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New And Noteworthy: Discovering 4 Young Brands At Curve

Velvette's Fall 2015 collection

Velvette’s Fall 2015 collection

One of my favorite things about the Curve Expo show which happens twice a year in Las Vegas and New York, is discovering young brands from around the world that offer a fresh new take on design and inspire viewers to expand the notion of what lingerie is and can potentially be. Of course there are the established brands that we all know and love headlining these shows and drawing in the majority of visitors, but what I really enjoy seeing is the still-newish break out designers that have turned some heads for the last few seasons as well as the brand new start-up labels who are exhibiting for the very first time. These are the brands I get most excited to see, looking forward for something innovative and unique to shake the industry up a bit. And these are the labels I root for hoping they’ll acquire the staying power needed to survive in this ever-changing industry.

This season it was great to see so many talented designers return to the show. Knowing that these indie brands have amassed a following and are continuing to release new, fresh styles warms my heart. No one-hit-wonders here! Especially during a time when most new businesses fail within the first eighteen months of inception, it’s comforting to see these forward thinking brands return for another round. It’s those true innovative thinkers that keep me loving the work I do and keeps the lingerie industry thriving.

Although I didn’t notice as many interesting newly launched labels this trip, I did get introduced to a few brands that I was previously unfamiliar with. Some I had heard of before but had never seen in person or had the opportunity to review their designs up close and personal. So this was a great chance for me to familiarize myself with their names and find out what makes them tick. Here are four of them that really stood out to me this season though still relatively young in the industry. Each one is unique in it’s own right and has an equal fighting chance of making it big in the lingerie industry and I hope to hear their names again for seasons to come!





Zhoulii is a recently launched loungerie brand out of the UK – so recent in fact that their website is not yet up and running. But they’ve created a lot of buzz at Curve this season with their eye catching Hands Up bra and panty set which made the rounds and ended up at every trend booth and seminar during the show. Aside from this cheeky set, Zhoulii has a more sophisticated and artful look to it, taking influences from Chinese heritage and adding new and modern takes on traditional Asian fashion. Rich, hand painted silks are expertly draped and evoke feelings of royalty making this a true luxury brand all the way while the bold colors and dramatic details such as fringe and tassels give these pieces an edgy, modern spin and leaves us wanting to see more.

Love Stories

5-love stories

6-love stories

7-love stories

You may have already heard of Love Stories as they’ve been producing pretty underthings for a couple of years now. This Dutch company also recently opened a boutique in Amsterdam and has thousands of loyal followers around the globe. Their cool girl bohemian style with a touch of French sophistication attracts lots of like-minded fans, and with reasonable prices and a focus on comfy silhouettes, this is a brand with a potential cult following. Cute details include understated ruffles, tomboy elastics and a dusky, romantic color palette featuring novelty prints and textured fabrics. Though Love Stories primarily caters to the smaller-busted crowd (sizes top out at 3 which is similar to a size 38B bra), their soft cup bralettes and skimpy panties are sweet to look at and their emphasis on mixing and matching sets has us hoping they’ll expand into larger sizing as they grow to eventually reach an international market.





It’s possible that you may have also heard of Parisian lingerie label Velvette before, as they too have a couple of years of activity under their belt. Some big name boutiques such as Urban Outfitters have recently picked them up presenting their non-padded bras and slinky briefs to the masses. Along with their soft sets and filmy babydolls, Velvette offers quality fabrics and details with all pieces made locally in France. The French sensibility is evident in their understated ruffles, laser-cut pointelles and sparkling accents complimenting natural tones and textures. This season Velvette has also expanded into matching nail polish colors that coordinate back to their collection including harmonious shades of peach, navy and gold glitter for a bit of glamour.

Paloma Casile

11-paloma casile

12-paloma casile

13-paloma casile

Paloma Casile is also no newcomer to the lingerie scene as we here at TLA have highlighted some of her edgy designs in the past. This French brand has been going strong for a few seasons already and offers eloquently made, yet contemporary pieces in a primarily black color palette. Luxurious lace paired with strappy detailing, zippers, cut outs and chains make for a distinguished look often worthy of a double take. Her unique use of delicate fabrics and embroidery in fashion-forward silhouettes offers a fresh update to some of the long-running, over-saturated trends we have been seeing in lingerie recently. Like other fans of this young talent, I’m curious to see what the future holds for this brand and I hope to see more of their innovative pieces going forward.

Are you already familiar with these four brands? Which do you think will withstand the test of time?



Lingerie designer and founder of WonderLust Lingerie. I specialize in fashion and trend pertaining to lingerie, sleepwear, hosiery and everything in between. I believe that the right kind of underwear can change your entire outlook for the day so finding a balance between fashion and function is key.

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The 2015 Femmy Awards: 6 New Faces in Lingerie Design

1 vivica

Vivica A. Fox at the 2015 Femmy Awards


Every year the Underfashion Club in New York City hosts its annual Femmy Gala, honoring notable members of the intimate apparel industry and the significant contributions they’ve achieved throughout the years. These members include designers, manufacturers, and corporations, all sharing the same passion and dedication to the industry. And just like the Emmys allow the titans of TV to celebrate for a night, the Femmys also give many of the big players in the lingerie industry the chance to eat, drink, and mingle the night away with fellow intimates enthusiasts and devotees.

The ceremony’s host for this year was actress and reality TV star Vivica A. Fox. Rather than focus on Ms. Fox’s wardrobe malfunction, which has repeatedly been reported on this past week, my attention was set on the provocative student work displayed during the gala. Each year, six intimate apparel students from the Fashion Institute of Technology are selected to participate in a design contest for the Femmys. The winner is presented at the ceremony with a scholorship and a sponsored trip to Paris. Scholarships are also awarded to the second- and third-place designers. I personally hold this contest dear to my heart, as I too am a graduate from the intimate apparel department at FIT, and have a deep-founded respect for all the hard work and dedication that goes into each and every garment.

2 vivica and students

Vivica A. Fox and the six student lingerie designers from the Fashion Institute of Technology

For 2015, the design students translated popular Broadway musicals into cutting-edge lingerie. While all six students had impressive designs on display, the top honor went to senior design student Samantha Burns, whose three-piece lingerie set wowed onlookers with intricate details like hand laser-cut leather and delicate lace. The craftsmanship in her submission was exceptional, and the details were both elaborate and intricate.

After reveling over these fresh new lingerie looks, I had a chance to speak individually to each of the designers behind the garments and learn about their inspiration and design process. Each was passionate about her work and eager to join the industry following graduation. Here, I have highlighted each of the six final designs to honor the amount of detail, love, and talent that went into each and every piece on display. In my opinion each student did a phenomenal job, and I believe all will have bright futures in the lingerie industry.

1st place: Samantha Burns

3 samantha burns

Samantha Burns’ winning design submission

Samantha Burns’s three-piece set garnered the most accolades with her winning combination of leather, mesh, lace, elastic, and beading. The delicate lace bra was accented by a hand laser-cut leather shrug with attached open chiffon gown. The dramatic gown was trimmed in appliqued lace and beadwork, which highlighted the high-waist brief underneath. That itself was a feat, with an elaborate medley of mesh, elastic, ribbon, and metal. It was an exciting mix of components that still managed to look cohesive, and showed off the hard work that went into the garment’s construction.

2nd place: Jezebel Torres Ortiz

4 jezebel torres ortiz

Jezebel Torres Ortiz’s 2nd place design submission

Jezebel Torres Ortiz’s second-place design was equally exciting, offering a whole new take on the cage trend. Taking her inspiration from the musical Chicago, the long line bra featured multiple layers of mesh and lace, while the high-waist brief contrasted strappy elastic and hardware with rhinestone-trimmed lace applique. The chiffon robe draped over the set was also adorned with rhinestones, and was a glamorous addition to the edgy yet feminine design.

3rd place: Consuelo Garcia

5 consuelo garcia

Consuelo Garcia’s 3rd place design submission

Unfortunately my photo of Consuelo Garcia’s final submission doesn’t do it nearly enough justice. The dusty rose-colored set consisted of a long line bra with petal-shaped lace and graduated pink rhinestones. The gown-length skirt repeated the floral lace on top, flaring into a full, voluminous hem adorned with scattered handmade flowers. The rhinestones on the brief underneath sparkled through the skirt, evoking the femininity and elegance of Billie Holiday, who inspired this look.

Stephanie Schwarz

6 stephanie schwarz

Stephanie Schwarz’s design submission

Stephanie Schwarz’s designs for the evening were influenced by the musical Cabaret, with a decorative fringe skirt skimming the ankles and showing a glimpse of the thigh-high stockings underneath. The metallic jacquard corset added an ornamental sheen, while the show-stopping harness pulled the look together. This piece featured a stand-alone yolk at the top in hand laser-cut leather, which joined to a belt at the waist and extended down into garter straps at the sides for a bondage-inspired addition to the cinematic look.

Kate Tobin

7 kate tobin

Kate Tobin’s design submission

Kate Tobin also looked to Chicago the musical for her inspiration and came up with this set, utilizing beaded ruby-red lace and sheer, luxurious chiffon. The long line bra played with sheer and opaque with a scattering of ruby jewels down the front. The high-waist briefs featured strappy detailing at the sides and sheer panels while the delicate, sparkly lace framed the mid-length chiffon robe. The deep red accent helped this set stand out among a sea of black, and leant the design a more dramatic and seductive charm.

Hilary Baxter

8 hilary baxter

Hilary Baxter’s design submission

The three-piece set from Hilary Baxter was unique with its deep mauve color and, and its high contrast of sumptuous velvet and delicate chiffon. Elaborate beadwork and a satin trim also adorned the long line bra and the top of the skirt. Yards of sheer fabric then flowed to the floor, where it met an ostrich-feather trim – a sophisticated, glamorous feature.

What do you think of the FIT students’ designs? Do you find their work as impressive as I did?



Lingerie designer and founder of WonderLust Lingerie. I specialize in fashion and trend pertaining to lingerie, sleepwear, hosiery and everything in between. I believe that the right kind of underwear can change your entire outlook for the day so finding a balance between fashion and function is key.

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Sin In Style: 7 Pieces Of Lingerie Representing The 7 Deadly Sins

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links 

1 garter belt closeup
We’re all familiar with the seven deadly sins, whether it be through our religious upbringing, friends and family, or hunky Brad Pitt in the move Se7en. Many of us battle with one or more of those seven vices on a daily basis in attempts to live a healthy, moral life. But when it comes to beautiful fashion, I say it’s a sin not to indulge at times! If lingerie is your passion (which I assume it is since you’re reading this) then chances are you have an appreciation for a little bit of disobedience here and there, an affection for objects once considered taboo and confined to the privacy of one’s own dressing room.

But today things are a bit different, and we no longer have to hide our love of lingerie. It has become an art form in its own right as well as a popular outlet to explore and express oneself. It is much less scandalous and more respectable, no longer being considered a risqué topic worthy of sin. In fact the whole notion of sin in general has shifted within the last few decades, and many of these seven sins no longer hold the same stigma as they had in previous generations.

While I’m not advocating over-indulging in one’s own vices, a little dip here and there never hurt anybody. And now, with the many diverse designs available to us, we don’t necessarily have to commit the sins in order to look the part. Here I have chosen my favorite “sin-spired” lingerie pieces that only look sinful but are in fact harmless. Although you may break a few hearts in them…


2 lascivious william wilde kitty

If lusting after this three-piece set is a sin, then consider me corrupt! Obsessively pining over sleek, tactile latex is my crime, and I just can’t get over this William Wilde Kitty set from Lascivious. Provocative in its skin-like material, dark color, and peek-a-boo design, the slightly transparent rubber ruffles and oversized bows add a playfulness that makes this set a bit more good-girl-gone-bad than full on dominatrix.

Bra £135, Suspender £125 & Panty £120 all available at


3 naja the happiest meal

Over indulgence and over consumption is never a good thing. We live in a culture with abundance readily available to us, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Junk food happens to be a particular weakness of many (myself included) and giving into this vice can garner you some harsh judgment from others. While it’s healthiest to lay off the calories and saturated fats, you can still have your burger and eat it too with Naja’s new The Happiest Meal panties. These cotton spandex hipsters come in a three-pack carton and feature photo-realistic depictions of some of our favorite treats.

$50 available at


4 lipgloss clubwear little gold necklace

Too much of a good thing is… too much of a good thing. Unless you’re talking about lingerie, in which case I say bring it on! Sure, adding more details, embellishments, and trims can be seen as unnecessary and a bit tacky – but that’s what indulgence is all about. Take this Little Gold Necklace Rave Bra and Bottom from Lipgloss Clubwear, for instance. Beads, bows, rhinestones, embroidery, rope, and ruffles are just some of the ornamentation on this elaborate, meant-to-be-seen set. The gold details and sparkling crystals help push this look over the top, making it a fabulous example of excess and perfectly suited for any material girl.

$123.99 available at


5 foreverlazy footed trifflin tie dye

Laziness is a tough trap not to fall into, especially when riding out the winter months submerged in the cold temperatures outside. Falling into a sluggish and lethargic state of mind is easy to do at times, especially when you have pajamas as cozy as this Tie Dye onesie from Forever Lazy. As the name suggests, you’ll be tempted to hibernate all winter long in these fleece pajamas complete with hood and attached footie slippers. So why fight it? I say just sit back, snuggle up, and embrace the laziness.

$49.99 available at


6 royalblack phoenix

We all get a little angry from time to time, but exercising control is what keeps us out of trouble. Rage is an unbecoming look and can lead to some serious health problems down the road. Avoid fanning the flames of any anger you may feel with the fiery Phoenix corset by Royal Black. This elaborate bustier features gold synthetic leather “flames,” delicate embroidery, and Swarovski crystals adorning the bodice and straps. Metal boning and a gold busk make this a truly couture piece of fashion where you can safely express your feelings and look sizzling hot at the same time.

€969 available at


7 agentprovocateur molly

The grass is always greener on the other side, right? Maybe not, but it can sometimes feel that way. Envy is a dangerous trait, characterized not only by intense desire, but also with discontent towards others and a need to covet possessions. Becoming green with envy is nothing to, well, envy. But this Molly set from Agent Provocateur sure is. The emerald green satin with scalloped beige lace looks opulent, sumptuous, and the epitome of luxury. And, as an added bonus, this rich green color will be perfect next month for St Patrick’s Day.

Bra $250, Suspender $250 & Panty $220 all available at


8 wearehandsome mighty zipsuit

Pride is defined by excessive admiration of the personal self, and has often been considered the deadliest of the seven sins. Which is why the courageous lion is the poster child for the proud and the noble, with its ferocious attitude and royal status in the animal kingdom. The Mighty Zipsuit by We Are Handsome looks like a fitting choice for this sin for obvious reasons. Okay, so technically it is a bathing suit, but I think the zip-up spandex piece would look fierce with a pair of thigh highs, garter belt and robe. All it takes to pull it off is some confidence and, of course, pride.

$332 available at

Which style would you sin for? Do you have any other wicked pieces to add to the list?



Lingerie designer and founder of WonderLust Lingerie. I specialize in fashion and trend pertaining to lingerie, sleepwear, hosiery and everything in between. I believe that the right kind of underwear can change your entire outlook for the day so finding a balance between fashion and function is key.

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6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Own Lingerie Business

1 red-bra-open

Like fashion, the lingerie industry can at times be brutal. Working in the corporate lingerie world is often a competitive, stressful and exhausting experience leaving one with stories that can rival infamous scenes from The Devil Wears Prada! Though it is a smaller offshoot of the fashion industry, the intimates market has been growing and the demand for faster turn around rates and cutting-edge products are as high as ever. Big name brands are constantly stealing designs from smaller indie labels and offering them at lower prices (and usually compromised quality) to the masses. Quality and workmanship are suffering as companies rush to reach a bigger audience and gain more revenue. Time is of the essence and the race for the next perfect panty, “it” bra or innovative fit technique has become more competitive than ever, saturating the mainstream market with an overwhelming selection of mediocre lingerie. It’s enough to make a die-hard lingerie designer want to quit!

Which is exactly what I did about a year ago this winter, when I decided that my passion for lingerie still burned bright, but my dedication to big business corporations did not. It was a tough decision to make as I’d always had big dreams of sketching gorgeous undies from a corner office, shopping the world for new fabrics and leading board meetings about the importance lace and satin. While my 12 years working for big chains and department stores allowed me a taste of this fantasy world, I found, more often than not, that the payoff was not always worth the sacrifice.

Through it all, my obsession with lingerie never wavered, so I decided to stay in the industry I love while trying my hand at my own business. After months of research and preparation I founded WonderLust Lingerie, an online lingerie boutique specializing in fun designer and indie labels and accessories. I now handle all aspects of the business on my own and am proud to be a small business owner, knowing that my hard work will benefit both my customers and myself without harming anyone in the process.

Launching my own lingerie business took a lot of prep time, some money and a commitment to lingerie, but now that I’ve made the transition I couldn’t be happier doing what I love on a day-to-day basis. If you have ever thought about going into business for yourself, working in the lingerie industry, or are just curious about what it entails, I’ve put together a list of 6 vital things to know before embarking on that great journey. A well-informed owner is one of the most critical things needed to run a successful business, so keeping these tips in mind when considering a new venture may prove helpful down the line.

2 paper doll illustration

1) Defining your target customer is key.

This may sound like a no-brainer, but if you don’t know who your target customer is, you’ll have a tough time retaining loyal consumers. I don’t mean just knowing who your customer is, but really being attuned to everything he or she does, wants and thinks. How old are they? Where do they live? How much money do they make? What colors do they prefer? Where do they buy their clothes? A middle-aged housewife with a disposable income may not be looking to buy a sequin G-string with matching garter, and failing to tailor your product to her needs can quickly result in loads of missed opportunities.

Surveys, focus groups and research can be a great way to learn about your customer’s preferences and buying habits. Another helpful tool that worked for me was to identify an actual person (celebrity, athlete, musician) as my target customer. I got to know everything about that person, and was soon able to pick up on little cues and details of what they wore and where they shopped. Now, whenever I’m unsure if a certain style will resonate with my customers, I always refer back to that person and ask myself, “would they wear this or not?” to help me decide. Having a consistent vision across the board, from your product to your marketing, is invaluable these days and can save you a lot of money in the long run.

3 frightened clock

2) Estimate how long it will take you to launch… then double it.

Once I knew what direction I wanted to go in with my new venture, I put together a business plan and a timeline. Between securing the financial start-up, registering the business, buying products, building a website, and getting the word out there, the task seemed daunting. “Two months” is what I told myself once I had registered the name and formed my business entity. I worked day and night to make it happen! But two months turned into three, and three into four… no matter how much I had prepared, there were constantly new obstacles popping up and tasks to add to the list. Legal issues took up more time than expected, the buying process seemed to drag on for months and before I knew it, my initial launch date had come and gone!

I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, so it was hard for me to accept something as satisfactory when I was striving for the very best, but I soon learned what I had to prioritize and where I could make exceptions in order to keep the process moving along. If I hadn’t learned to compromise I’d still be planning everything out today!

4 vintage woman purchasing lingerie privately

3) Don’t be afraid to charge more.

You know those beautiful designer lingerie sets that are so expensive you’d have to take a loan out just to afford one? There’s a reason they cost so much, and it’s not just about the fine quality and craftsmanship. Often times you are paying for the brand itself and the experience that comes with it.

When doing my initial planning, I first aimed for a pricing structure that would place me lower than my competitors with comparable product. I thought that would be a great way to attract customers, and I couldn’t understand why a bra would need to be marked up so high. But after months of number crunching and financial management courses I found that those products were marked up not just to make a profit, but to keep the business up and running on a daily basis. If I had dropped my prices as I had originally intended to do, I’d surely be out of business within a year. It is important to set each price for adequate accommodation of your business’s overhead budget, taking into account employee salaries and the cost of goods, supplies, legal fees, advertising, etc. I learned that a smart pricing structure is directly related to the cost of doing business. If you price your goods accordingly, your customers are sure to understand and learn to view you as a respectable entity.

Crying blonde

4) Not everyone wants to help out a start-up business.

One of the most surprising things I realized in my early months is that not many people were interested in selling their product to a new online boutique. I thought that, as a small independent business, I’d be respected and supported by the brands I wanted to do business with, but that seemed to only be the case with a select few. After numerous unanswered emails and rejections, one sympathetic vendor finally told me that many brands only want to work with larger, established companies. These brands often hire agents to manage their sales and are very strict about how much money they bring in. Big retailers pay big bucks and buy big quantities, leaving us little guys to struggle with more limited options.

It was a disappointing fact to learn, but thankfully, most of the labels that will work with start-ups (many of them indie brands themselves) know the value of partnership and have been supportive from the get go. These are the brands I look forward to forming lasting relationships with, and remind me why I continue to love this industry so much.

6 girl on laptop

5) Social media can be your best friend.

When putting together a budget, don’t neglect to allot funds for advertising and marketing to get your name out there and attract potential customers. However, smart budgeting is important and it can pay to get creative with your resources.

Social media is a great place to establish a presence and build a following for little or no money. Your target customer most likely uses social media every day – whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of the numerous others. So what better way to reach them than to appeal directly to their preferences? In fact, social media is such a daily part of our lives that not establishing a presence on one or more of these sites could potentially have a negative effect on your credibility as a reputable business!

I began spreading the word through friends and family on platforms that made the most sense to my business, like Pinterest and Tumblr, which are great places to visibly show off fashion products. Establishing my presence before I had even launched the business also proved helpful, as I had a base of followers already secured once my website finally launched. Being active on these sites and engaging other users can go a long way, and all it takes is a little bit of your time.

7 happy girls

6) Listen to your customers (but know when to say no).

With the lack of personal care and service plaguing many of the big name brands, it’s no wonder so many people prefer to shop online. This makes customer service especially important in this day and age. Being able to reach a representative and be treated respectfully and in a timely manner is something all consumers can appreciate, especially when times are tough. And with multiple social media platforms available to them, an unhappy customer has more influence today than in the past.

But it can often be hard to distinguish between a concerned customer and a troublemaker. It’s important to listen to suggestions and feedback and truly take it in and learn from your mistakes. Just make sure to find a healthy balance. I’ve received countless tips and advice from well-meaning friends and colleagues that have proven helpful throughout my launch. However, when some suggestions began to conflict with the vision of my business, I knew I had to draw the line. My commitment to customer service will always remain a priority, but I’ve learned that trusting my gut is what will keep me afloat in this competitive and ever-evolving market.

What are your thoughts about big business vs. independent start-ups? Do you have any other advice you would offer?



Lingerie designer and founder of WonderLust Lingerie. I specialize in fashion and trend pertaining to lingerie, sleepwear, hosiery and everything in between. I believe that the right kind of underwear can change your entire outlook for the day so finding a balance between fashion and function is key.

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Tried And True: 7 Lingerie Trends That Never Go Out Of Style

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links.

Lingerie Morning

Trends come and trends go, but some things last forever. There are certain classics that transcend the confines of time. This holds true even in today’s “fast fashion” culture — whether it’s a specific color or shape that compliments a wide range of people, or a certain fabric or treatment that stands out from the rest. Timeless trends are born to withstand the test of time, and investing in them is always a safe bet.

I spent many years designing lingerie for the mass markets before I embarked on my own venture. Department stores and chain retailers made up the majority of my clients, and each season we scrambled to discover the new “it” bra, the hottest color combination and the coolest fabrics. But despite my best efforts, buyers consistently rejected the trendy designs in favor of more basic, classic items.

With time I learned that my buyers were wary with good reason. Most shoppers, while appreciating new and innovative design, were still hesitant to invest in those pieces that were more stylized and fashionable. Times are tough and consumers are more cautious these days about what they spend their money on. When it comes to lingerie, the majority of mass-market consumers are looking for comfort, versatility, and longevity in their underwear. Women want bras that will support them and not show through their clothing. They want undies that can be worn comfortably all day. And they want to splurge on sexy lingerie that will last.

Slowly, I began to understand how creative designs can be a financial risk for retailers, and why they are reluctant to deviate from the tried-and-true styles they’ve carried in previous seasons. I learned which colors and styles sold best and which designs could carry forward indefinitely. I worked hard at channeling my creativity into designs that would make it onto the best-seller list without looking too basic and boring. And finally I learned how to appreciate the new “classics” for what they were and understand why they are so popular.

Here I’d like to share with you my top seven classic lingerie trends that I believe are worth an investment if you’re looking for style that will last. Only time will tell if these trends are strong enough to turn into classics, but for now I can confirm that they’re here to stay!

1. Head-To-Toe Black

Cape and lingerie set by La Lilouche

How can you go wrong with black? It’s slimming, flattering on a variety of skin tones, and goes with just about everything. Black lingerie is the perfect embodiment of sexy and can be found in pretty much all designers’ repertoires. It stands for sophistication and can bring an unconventional design to a more understandable level. Piling on the black lingerie is always considered chic, and you can have fun playing with textures and layering pieces to make the look as unique as you are.

Cape and lingerie set by La Lilouche

2. Three-Piece Sets

3 huit

A matching bra, panty, and garter belt make up the three-piece set that is synonymous with lingerie. There are many variations of this look, but these three basic pieces are always a winner when it comes to seductive underpinnings. Often performing double duty, you can wear the bra and panty alone during the day and later add the garter belt to transition the look into a more provocative ensemble at night. This is a look that has been favored for decades and is still going strong today with modern takes on its shape and styling.

Lingerie set by Huit

3. Animal Print

4 miss mandalay

Customers appreciate multiple color options to choose from when shopping for lingerie… after all, variety is the spice of life! However, I’ve learned that besides the usual black, white and beige, one of the top-ranking “colors” is not a color at all, but an animal print – specifically a leopard or cheetah in natural tones. This print is widely popular and has the ability to transform itself into many different styles. From retro and playful to sophisticated and understated – its no wonder the animal print has reached classic status.

Lingerie set by Miss Mandalay

4. Lace

5 for love and lemons

For many, lingerie means lace. It has that “wow” factor and adds interest to everything it touches. It is the epitome of femininity as the open textures and shadows make for a sensual effect on the skin. An art form in itself, the variety of patterns and designs are limitless, making this fabric a classic with lasting appeal. Lace knows no boundaries and has become a staple in many collections and wardrobes as a year-round best seller.

Lingerie set by For Love And Lemons

5. Black And White

6 maison close

We already know about the power of black, but pairing black and white in one look is a trend most people can get on board with. Neutral, flattering, and sophisticated, the black and white combo can make any style look more formal with its tuxedo-like feel and high contrast. This grouping of non-colors compliments many different skin colors and can always be relied on to raise the status of an otherwise ordinary design.

Lingerie set by Maison Close

6. Cheeky Bottoms

7 poir moi

Some people call them brazilians, some people call them tangas, and some people call them cheekies. Whatever term you use, there’s no denying that this cut is hot. It straddles the line between full coverage bottoms and barely there thongs. The back end is cut high on the bottom, allowing for semi-coverage while the bottom peeks out below for a bit of naughtiness. This fit may not be the most comfortable for everyone, but the look is flattering on an array of body types, making this style a bedroom staple for many.

Cheeky panties by Pour Moi?

7. Notched Collar Pajamas

8 riverisland

The sleepwear industry isn’t what it used to be, as customers are buying fewer coordinating pieces in favor of comfy separates they already own (think sweatpants and a t-shirt). Pajamas are becoming a tougher sell and typically enjoy the peak of their popularity during the holiday gift-giving season. One of the most popular styles of pajamas sold today is the classic notched-collar set with button down shirt and wide leg pants. A long-living basic and cozy alternative to sweatpants, this style returns each season in new prints reflective of the current trends. It’s a great way to update a tried-and-true silhouette while remaining classic and timeless.

Pajama set by River Island

Do you own any of these “classics”? What other lingerie styles do you consider timeless?



Lingerie designer and founder of WonderLust Lingerie. I specialize in fashion and trend pertaining to lingerie, sleepwear, hosiery and everything in between. I believe that the right kind of underwear can change your entire outlook for the day so finding a balance between fashion and function is key.

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Lingerie Fashion Week Recap: Diverse Offerings For Spring/Summer 2015

Love Cage NYC presentation

Models for the Love Cage NYC presentation

Lingerie Fashion Week (or LingerieFW) kicked off on October 24th with a bang and a bunch of exciting new talent on display. Since its launch in February 2013, the lingerie event has been growing and attracting a wide range of visitors and exhibitors. This season continued the trend, with a variety of old and new designers showcasing their brands and making us eager to see what the Spring/Summer 2015 season has in store.

Alongside LingerieFW veterans were many newcomers this year that provided viewers with an intriguing glimpse of their talents. Numerous indie brands just starting out were featured from various countries including some from South America, Eastern Europe and a highlight on new UK labels, most of which succeeded in knocking it out of the park with their newness and innovation.

One of the things I was most struck by this season was the amount of diversity displayed by many of the exhibitors. Not only in their unique style and designs, but also in the models they chose and countries they represented. Even the hors d’oeuvres served this season were vegan(!), catering to a more diverse range of diets than most of us are used to seeing. On the runway it was refreshing to see some diverse body types, genders, and ethnicities thrown into the mix, which gave a more accurate portrayal of how the designs can and would be worn by a wider range of customers.

While the lingerie industry is a much smaller section of the fashion world and may not have the same amount of reach, I was very pleased to see the effort made at LingerieFW; hopefully this will be a continuing trend going forward, as I know it has been welcomed by both buyers and customers alike. Here are a few examples of the diversity exhibited by the designers at the Spring/Summer 2015 Lingerie Fashion Week.


2-play out

Models for the Play Out Underwear runway show

Often a sensitive subject, the topic of gender identification and presentation has become less taboo throughout the years, bringing to light the issues – and often the struggles – faced by those who don’t necessarily fit into the conventional perceptions of gender. There are many different factors that influence gender identity, and while most clothing and lingerie companies cater to people who identify as men or women, some are beginning to be more inclusive and expansive regarding their customer base.

Newcomer Play Out Underwear is one such brand featured at LingerieFW this season. Their line of “gender-neutral” underwear focuses on comfort with bright fun prints and wide logo waistbands. Androgynous models were sent down the runway together with unambiguously gendered models in matching skivvies. While the fit and cut of each pair is specific to external or internal genitalia, the styles are all the same with a focus on sporty comfort and minimal styling for ease.

3-lola haze

Model for the Lola Haze runway show

Also giving a nod to gender equality on the runway was Lola Haze with a diverse mix of models showing off her high-end sleepwear collection. One of the show-stopping pieces included a glittering golden teddy with mesh neckline that went down the runway on a male model complete with combat boots and a high-fashion attitude. This unexpected twist was a welcome surprise to an already impressive runway show, and illustrated how all genders can look fun and fierce in lingerie.

Body Type:

4-secrets in lace

Model for the Secrets In Lace runway show

Perhaps one area where the fashion industry has really caught some flack is for their use of super slim models whose body types are often unattainable for the average consumer. While times are changing and more plus size models are being utilized than in the past, it is still a struggle to get more sizes and shapes represented in the industry. However, this LingerieFW I was pleased to see more representation of curvy girls at the Secrets In Lace runway show, with some gorgeous ladies rocking fun vintage silhouettes and bringing the pin-up girl look to life. These fuller-figured models shared the runway with slimmer models as they sauntered down the catwalk together in satin briefs, bullet bras, mini petticoats and feathered robes. Also featured was buxom burlesque dancer Angie Pontani who modeled some Secrets In Lace underpinnings while performing a burlesque-style striptease for the audience.

5-you! lingerie

Model for the You! Lingerie runway show

Another brand worth mentioning was You! Lingerie, a playful line of nursing bras and maternity lingerie for expecting and new mothers. Glowing pregnant models looked sexy and confident on the catwalk in dark wigs, glitter, and futuristic jewelry while the flirty lingerie featured their growing bodies front and center. Round bellies were played up with fun and functional bras and panties in an array of colors and prints that were so cute, many of us wished they came in non-maternity options. Seeing the big bellies celebrated and emphasized was a welcome departure from the usual lingerie fashion marketing.


6-the giving bride

Model for The Giving Bride’s runway show

Unfortunately, the fashion industry has also not always been known for accurately representing an acceptable range of ethnicities on the runway. These days you can probably count the number of well-known African, Hispanic, Asian and Middle Eastern models on your fingers. Seeing a more diverse assortment is something many of us hope for, and the little changes that we do see in the industry are welcome and gaining momentum.

7-lola haze

Model for Lola Haze’s runway show

In the past, LingerieFW runway shows and presentations have had their share of diverse models, and this season was no exception. Almost every label exhibited had a small representation of various ethnicities at some point during the event, highlighting their designs and showing them on varying skin tones to give a bit more of an accurate representation of the real world. While the industry still has a long way to go, it’s gratifying to see that conscious and more inclusive changes are taking place each season.


Not only were the models diverse for this season of LingerieFW but the offerings were too. There were enough featured designers to satisfy almost every preference of style and taste. A fan of soft, floral lingerie? You might like Stephie Ann Lingerie out of the UK. Prefer something dark and edgy? Check out Love Cage NYC complete with studs and leather. Some great new brands were front and center for Spring/Summer 2015, bringing new names to light as well as some of our tried-and-true favorites. A few more notable brands included:

8-suzy black

Lingerie looks on display from Suzy Black

Suzy Black with her fun and edgy mix of color and texture.

9-the giving bride

Lingerie look from The Giving Bride runway show

The Giving Bride with their luxurious feminine bridal pieces.

10-andree ciccarelli

Lingerie look from the Andree Ciccarelli runway show

Andree Ciccarelli mixing delicate lace and applique with strappy cage detailing.

11-bunny blanc

Lingerie Looks on display from Bunny Blanc

Bunny Blanc and their embellished fantasy-inspired offerings.

12-play out

Lingerie looks from the Play Out Underwear runway show

Play Out as mentioned earlier with their fun and sporty aesthetic.

What do you think of these new brands from LingerieFW? How do you feel about the diversity (or lack thereof) in the fashion and/or lingerie industry?



Lingerie designer and founder of WonderLust Lingerie. I specialize in fashion and trend pertaining to lingerie, sleepwear, hosiery and everything in between. I believe that the right kind of underwear can change your entire outlook for the day so finding a balance between fashion and function is key.

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8 Halloween-Ready Bras

1 girl with pumpkin

Just two more weeks ‘til Halloween is upon us and here I am, elbow deep in a sea of fabric, glitter and glue, constructing my costume piece by piece in preparation for the big day. For me it’s the same every year: search through my closet, find my most favorite, over-the-top, unique piece of clothing I own, and base my entire look for Halloween night around it. While it may not be the most practical method, it certainly has been the most creative, challenging, and affordable for the past few years.

For those who have less time on their hands (or an aversion to DIY) it’s much more convenient to purchase their costume – the less hassle the better. But with all the generic, mass-produced, store-bought costumes out there, it’s hard to find something unique that will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Before I decided on which costume to make, I spent weeks searching the Internet for inspiration. I found tons of innovative ideas and styles. But one place I repeatedly found myself returning to was the e-commerce sites selling rave wear. I haven’t personally attended any raves recently but I was struck by the wacky, fun, outrageous designs that these shops were offering. And while many of these embellished pieces might only be worn once, what better way to reincarnate them than as a specialty Halloween costume?

If you own some rave wear or are interested in purchasing some, may I suggest browsing through the endless offerings of bras online and finding one that speaks to you? All it takes is a casual skirt or pants and some accessories to transform it into a fully functioning (and sexy) Halloween costume this season. Ranging from sassy to ridiculous, here is a compilation of eight crazy bra looks out there and some suggestions on how to expand them into a full costume that’ll be unforgettable.

1. Daisy And Flower Bra by Passe Designs

2 passe designs

If you’re a flower child, or just appreciate the beauty of a good bouquet, then try this rave bra covered in yellow and white flowers. You can try pairing it with a tutu and some wings for a garden fairy look.

$45 at

2. Chocolate Sprinkle Donut Bra by Sceene Shoes

3 sceene shoes

Maybe you’re feeling flirty and want to wear something a little tastier this year. How about this hand painted donut bra featuring two chocolate donuts complete with rainbow sprinkles? You can channel your inner Katy Perry and add to the look with colorful confectionary-inspired bottoms, or try an NBA jersey and carry around a basketball for a slam-dunk look that you can call Dunkin Donut.

$30 at

3. Hypnotize Animated Rave Bra by Neon Nancy

4 neon nancy

Safety is important, especially on Halloween night when everything is spookier. Make sure your costume is not only safety compliant but also super cool with a light up spiral bra. People will see you coming a mile away in this LED brassiere complete with rainbow colored swirls. Match it with some skin-tight, futuristic leggings or a bodysuit to give a nod to the movie Tron. Or add more trippy prints and patterns and call yourself a master hypnotist.

$39.95 at

4. Peppermint Candy Rave Bra by Eye Candy Fashions

5 eye candy fashions

Keep your cool in this peppermint candy bra made with actual wrapped peppermint candies. Pair it with a nurse outfit and red and white striped accessories and you’re an instant candy striper. Or try adding a skirt and shoes and call yourself Peppermint Patty for the night. Either way, be sure to keep your sweet tooth in check to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.

$40 at

5. Metal Bra 40.100 by Brookesbot75

6 brookesbot75

Suit up in a bra of armor this year with a metal brassiere fit for a warrior princess. Project an image of a modern day Viking with fur, a shield and weapon of choice. Or channel your inner Princess Leia with a long flowing skirt and matching metallic belt.

$110 at

6. Doll Head Bra by Defeat Wasicu

7 defeat wasicu

What can be creepier than severed doll heads detached from their bodies? How about when they’ve been glued on to a bra and worn out in public? This handmade bra has numerous severed Barbie heads covering each cup… and I can’t think of a single costume suggestion to pair with it. Maybe I’m just too weirded out and need to move on to something less disturbing….

$80 at

7. Light Up Fur Bra by Electric Styles

8 electric styles

How about this candy-colored faux fur bra complete with color changing lights? Transform into your favorite Muppet character by accessorizing with similarly colored fuzzy trims and accessories. Or go a little more menacing and be a monster for the night with claws, horns and a tail.

$59.97 at

8. Pastel Princess Rave Bra by Lipgloss Wear

9 trance tramp boutique

You’ll be treated like royalty in this pastel bra with everything on it but the kitchen sink. Perfect for playing princess, pair it with a voluminous floor length skirt with opulent accessories and satin gloves for a Marie Antoinette look. Or conjure up Barbie by adding a matching miniskirt and long blonde wig for a flirtier feel.

$79.99 at

Would you wear these bras for Halloween? Have you ever DIYed your own costume?



Lingerie designer and founder of WonderLust Lingerie. I specialize in fashion and trend pertaining to lingerie, sleepwear, hosiery and everything in between. I believe that the right kind of underwear can change your entire outlook for the day so finding a balance between fashion and function is key.

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Flavors Of Fall: 10 Autumn Inspired Lingerie Treats

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links.


Pumpkin spiced latte, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, harvest pumpkin…. Yup, it’s fall all right. And while I love those pumpkin flavors just as much as the next gal, there are still many other tastes that are equally as joyful, flavorful and comforting this time of the year. ‘Tis the season for a whole new palette of sights, sounds, flavors, and colors and with the holidays approaching, what better time to highlight some of my favorite tastes than with a nod to some of my favorite lingerie brands and the designs that have been getting me in the spirit this fall season.

As I spent the last few weeks browsing the autumn collections of some big name labels, as well as my favorite small independent brands, I found myself drawn to the deeper and richer colors this season reflective of the temperatures outside and the garden view from my window. Crisp neutrals and saturated jewel tones are looking fresh and extravagant with cozy fibers and textures just begging to be snuggled up with. Warm fiery auburn, rich golden honey, soft creamy taupe and decadent chocolate brown are just a few of the delicious flavors whetting my appetite, and I’m afraid it won’t be long until I give in to my cravings.

If you are one of the many people who love the fall season and all of the warm, cozy, fuzzy goodness that it conjures, then read on for a list of my top 10 autumn inspired flavors, along with some beautiful lingerie styles that perfectly embody them. But I should warn you – you may want to keep a snack nearby, as this feast for the eyes may cause extreme hunger and desire.

1. Cinnamon And Sugar

2 free people

Some things were just made for each other. Like cinnamon and sugar which, when combined, are capable of satisfying the most demanding sweet tooth. And this nightdress from Free People is just as sweet with just a hint of spice. Semi-sheer and low cut, this sexy number manages to keep it dainty with lace trim, criss-crossing straps, and raw princess seams while the deep V-neck and contrasting colors add just a bit of naughtiness. The subtle raised diamond pattern also adds texture to this chemise, making it a great layering piece to keep you cozy during the declining temperatures.
Shimmy Shimmy Night Dress by Free People, $88.00 at

2. Candied Yams

3 huit

Still dreaming of sugary sweet treats? Candied yams are a surefire way to satisfy the craving with all the comforts of home. This bra and panty set from Huit gets my tastes buds going with its rich orange hue reminiscent of the marshmallow and sweet potato dishes of the holidays. The non-padded underwire bra and brief utilize delicately paneled floral lace and mesh, topped off with a shadow-striped trim and tailored satin bow, making this set look good enough to eat.
Arpege Clementine Demi Bra, $74.00 & High Waisted Brief, $58.00 both by Huit at

3. Hot Cocoa

4 what katie did

What better way to combat that chill in the air than with a steaming mug of hot cocoa topped with whipped cream and marshmallows? How about with a steaming hot vintage-inspired lingerie set from What Katie Did? This retro femme fatale-looking three-piece set is perfectly contoured to show off your curves with deep chocolate satin and creamy mesh trim. The contrast stitching and internal bra support make this set as comfortable as it is appetizing.
Coco Cathedral Bra, $81.00; Coco Panties, $51.50 & Coco Garter Belt, $65.50 all by What Katie Did at

4. Butternut Squash


Settle in to the holiday season with this cheery set by Mimi Holliday steeped in a rich golden hue that brings to mind the vivid amber color of my mother’s butternut squash soup. This lace full cup bra is inherently feminine and suggestively sheer. The delicate scalloped edge, smooth trims, and sweet bows are only upstaged by the enticing color of this lush set.
Honeycomb Full Cup Bra, $103.00 & Honeycomb Thong, $70.00 both by Mimi Holliday at

5. Apple Cider

6 honey cooler handmade

Mulled, spiked, or straight up, apple cider is a favorite flavor among Autumn-lovers this time of the year. The sweet acidity and tartness explode on the tongue — but that’s nothing compared to this chemise from Honey Cooler Handmade. This silk jacquard number is flirty yet mysterious, with charming vintage lace designs and angular seaming. The understated jacquard pattern of frolicking foxes only serves to add to the magic of this alluring swingy nighty.
Chemise Lingerie Silk Lace Nightie, $350.00 by Honey Cooler Handmade at

6. Baked Zucchini

7 btemptd

Better eat your greens! High in vitamin A and potassium and low in calories, zucchini is part of a healthy diet and when you slice it, spice it, and bake it in the oven the result is a tasty treat. Kind of like this balconette bra from B.Tempt’d by Wacoal. This low cut underwire bra has padded molded cups for coverage and two-toned corded lace that gives it an almost iridescent effect. The sheer bow and double straps add a delicate touch to this leafy colored piece.
Ciao Bella Balconette Bra, $38.00 at

7. Cranberry Compote

8 silence and noise

Love them or hate them, cranberries add that extra zing to any meal. Sweet and tangy with an extra oomph, there is no denying their extreme flavor. This set by Silence + Noise also manages to be sweet while packing a punch. The soft and stretchy fabric is lightweight and smooth with soft triangle cups and paper-thin elastic bands. The colorblocking adds to its allure mixing sweet berry colors in a cool and edgy way.
Cameron Colorblock Bralette, $34.00 & Hipster, $12.00 both by Silence + Noise at

8. Pumpkin Spice

9 myla

The people have spoken and they want their pumpkin spice. From coffee to chips to bubblegum, everyone’s jumped on the bandwagon — so why should lingerie be any different? It doesn’t have to be with this vibrant orange satin robe from Myla. This expertly tailored cover-up drapes luxuriously on the body with sheer lace trim down the front and on the cuffs. Cinch it with a tie at the waist, and this bold yet playful robe will have you declaring yourself the Pumpkin Queen.
Isabella short robe, $575.00 by Myla at

9. Salted Caramel

10 parah

Whoever decided to top creamy, decadent caramel with crystalline grains of savory salt is a genius. This is one flavor pairing I personally can’t get enough of, and just the taste of it makes me feel like royalty. I would also feel like royalty in this decadently sculpted bra by Parah. The unique lotus-shaped cups are crafted from macramé, and compliment the décolletage while also enhancing the cleavage. Decorative straps add to the opulent look with soft netting on the wings to ensure comfort and flexibility.
Fior Di Loto padded demi bra, $215.00 by Parah at

10. Maple Butter

11 agent provocateur

I imagine people back in the day churned butter just about as well as Agent Provocateur churns out show-stopping lingerie pieces season after season. This gown and matching thong has the sweet shade of the maple tree’s golden syrup with the light and airy feel of tulle. Varying shades of tan and beige embroidered flowers line the neck, opening, and waistline of this feminine set with sweet surprises such as puff sleeves, keyholes, and strappy elastic.
Yoshi Gown, $790.00 & thong, $190.00 both by Agent Provocateur at

Have I made you hungry yet? Which flavors are your favorites? Which brands do you prefer for autumn looks?



Lingerie designer and founder of WonderLust Lingerie. I specialize in fashion and trend pertaining to lingerie, sleepwear, hosiery and everything in between. I believe that the right kind of underwear can change your entire outlook for the day so finding a balance between fashion and function is key.

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Intimate Affairs: A Recap Of Lingerie Inspired Events At NY Fashion Week

Josie Natori RTW Spring 2015

Josie Natori RTW Spring 2015 (Photo by Josh Wong)

Ahh, September in New York. There are such bitter sweet feelings this time of the year as the lazy days of summer are behind us and we gear up for a changing of the seasons including cooler temperatures, fall foliage and for the fashion obsessed – New York Fashion Week. With the fanfare of spectators and general hoopla surrounding the weeklong event, we lingerie professionals can often go overlooked as the spotlight shines on notable designers primarily in the ready to wear and couture markets. But that doesn’t mean that we miss out on all the fun when the fashion brigade comes into town. There are plenty of lingerie inspired events and exhibitions around town that serve to remind me each season how impactful and important the roll of intimate apparel plays in the fashion world. And the best part is that you don’t always have to be a professional in the industry in order to enjoy them.

These past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of attending some of these events and found myself inspired, wanting to share my findings with fellow lingeristas alike. Aside from the exclusive runway shows and private events, there were also performances, exhibitions, pop-up shops and trunk shows that the general public was welcome to take part in. It helps to be an avid follower of your favorite brands and labels if you want to get the inside scoop on what’s happening and where. And if you’re a sucker for a spectacle as I (embarrassingly) am, then there’s no reason you can’t take part and join in on the fun.

If you’re wondering what some of these events are like then read below to catch a glimpse at my fashion week roundup, including the more noteworthy events which served to remind me of the significance of lingerie in our lives and how it has influenced the whole of the fashion community decade after decade.

Triumph Magic Wire Bra Launch


Triumph’s history display

Triumph has been one of the most notable lingerie brands across the globe for 125 years, first launching in Europe and slowly expanding across Asia before setting it’s sights on the US. While they don’t yet have retail stores in metropolitan New York, that hasn’t stopped them from garnering the buzz that this brand so well deserves.

The Magic Wire bra event was recently held at their temporary pop-up store in the East Village and was chock full of entertainment and excitement. Guests got a first hand view of the new revolutionary bra which does away with rigid and uncomfortable metal underwires in favor of a new silicone support piece encased within the bra fabric to support the smooth molded cups. This stabilizing piece serves to offer comparable hold and shape as traditional underwires but without the poking and prodding of a metal wire. An additional mesh stabilizer serves to compliment the pliable silicone feature and helps to add additional support while providing flexible comfort to rival a completely wireless bra.

Triumph's new Magic Wire bra

Triumph’s new Magic Wire bra

Lucky patrons were treated to a personalized bra fitting from Triumph’s knowledgeable staff and they had the opportunity to try on the new bra and take it home for a more in depth review. Available up to a G cup, these bras are also offered with fashionable details such as lace and jacquard and in an array of top selling colors. I personally went with the basic black. Boring, yes, but once I had it on in that dressing room I knew I’d get good use out of it indeed. The stretchy fabric and cups were able to move with me and I felt unrestricted yet still secure. All in all I have become a big fan.

Contortionist at the Triumph Magic Wire bra launch

Contortionist at the Triumph Magic Wire bra launch

In addition to the complimentary bra fittings, guests also were treated to an array of dazzling spectacles including a live contortionist, an impressive magician and a host of themed cocktails complete with smoke and mirrors (seriously, the cocktails had smoke radiating off of them). We also got a great review of the history of the Triumph brand along with live music and a glimpse of a few celebrities to further kindle my fan-girl tendencies – a mark of a great event that’s sure to have a successful following.

Exposed: A History of Lingerie – Exhibit at the Museum at FIT

Corset, circa 1905, England (Photograph courtesy The Museum at FIT)

Corset, circa 1905, England (Photograph courtesy The Museum at FIT)

Next up I just had to stop by and take a peek at the Exposed: A History of Lingerie exhibit at my alma mater the Fashion Institute of Technology. FIT is known for having an extensive collection of historical costumes and dress, most of which is archived at any given time and has never been seen by the public before. I can remember as a fledgling lingerie designer we had the great privilege of viewing a few pieces of their vintage lingerie collection up close and personal. It was a memorable experience as we marveled at the delicate fabrics and watched as they were carefully handled under the protection of white cotton gloves for preservation. So when I heard that some of these lingerie pieces were on display for the first time ever, I of course, had to go and check it out first hand.

The great thing about the museum at FIT is that it is free of charge and open to the general public. If you happen to be in NYC between now and November 15th and you have some free time to spare, it’s a great place to gain some inspiration and get your creative juices flowing.

Mid to late 19th century dressing gowns, bustles, and corsets (Photograph courtesy The Museum at FIT)

Mid to late 19th century dressing gowns, bustles, and corsets (Photograph courtesy The Museum at FIT)

Upon entering the exhibit you will quickly find that it is curated for the viewer to progress chronologically down the line taking in the 50+ garments one by one beginning from the late 1700’s and concluding with today’s modern wares. The opening 18th century looks are full of detail and in great condition, paired next to similar outerwear garments that have been influenced by the lingerie look during the same time period. It’s this connection that shows the viewer how lingerie has always helped to shape modern day dress and that the concept of innerwear worn as outerwear was a viewpoint utilized for centuries and not necessarily an innovative practice during the Madonna styling’s of the 80’s.

Warner Bros. corset, circa 1889, USA (Photograph courtesy The Museum at FIT)

Warner Bros. corset, circa 1889, USA (Photograph courtesy The Museum at FIT)

Gradually the exhibit leads us on a chronological journey throughout the decades and centuries highlighting some of the most popular silhouettes and fabrics from those times. I found myself marveling at the whalebone corsets and metal bustles of the late 1700’s, giggling at the modest dressing gowns of the mid 1800’s and lusting after the girdles, petticoats & brassieres of the mid 1900’s. It was fascinating to see first hand how lingerie has evolved throughout time and how our attitudes and perspective have come so far with the finale of the exhibit showcasing modern day innovators we all know and love such as Agent Provocateur and Hanky Panky. If you are a lover of lingerie or just interested in history in general, then I highly recommend taking a spin around the exhibit and possibly gaining a new perspective and appreciation of the wonderful world of lingerie.

Josie Natori Spring 2015 Runway Show

Program for the Josie Natori Spring 2015 RTW runway show

Program from the Josie Natori Spring 2015 RTW runway show

When I think of luxury designer Josie Natori I think bold prints, billowing fabrics and saturated colors. Though the Natori brand has become much more than that, it continues to stay true to its roots and delivers to us optimism and elegance collection after collection.

Each season the Natori runway show captivates us with a fresh and innovative spin on the prints and silhouettes that she is most known for. The ready to wear Spring 2015 collection debuted last week and sure enough, it stayed true to this concept once again. With a strong loungewear presence and many pieces worthy of a good night’s sleep, the pieces floating down the runway evoked a vision of a tropical paradise, complete with island-inspired colors and textures.

Key looks from the Josie Natori Spring 2015 collection (All photos courtesy of Josie Natori)

Key looks from the Josie Natori Spring 2015 collection (Photos by Josh Wong)

Some more notable themes of the show included three-dimensional embroidery effects adorning soft linen robes, while obi belts cinched in fluid, shiny pantsuits. Tropical leaf prints and tie dyes complimented bold hibiscus accessories while citrus colors comingled with indigos and beiges making us long for an Island getaway before winter has even begun.

Josie Natori Spring 2015 runway finale

Josie Natori Spring 2015 runway finale

All together the show was uplifting and lively while remaining classic and true to it’s signature Asian influences. The finale featured all the models in basic white tops paired with an array of colorful sarong-like pants in bold organic patterns as they converged on the runway to Pharell’s hit “Happy”, ending the show in a cheerful and airy climax of color.

Chromat Spring/Summer 2015 Runway Show

Chromat Primary Top, Spring/Summer 2015

Chromat Primary Top, Spring/Summer 2015

Following up the Natori show with the Chromat garments show is a lesson in the study of contrasts. Part lingerie, part swimwear and part ready to wear, Chromat’s pieces are considered “structural experiments for the human body”. Since 2010 they have been creating cage-like pieces out of elastic, plastics and metal to achieve unique designs coveted by avant-garde, fashion-forward personalities.

Chromat Mesh Underbust Top & Mesh Band bottom Spring/Summer 2015

Chromat Mesh Underbust Top, Mesh Band bottom & Topknot Cage Spring/Summer 2015

Along with Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Beyoncé and Madonna, I have been a fan of Chromat’s work for a while now and jumped at the opportunity to see them in action. One may think that there is not much more you can improve or expand upon when dealing with a specific technique like body caging (especially when the look has been copied by so many other brands) but the reaches of the mind of a designer are limitless and Chromat has once again come up with edgy newness worthy of excitement in addition to fresh updates on some of the old favorites.

Chromat Shine Collar, Extended Bustier & Android Pant,  Spring/Summer 2015

Chromat Shine Collar, Extended Bustier & Android Pant, Spring/Summer 2015

In addition to architectural neoprene, flashes of neon trim and asymmetrically slashed bodices, they have now expanded to include plus sized looks up to a size 20 and presented on curvy beauty Denise Bidot for the runway. These new size offerings have garnered a lot of praise on social media with hopes of seeing other labels and fashion models follow their lead catering to all sizes of fashionistas.

I’d love to hear about any other fashion events you’ve attended lately! Are there any other events you would like to see us cover?



Lingerie designer and founder of WonderLust Lingerie. I specialize in fashion and trend pertaining to lingerie, sleepwear, hosiery and everything in between. I believe that the right kind of underwear can change your entire outlook for the day so finding a balance between fashion and function is key.

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Ones To Watch: 5 Lingerie Brands To Keep An Eye On

1 Edge-O-Beyond_main

Edge O’Beyond

Designing lingerie can be a hard, grueling job but someone’s got to do it! Not that it’s without its perks, of course. However the industry is by no means a cushy one and often the job is not nearly as luxurious as it seems. There are certain times when the workload can get downright unbearable with 18 hour work days, non-stop travel and back-to-back meetings monopolizing your entire schedule, let alone your precious personal life. Working as a designer can quickly take its toll on your health and personal relationships if you’re not careful. But with the headaches come the rewards (world travel, celebrity networking and free samples, just to name a few), which at the end of the day outweigh the negatives making it all worthwhile. However after years of sleepless nights and brutal schedules I’ve decided it was time to make the leap into a different sector of the lingerie world and try my hand at a new trade: retail.

This was not a decision that I made lightly especially considering the fact that I love designing lingerie. The passion has been pumping through my veins since I discovered my first garter belt at age 13! However after 12 years I’m finally ready for a change. With a deepening curiosity for merchandising and marketing I’ve decided that curating a shop is going to be the next step in my lingerie career. Launching virtually to start, I’m now looking forward to building an online selection that will highlight unique brands, support new labels, cater to stylish young women and allow me to further explore this whole other spectrum of consumerism and business.

While I am only in the initial stages of this new venture I realized that the best way to cut my teeth would be to attend the Curve Lingerie Expo this week in NYC where I could review a diverse array of lingerie brands and get more information on who they are and how we can work together. So here I am fresh off of 20 hours spent in lingerie nirvana, pounding the pavement (or in this case plush carpeting) and scouring each and every booth for gorgeous lingerie and sleepwear to offer to my soon-to-be prospective customers. During my lingerie frenzy I have encountered many amazing brands that have impressed me with their ingenuity and new ideas. I am now so inspired and excited to begin my journey into the world of ecommerce and share what I’ve found with like-minded women who appreciate the value of detail, comfort and affordability.

So as I slowly descend from my shopping high and begin the carefully crafted buying process I want to share with you some of the brands that particularly struck a chord with me this season. Many are still new to the industry and I hope to see them stick around for a while as I find their perspective refreshing and I hope to soon stock their lovely offerings on my up and coming web shop. Take a look below and let me know what you think!





You may have already heard of Naja as they’ve been recently garnishing a lot of press for their Underwear For Hope campaign. This San Francisco based company commits itself to educating and empowering single mothers in Columbia to work in their factories and produce their products. In addition a percentage of each sale goes toward supporting these mothers who have helped to make this socially conscious brand a Kickstarter success story. The affordably priced bras and panties utilize comfort first with pima cotton fibers, memory foam and nylon. They boast fun, whimsical prints ranging from photo-real naturescapes to boho floral mixing or tattoo-inspired decals. Each piece also has some surprising details such as printed inside cups or hidden inspirational sayings to add a little twist and brighten your day. Visit for more information.

Erica M




In the market for some sexy new legwear? Take a cue from the iconic Beyoncé and check out the hosiery and bodysuits from NY based designer Erica M. Utilizing high quality hosiery from Italy, Erica M’s Bey-approved looks are sexy, sassy and a bit rebellious with leopard patterns, faux stirrup looks and evocatively placed heart designs. With her use of suggestive trompe l’oeil and a combination of luxurious and durable knits these items feel fresh, elegant and empowering. See for yourself at

Monette Paris




New French label Monette Paris is expert at utilizing silk to create luxurious and sophisticated lingerie true to classic French form. Scrolling through their collection is like window-shopping on the Champs Élysées with their paper-thin lace, sumptuous drapes and crisp eyelets. All of their pieces feel light and airy with clean lines and elegant colors lending the silhouettes a nonchalant refined glamour. In addition to their soft selection of bras and briefs you’ll also find bodysuits, slips and skirts that can easily transition into tasteful outerwear. Take a look at

Tutti Rouge


If you’re not already familiar with Tutti Rouge, they are a lingerie company out of the UK specializing in feminine bra sets with a flirty attitude. Still relatively new to the US this fun and girly brand caters to the full-busted women with their mostly padded bras available from a size 28-38 band and D-HH cup. Utilizing primarily satin, mesh and lace, these coordinating bra and panty sets have playful and feminine details such as beaded lace, cheeky prints and cute bows often finished with a tiny signature little heart embroidery. It’s the details that make this brand worth looking in to as well as their wide sizing range and affordable price point. Check them out at

Edge O’Beyond




Another UK brand that I’m excited about is Edge O’Beyond, scheduled to launch later this month. The Edge O’Beyond range caters to a more sexy and sophisticated customer with its luxurious sheer lace and metallic accents. 14K gold chains and filigree detail add a bit of sparkle to these seriously sexy pieces with suggestive detailing that’s both innovative and distinct. Though their price points are on the higher side, the quality of these unique designs and the wide size offerings (30B-36DD) make it a quality investment for any sultry fashionista. Find them at

What do you think about these 5 brands? I’d love to hear your opinions as well as any suggestions on what you might like to see from a new online lingerie retailer.



Lingerie designer and founder of WonderLust Lingerie. I specialize in fashion and trend pertaining to lingerie, sleepwear, hosiery and everything in between. I believe that the right kind of underwear can change your entire outlook for the day so finding a balance between fashion and function is key.

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