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Valentine’s Day Lingerie Shopping Guide: $250 to $499

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We’re well into the luxury category now. The $250 to $499 price range is where you see unique (often exclusive or in-house designed) prints, laces, and embroideries as well as extremely fine grades of silk and tulle. In addition to the increased cost of materials, lingerie at this price point often has a higher labor cost – many of these brands produce in regions of the world with higher wages, such as the UK, Canada, or the United States. The price points also reflect an increase in the amount of time and skill it takes to sew these creations. After all, not everyone manipulate whisper-thin tulle and featherlight silk into lingerie that can shape support and shape the weight of the body and not fall to pieces after a single wear. This is fine craftsmanship, and the costs reflect it.

Unfortunately, there is also a dip in size diversity around this price point. Many luxury brands only make core sizes, and it’s normal for a size range to only cover 3 sizes total (S-M-L or even XS-S-M). However, some items, especially loungewear pieces like robes, tends to have more size flexibility than, say, a bra set or bodysuit. Especially if you’re on the edge of the size chart, it’s always worth dropping a line and asking if the piece you’re interested in can accommodate sizes beyond what’s given.

The very last Valentine’s Day Shopping Guide of the year, the $500+ one, goes live right after this one! To view the rest of our V-Day Shopping Guides, visit the Valentine’s Day category on the blog.



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