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Pretty in Pink! My 6 Most Favorite Pink Bras

L'Agent by Agent Provocateur Grace Non Pad Demi Bra in Blush/Gold

L’agent by Agent Provocateur’s Grace Non Pad Demi Bra in Blush/Gold

Candy floss, kitten noses, and summer sunsets… some of the best parts of life are pink. I’m sort of notorious for my love of pretty pink things, so when Cora suggested I blog about my favorite pink bras, I was super excited! But since I wear around a 32G, I’m more limited in my selection of cute fashion bras than someone who is a core size.

Sugar Lace Lingerie's Sweet Pink Sugar Thong Set, which I would love to own if I didn't mind having less support!

Sugar Lace Lingerie’s Sweet Pink Sugar Thong Set, which I would love to own if I didn’t mind having less support!

This requires me to be much more selective in the bras that I do purchase. I can’t really wear dainty little things like the L’Agent by Agent Provocateur glitter-speckled Grace bra (32B-36DD) at the top of the post, because even in my 36DD sister size, it’s not well-engineered for larger breasts. And I don’t get the support I want in pretty bralettes like Sugar Lace Lingerie‘s aptly-named Sweet Pink Sugar bralette. But magic happens at all bra sizes! Here are my favorite pink things in my lingerie drawer.

Narue pink satin bra

Narue pink satin bra

This Narue bra was my first purchase at Kaori’s Closet Tokyo, the Japanese-owned lingerie boutique that used to be in SoHo and has since gone to retail heaven. This bra was my gateway drug to 4 long years of spending way way too much money on Narue bras and eventually filling up my stamp card to get a lifetime discount–right before the store closed for good. It’s very well-worn and way too big for me now, but the details are just so cute that I can’t stand to part with it. Look at the pleated satin! The bow-shaped lace! The actual bow! It’s so over-the-top. This bra isn’t available anymore, but if you’re into this super romantic Japanese push-up style, you can find more Narue bras on Shirohato and, if you live in Japan, Narue’s web shop.

Simone Perele Wish Demi Bra in blush

Simone Perele Wish Demi Bra in blush

The Simone Perele Wish in blush is so much prettier in person than in photos! The quality is stunning. The lace is so unique, the jacquard satin panels feel so luxurious, and for such a delicate-looking piece, the lift is great. I think this is a wonderful piece to wear under an outfit for a job interview or important meeting, since it’s super pretty and a great confidence-booster, but doesn’t have big 3D decorations that would stick out under an opaque top. But I work in lingerie, so maybe my opinion is a bit skewed.

she and reverie Scallop Bralette in cameo pink

she and reverie Scallop Bralette in cameo pink

The Scallop Bralette was the first item I designed & produced for she and reverie, so it holds a special place in my heart. So sweet and simple, I love the way the tiny bows look peeking out from a sheer dress or sleeveless top. It’s 100% organic cotton so it’s super soft, and it’s made in NYC’s garment district so I feel a little extra pride for my city whenever I put it on. It has very little support, but the simple, seamless design and opaque jersey knit fabric means I can wear it over a nude balconette bra and it still looks super cute.

Creepyyeha leather harness

Creepyyeha leather harness

This isn’t really a bra, but it’s one of my favorite things in my lingerie chest, and I try to spread the Creepyyeha gospel as frequently as possible. I. LOVE. This. Harness. Since her customer base tends to skew young and DIY-focused, Creepyyeha is constantly knocked off and called “overpriced,” but as someone who studied apparel design and has worked in the fashion and lingerie industries for years, I would say her work is probably worth twice as much. The construction on this piece is impeccable and the materials are great. It’s entirely hand-tooled to my body measurements, and she even hand-stitched a little satin bow on the back for me. Creepyyeha made this harness to my specifications based on her Safe Heart Harness that has been discontinued, but she still takes custom orders. And yes, the padlock came with a working key!

Fifi Chachnil

Fifi Chachnil Bonjour Paris bra

Ohh, Fifi… I spent all my money at her Rue de Grenelle store last summer. Although it lacks the projection I really want for my larger cup size, the Fifi Chachnil Bonjour Paris bra is one of the most beautifully-made bras I have. I love the rosy shade of pink stretch silk, the perfect scallop of the elastic, and the little pink bow on the center gore… it all represents the classic French femininity of the Fifi Chachnil brand so well, and was the perfect Parisian souvenir (although my bank account disagreed!).

Agent Provocateur Bethany bra

Agent Provocateur Bethany bra

I’m not always super impressed with Agent Provocateur. Their price point is high but the quality isn’t really that impressive, and I feel like a lot of their styles have this outdated, over-the-top sexiness about them. However, their Bethany bra is something special. Is it bra pink? Unless you count the light peachy illusion mesh as pink… no, not really. But it feels pink. At a size 36DD, it’s technically the sister size to my sister size, so it doesn’t have the most beautiful support, but that’s not really the point– it’s gorgeous. Not only is the lace design perfectly symmetrical on both sides, but the mesh is so sheer that it practically disappears. The result is ethereal appliquéd petals that look like they simply floated from the heavens to sit delicately on your decolletage. Yes, it’s that magical. Add in the elastic straps that give the illusion of 3 teeny-tiny layers of ruffles, and you have a fairytale of a bra. If this bra had a soul, it would be pink.

Is there a color you’re most drawn to when shopping for lingerie? What’s your most favorite piece in your lingerie drawer?


Quinne Myers

Quinne Myers is based in Brooklyn, NY where she runs the ethically-made loungewear line, she and reverie. She is also a textile designer, a watercolor illustrator, a writer, and a consultant for the lingerie industry.

3 Comments on this post

  1. Annmarie says:

    I do like your choices, though they seem like they may not always provide the support for your size.
    Finding the right aesthetics-practicality balance is often of my main challenge when it comes to lingerie.

  2. chris courtney says:

    yes i agree the bras are beautiful

  3. probe97 says:

    Oh what gorgeous collection of bra’s, would love to feel them on me ,heaven.

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