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Words and Underthings: What is “Flattering” Lingerie?

If you’re a longtime reader of the blog, I’m sure this statement won’t surprise you, but I think a lot about words. Not just about their dictionary definitions (which are more like agreed upon guidelines for modern-day usage) but also about their implied or understood meanings and their larger social or cultural meanings. A word […]


Fashion + Lingerie: Introducing Murmur

If there’s a single trend that I hope never goes away, it’s the lingerie as outerwear look. I adore incorporating lingerie into my everyday wardrobe, whether it’s as simple as a bright neon bra strap I’ve chosen to make visible (Flashdance-style) or letting the lace of my favorite balconette bra peeking just above a low-cut […]


7 Pieces of Full Bust Lingerie For Your Honeymoon and Beyond

I wrote an article about lingerie to go under wedding dresses a few weeks back, so today I thought I’d cover the next stage – honeymoon lingerie! While all white or beige lingerie is naturally appropriate under your wedding dress, honeymoon lingerie gives you lots more room to get creative. Today’s column includes pieces that […]


Weekly Lingerie Sales: 4/19/14

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links. For a list of our affiliate partners, please see the lower right sidebar of the blog. Is your business running a lingerie sale? Send it to! Note: (Online only) Sales must be received by Friday at 12pm PST for inclusion in that week’s sales post. There is no charge for […]


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