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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Lily Blossom. This article contains imagery which may be NSFW. TLA has talked about Lily Blossom a few times in 2014 (see some of our previous lingerie picks here and here). This brand new luxury lingerie store, based out of Spain, is providing a unique and sensual option for the most discerning lingerie addicts. I fully admit, from the very beginning, I’ve been impressed […]

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With the events of the Oxford Conference of Corsetry this past weekend, I’ve had corsets on my mind a little more than usual. And I have a hard time thinking about corsets without also thinking of Velda Lauder. For those who are unfamiliar with her name, Velda was a Master Corsetiere who passed away suddenly in March 2013. She was at the peak of her professional career, and her corsets […]

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I’m probably going to sound like a total fangirl right now, but I don’t care because Lucy of Lucy’s Corsetry is amazing. She is the online authority for corsetry and has put together the best, most regularly updated resource I know of when it comes to buying, wearing, and discussing corsets. My interest in corsets is very much casual. I think they’re beautiful. I enjoy wearing them on occasion. I […]

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Here at TLA, we love vintage lingerie. Vintage-inspired, authentic vintage, vintage catalogs… taking a past look at women’s undergarments is interesting not only from a fashion perspective, but also from a social or cultural one. You can tell a lot about people and the times they lived in based on what they wore, and lingerie is no different. While there aren’t as many vintage lingerie videos as there are for, […]

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The final videos from this year’s Lingerie Market are here! This series is all about CURVExpo’s Lingerie Fashion Night ‘In’ Event. A bit of an unwieldy name (I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say the entire mouthfull), but an awesome night nonetheless. I think it’s a great idea that a tradeshow like Curve is offering a fashion show to not only promote networking and camaderie among brands and industry […]

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