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20 Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Lingerie Sets You Can Wear Year-Round

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Valentine’s Day is both my most favorite and least favorite holiday. I hate how it encourages clichéd forms of obligatory, performative “romance” popularized to improve greeting card sales. On the other hand, I love twee heart motifs, big bouquets of fresh flowers, pink chocolate boxes, excessive kissing, and, of course, fancy lingerie.

It’s why I sort of live in a perpetual state of Valentine’s Day. But for the rest of the (more reasonable) world, it’s the one day a year where romantic aesthetics are celebrated en masse, which means lots of lingerie purchases. It also means lots of ridiculously over-the-top bras are worn once before ending up in the back of lingerie drawers, never to be seen again.

Don’t get me wrong; the relative normalcy of ridiculous, inconvenient, not-so-functional apparel is one of the reasons I love the lingerie industry. But wouldn’t it be nice to buy a stunning Valentine’s Day lingerie set and keep wearing it the rest of the year?

I’ve compiled 20 of my favorite black, red, pink, and ivory bra and panty sets that are pretty enough for a romantic occasion, but casual enough to wear past February 14. In a range of sizes and price points, you’re guaranteed to find something to pique your fancy.

Classic Black

Pour Moi Fuller Bust Viva Longline Plunge Bra

Pour Moi Fuller Bust Viva Longline Plunge Bra, $37 via ASOS; Thong, $15.50 via ASOS.

Getting Rosy

Pour Moi? Instinct Underwire Bra Set

Pour Moi? Instinct Underwire Bra, $39 via Figleaves; Brief, $21 via Figleaves

Simone Perele Wish Bra Set

Simone Perele Wish Bra, $105 via Journelle; Boyshort, $60 via Journelle

Shades of Blush

Pour Moi? Amour Basque

Pour Moi? Amour Basque, $58 via Figleaves; Amour Thong, $15 via Figleaves



Quinne Myers

Quinne Myers is based in Brooklyn, NY where she runs the ethically-made loungewear line, she and reverie. She is also a textile designer, a watercolor illustrator, a writer, and a consultant for the lingerie industry.

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  1. Victoria says:

    I loooove the look of the Ophelia Bra. Something about black lingerie for Valentine’s Day. :) Sadly, I hate the way most FOH bras fit. :(

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