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I’m not a horror film fan, but when I saw the above photo from The Love Witch, I knew I had to watch it. This 60s-inspired kitschy thriller about a witch who uses spells to make men fall in love with her seemed like my kind of movie. And the aesthetics…my goodness! I couldn’t get enough of the colors, the costumes, and the sheer composition. Of course, when I’m watching […]

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I’m really feeling this “witchy” trend happening right now. Not just the design trend, but the general lifestyle shift. Half my friends have a tarot deck and more than a handful have crystals by their bedsides. We’re hanging dried flowers over our beds and setting intentions as we draw ourselves scented baths. It totally makes sense why witchery is such a “thing” right now. When people feel like they can’t […]

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I know, I know…this post should have gone up at least week ago. Today is Halloween Day, the spookiest (or, for some of you, happiest) day of the year, and I’m only just now publishing our top Halloween lingerie picks. TLA has been slammed with a bunch of deadlines behind the scenes (good things – please keep your fingers crossed for us!), and all of that, combined with my Dad […]

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Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links.  All opinions are my own. When October rolls around, I always find myself scrambling for a costume. Plus size Halloween costumes aren’t readily available in stores, especially beyond a standard “queen size” so costume shopping always requires a mixture of creativity and planning. Because I hate the idea of purchasing something I’ll only wear once, I often find myself looking for pieces I […]

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Disclosure: This article is sponsored by Yandy It’s already October, and you know what that means…Halloween! While there are any number of makeup, hair, and costume tutorials on the internet, here at TLA, I want to focus on lingerie costumes. Meant for the boudoir instead of the boardwalk, these bedroom costumes are a way to make your Halloween a little more intimate and keep the spirit of Halloween a bit […]

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