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Lingerie I Wish I’d Bought: Early 2015 Edition

It’s time for another installment of “Lingerie I Wish I’d Bought.” This infrequent feature is exactly what what it says on the title… me sharing the items that escaped my grasp. Why? Because misery loves company. So let’s all commiserate about the beauty we’ve missed out on again together. Amoralle ‘Lilac of Luck’ Robe This […]


7 Lingerie Blogs You Should Read in 2015

Glamour panties with floral pattern isolated on white background

Several years ago, I was convinced that lingerie blogging was about to turn a corner. There were more new blogs than ever before writing about lingerie, and lingerie bloggers themselves seemed to be getting more recognition and involvement from both brands and boutiques. It’s been a dream of mine for lingerie blogging to have the […]


Sale Lingerie of the Week: Betty Blue’s Loungerie Fleece Bettie Robe

Yeah… I know it’s really unusual to have more than one Sale Lingerie of the Week in a single week, but I really liked this, and since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I thought that maybe some of you would want to know about it for gift-giving purposes.  And since Betty Blue’s Loungerie is based […]


Sale Lingerie of the Week: Pretty Wild Lingerie Daisy Lace Jumpsuit

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly a year and a half since we shared Pretty Wild Lingerie’s lookbook here on TLA. I see them so much online (particularly on Pinterest), that I forget this brand is still pretty young. Regardless of their age, however, Pretty Wild Lingerie has certainly captured the imagination of […]


Diversity in Lingerie: Viksen Curvy Lingerie Lookbook

If you’re in lingerie, you’ve probably already noticed this, but the world of lingerie is incredibly homogenous. While there’s a lot of lip service paid to diversity (it’s very unfashionable to say otherwise at the moment), in terms of actual practice, there’s very little to praise. Whether through fear, ignorance, or outright malice, the intimate […]


Chromat S/S 2015: Empowered Fashion of the Future

Chromat is one of those truly innovative brands that is constantly stretching what is possible in the design world. As with their exhilaratingly avant-garde A/W 2014 ‘Bionic Bodies‘ collection of wearable exoskeletons, Chromat continues to redefine fashion – what it looks like, how we wear it, how we feel in it, and, ultimately, how we access […]


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