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Comment on Why I’m Not Very Excited About the New ‘Aerie Real’ Campaign by Cora Sat, 25 Oct 2014 16:39:05 +0000 I’m not sure who the “you” you’re referring to in this blog post is? We’ve discussed the usefulness of photoshop as a tool on TLA before. In fact, the article itself contains the following sentence, “But I’m not really on the “all photoshop is bad” bandwagon. I think of photoshop in the same way I think of makeup, only one is applied digitally and the other physically.

The article also praises Aerie for using diverse models, as the following sentence indicates, “Regular readers of TLA know that diversity is a huge issue for this blog, and I love that Aerie is using women of color in their current campaign.

In short, two of the largest criticisms you’ve levied against the article don’t actually exist in the article. But I do appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment.


Comment on Corsets Are Not Consent by AlexaFaie Sat, 25 Oct 2014 16:22:58 +0000 I’ve been lucky in general when its come to attention whilst wearing my corsets, but that could in part be due to me not noticing people paying attention to me normally and so my default is that noone notices me, but if I notice me more in a corset, I notice others noticing more too.
I have however nearly caused a car to crash into a motorcyclist when the driver turned to look as he was turning round a corner, got distracted and nearly hit the motorcyclist who thankfully was paying attention and was on the opposite side of the road (the car swerved onto the wrong side). So I know the corset can be attention grabbing at times.
In the most part people are polite, or at least stare a bit but don’t say much. I’ve had an older gentleman stop me in the street as I was walking to do some food shopping just to tell me that he thought I had a lovely hourglass figure. I’ve had other people (ladies) in shops tell me that they like my “top” and that it follows my shape really well (probably testimony to my ability to match my corsets on top well to my clothing so they blend seamlessly when I want to?).
And then I’ve had the conductor on the train ask me some questions when I was lacing up before my journey on the train (didn’t have time at home, so put it on on the train!). She asked some perfectly sensible questions like how long I had to wear it for to get that shape, how long it took to get used to it, whether it felt uncomfortable to be squeezed in the middle but not also elsewhere (thinking of waist bands of clothes I suppose) and said she thought that though my shape before was just fine and lovely, she really admired the dedication to get the shape afterwards. Was my best interaction I’ve ever had. I do hope the lady in question considers trying one for herself as I think she’d have been very pleased with the results she could personally achieve.

But I’ve known some of my friends to have had some really unpleasant encounters because of them wearing a corset. Encounters of a kind they’d never experienced before out of a corset. So I think this article is great to highlight that it is a problem so that we can confront it head on. Not everyone treats people badly because of corsets, so that means its possible for everyone to be nice! Its just basic politeness really.

Comment on What (You Didn’t Know) to Look for in a Corset: 5 Popular Myths Debunked by Kylee Sat, 25 Oct 2014 05:49:45 +0000 Hey there i was wondering if you could shed some insight on some products, shape waist corsets and orchard corsets those are the stores for the corsets i am considering in possibly purchasing. I am very unsure if they are likely to work or just taking my money. I would love your insight on this matter and if they arent good places to buy from do you know of any good online stores that wont cost me an arm and a leg. Thanks so much ! Looking foreward to hear from you. -kylee :)

Comment on She & Reverie: Luminescette by Jen Sat, 25 Oct 2014 02:24:10 +0000 Very pretty indeed—and yes, I love the photoshoot. It’s very sweet indeed, and the model seems perfect. She has a sort of guileless charm.

Comment on Why I’m Not Very Excited About the New ‘Aerie Real’ Campaign by Laura Fri, 24 Oct 2014 20:20:30 +0000 I don’t agree. The point of photoshop is to create unrealistic images. You see it in Ralph Lauren when they created a too-small model who looked alien-like. You see it in magazines, where Jennifer Lawrence is photoshopped with PERFECT, glowing skin that’s damn near unachievable. People are photoshopped without their blemishes or flaws or tattoos or belly fat. & You say that there isn’t much fat on these girls, yet the third picture down, you see a stomach. The point of photoshopping is to get a flat stomach. No company would want a girl with a big stomach! How absurd! (That’s sarcasm)
But the point being, that’s a sort of flaw. A majority of women want a flat stomach, a toned stomach. Not a little bulging food baby. So most magazines and companies photoshop the stomach to be smaller, toned, flatter.
One minute, all of you complain about how companies photoshop & photoshop & OVER photoshop their models, & then when they start making the move to STOP photoshopping, you bash them on it because they didn’t do it enough or they didn’t incorporate other people in to it. You do not go in head-strong & bursting in with everything you’ve got. You move in slow, taking baby steps, & you test the waters. You make that move & you continue. No one jumps to the finish line… They take steps to get there.
If you had the chance to be photoshopped & slightly look better than what you do now, don’t tell me you wouldn’t take that. Everyone likes to feel better about themselves. We all don’t like some part of our body. Everyone edits & edits pictures of themselves all the time on Instagram & Facebook & if you tell me you’ve never done that, you’re lying.
Aerie has tons of different models but just because they don’t have an Asian model or a heavy-set African American model or a stick-thin freckled model doesn’t mean they are prejudice. Those models may have just not come along yet or had the skill set for the job. You don’t get hired as a model if you’ve had no training as a model, just like you don’t get hired as a doctor if you’ve had no training to be a doctor, or hired as a construction worker with no training in construction. I’m sure we’ll see more variety & diversity with Aerie. I back them & stand with them & I APPLAUD THEM in their move to stop photoshopping their models, whether it’s photoshopping out tattoos, belly fat, stretch marks, or scars.
Again, one minute the world is up in arms about how much companies photoshop & then the next, you’re up in arms over how they don’t photoshop. Make up your minds.

Comment on She & Reverie: Luminescette by Evija Fri, 24 Oct 2014 17:16:23 +0000 I absolutely love this shoot. It’s just so delicate and sweet!

Comment on Millesia Lingerie – Autumn/Winter 2014-2015 by Cora Thu, 23 Oct 2014 18:40:38 +0000 It’s in Seattle, and you’d need to call them to get a sense of their current stock. They also have an US-based retail store you can purchase from.

Comment on Can You Really Buy Lingerie “For Yourself?” by Amelia Thu, 23 Oct 2014 16:35:38 +0000 Hi Sandra dee,
I know just what you mean and how you are feeling when you flirt! I get the same sensations!
Amelia x

Comment on Can You Really Buy Lingerie “For Yourself?” by Amelia Thu, 23 Oct 2014 16:30:44 +0000 Hi Kyrie,
I do the same. I love buying new lingerie, can’t help it! But no frills, just bows and lace. x