frederick’s of Hollywood was the biggest name in American lingerie. Founded by Frederick Mellinger in 1947 (who, among other things, is credited with inventing the push-up bra, padded bra, and padded girdle), Frederick’s brought scandalously sexy lingerie to the homes of millions of people across America.

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The second Holiday Lingerie Shopping Guide is ready to go, and, as the title says we’re upping the stakes a bit with beautiful lingerie gifts from $50-$99.99. I love this price category because it’s low enough to be accessible to many but also high to buy something truly special. For example, today’s tribute to holiday lingerie shopping contains everything from velvet fringed bra sets to dramatic vintage-inspired peignors to luxurious elbow-length lace gloves.

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TLA’s official Holiday Lingerie Shopping Guides kickoff today, and I am so excited to share some of my favorite lingerie finds from the past few months with you! For the first guide especially, I wanted to exhibit a wide range of exciting, enticing budget-friendly items. Often, when I’m talking with people, there’s this idea no nice lingerie can be found anywhere for under $100. While you won’t see any French Chantilly lace in this particular shopping guide, there are a lot of treasures here – everything from stockings to sleeping masks to sequined chemises.

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Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links. Editor’s Note: Many of these items are likely discontinued and unavailable by now. However, it’s always worth checking the stores to see what’s currently in stock. When it comes to lingerie, plus size customers are a consistently underserved demographic. Not only are there fewer pieces to choose from, the items that are out there aren’t always very good quality. While buying custom (such […]

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Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links. Valentine’s Day is very likely the lingerie world’s biggest holiday. Even the brands that are ordinarily loathe to market themselves jump on the bandwagon of love and romance to put together special Valentine’s Day ranges, offers, and discounts. While you couldn’t call me the biggest Valentine’s Day fan (though I do have a bottle of champagne waiting in the pantry), it is fun […]

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