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12 Maternity Swimsuits for This Summer

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With little more than a month left ’till Labor Day, there’s still time to take a beach holiday. The maternity sector of the lingerie industry has picked up considerably over the last few years, but in terms of swim, things still lag a bit behind.

While I’m glad there are options, many of these designs are on the plain side of things, which, of course, may have some practical considerations, but the end result is a sea of similar silhouettes with very few options in terms of prints and patterns (lots of stripes, lots of dots). I’d like to see some florals in this sector, maybe even a bit of mesh or abstract. But I guess if you’re only wearing the swimsuit for less than a year, maybe being on-trend isn’t that important? I suppose I’ll find out how I feel when it comes time for me to buy a maternity swimsuit one day.

Below are a few of my favorite finds (including a rash guard!). Do you have any go-to places for good maternity swimwear? And do you think it’s important for maternity swim to follow the trends in mainstream swim?


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