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My 15 Favorite Beauty Products

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links. First of all, no, TLA isn’t turning into a beauty blog! That said, I get quite a few questions, through both social media and email, about what I use on my hair and skin so I thought it’d be useful to just write it up. I think of […]


Our 25 Most Popular Blog Posts Ever

Today’s post is one I’d planned to write around my 6-year blogaversary, but I reckon I got distracted by something else (which happens often, I’m sorry to say) and forgot. Though April’s come and gone, I decided to go ahead and publish this article anyway as we get so many new readers to TLA that […]


Lingerie of the Week: Allegra Bodysuit

This week’s “Lingerie of the Week” isn’t quite lingerie. It’s dancewear though, and a bodysuit, so I suppose that makes it activewear? I went through a big bodysuit/leotard phase about five years ago, but I grew out of it pretty quickly. One-pieces were just a bit too cumbersome to deal with a regular basis. Who […]


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