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Valentine’s Day Shopping Guides 2015: Lingerie for $500 and Above

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TLA ends this year’s 2015 Valentine’s Day Shopping Guides with all things luxe and expensive… lingerie for $500 or more. In terms of sheer exploration, this lingerie guide is always the most interesting to me because here is where designers are more or less completely unfettered in their choice of materials. Think yards and yards of gorgeous silk and rare lace. Oddly enough, I’d say this is also the category that has experienced the most shrinkage since I started blogging. Seven or eight years ago, there were more luxury lingerie brands than anyone knew what to do with; it felt like everyone was coming out with $600 bra and panty sets. But we’re now several years past the absolute bottom of the recession, yet the luxury lingerie sector hasn’t quite bounced back. Still, there are some rare jewels to be found here, although this year, we’ve kept the ceiling to a relatively modest $1500 or so.

What were some of your favorite items from this year’s shopping guides? And did we leave out anything you’re particularly craving?

I.D. Sarrieri  Les Amours Imaginaries Bodysuit - 2250 LEI (approximately $576.59)

I.D. Sarrieri Les Amours Imaginaries Bodysuit – 2250 LEI (approximately $576.59)

Vanyanis Lady Esha Corset in Burgundy & Gold - $1995 AUD (approximately $1,555.29)

Vanyanis Lady Esha Corset in Burgundy & Gold – $1995 AUD (approximately $1,555.29)

Cora Harrington

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  1. Thursday says:

    So…much…gorgeousness…can’t pick a favourite! Seriously love the amazing fabrics and detailing at this price point. The Coco de Mer slip, Between the Sheets sheer robe, the corsets. Fabulous selection.

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