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There’s no denying it; athleisure has taken over the lingerie world. Sports bras, hoodies, leggings, athletic tanks – these items are no longer reserved for the gym. Instead, they’ve become a vital part of the everyday wardrobe, suitable for everything from workwear to loungewear. No company is perhaps better positioned to take advantage of this shift than the LYCRA® brand, the world famous fiber company known for providing fiber and innovative technologies to help brands create garments with remarkable comfort, fit, elasticity, and recovery.

At this year’s Interfiliere, scheduled in New York City on September 22nd, LYCRA® plans to debut the latest “starter kit” of their six most popular fibers for the lingerie and swimwear industries, in essence creating an all-in-one package or “one stop shop” for fabric mills and intimate apparel labels that are ready to capitalize on the massive lifestyle change (and accompanying potential for major growth – sports bras alone are a $1.5 billion market) that’s happening in fashion right now. The six fiber technologies LYCRA® intends to focus on the NYC tradeshow are detailed in the list below:

  • LYCRA® COOLING technology offers moisture management to keep the wearer cool, dry and comfortable all day long, while also providing outstanding shaping benefits.
  • LYCRA® BLACK technology provides deep, rich colors and virtually eliminates grin-through in dark stretch fabrics.
  • LYCRA® W technology offers deeper, rich coloration, outstanding whiteness, uniformity, and superior recovery power.
  • LYCRA® SOFT COMFORT technology delivers increased flexibility for fitting in-between sizes and comfortable compression, ideal for garments requiring flexible fit like sports bra.
  • LYCRA® SPORT technology offers bi-directional stretch for outstanding freedom of movement, and comfortable, long-lasting fit.
  • LYCRA® T400® technology combines durable stretch and recovery with moisture management benefits.

LYCRA® also plans to introduce a capsule collection of sample garments utilizing their fibers at Interfiliere (those are the photographs included in this article), illustrating everything from LYCRA®‘s suitability for vibrant color to their sweat-wicking fiber technology.

In the intimate apparel industry, the LYCRA® brand stands for comfort, fit, and performance. They represent the intersection of fashion and technology in that it’s not enough for one’s clothes to simply cover the body anymore. Daily wear, especially activewear, also has to be able to work – to stretch, bend, and move without fraying, bagging, or falling apart. LYCRA® collaborates with brands looking to expand into this sector. The future of fashion is now.














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Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

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  2. The plastics geek/conservator finds the evolution of synthetic textiles SO fascinating!

    I’m guess that grin-through is when you see the lighter coloured elastic fibers as you stretch a dark coloured fabric? If so, this term is so perfect!

    2) I’m now going through the industry portal of the Lycra website to see if I can understand just how they make these advances. I’m sure they can’t spill all their secrets, but I’d love to know WHY these new Lycra technologies are able to do what they do!

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