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Nine Gift Choices for the Masculine of Center


Boxers by Paul Smith

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.

So you’re buying for a masculine person in your life and you’re leaning toward lingerie. Great! It is hard to buy underwear for other people, though, as Ann-Marie and The Lingerie Lesbian have discussed in holiday seasons past. So let me make some suggestions, and then give you some places to start looking. First, I’d like to ask all relatives to bow out of this one unless you’re a seasoned expert in masculine-of-center dressing: you’re too invested, it’s too weird, let someone else tackle this one.

However, if you’re a friend or significant other of someone who leans masculine, underwear can actually be a great gift: a lot of us wear a lot of Hanes 5-pack underwear, and this can be an opportunity to get us something a little nicer that we wouldn’t ordinarily buy for ourselves. Plus, pricing is on your side: there are so many options for masculine-of-center dressing that are under $50. Buying lingerie for other people is tricky, so I’m going to suggest you stick to things like underpants, socks, and accessories. Unlike the perils of fit and style that come with bra buying (or binder buying), boxers and briefs tend to be more versatile and more forgiving. And if your friend/lover is into dapper fashion, they will never, EVER have enough cool socks that complement their ties.

Find out this person’s size; don’t try to guess. Remember to think about this person’s typical color palette and taste. If you’re dating someone who likes to dress like Mad Max, maybe don’t buy them s’mores underpants, no matter how much you like them. You can always buy a pair for yourself; I’m sure they’d adore you in them. And now, the best lingerie gifts for masculine-dressing folks!



Lion Boxers by ASOS

These lion boxers from ASOS look like a good fit for AFAB folks. I highly recommend browsing ASOS for lingerie gifts in general.

Price: $11.37 USD

Squid-O Socks by Sock It To Me

Novelty socks of any kind are a moderately good gift; squid socks are a great gift. Via Sock It To Me.

Price: $11.50 USD


Bella Briefs by TomboyX

A recent addition to the TomboyX lineup, these briefs are adorable and androgynous.

Price: $14.00 USD


Floral Socks by ASOS

These socks would be amazing under a masculine suit or with everyday wear. Check out ASOS for other prints, including more masculine ones.

Price: $15.16 USD


Sock Garters by Sockdreams

For holding up said socks, nothing is more gentlemanly than sock garters. SockDreams has a selection, as do several online retailers.

Price: $16.00 USD

playout plexus

Plexus boxer briefs by PlayOut

PlayOut is an explicitly queer company and all boxers are available in “women’s” and “men’s” cuts (a loose definition since the owners encourage buyers to try either.) Via PlayOut.

Price: 24.00 USD

frank dandy

Pen Stripe Boxer Briefs by Frank Dandy

Frank Dandy boxers come in all kinds of fun prints and are a little more of a luxury gift.

Price: 29.00 USD


5-Pack Briefs by ASOS

Finally, may I suggest this rainbow of briefs available on ASOS? It’s also available in more subdued colorways, but I feel like the rainbow is both festive and gay. And nothing is more appropriate for holiday gift-giving than that.

Price: $37.90 USD

Which of these work for you? What are you giving your masculine-of-center friends and partners this holiday season?


4 Comments on this post

  1. Rose says:

    Jess, that’s great! TomboyX may also work for you since they have a flat front. They often have more masculine detailing, if that’s something you’re interested in, but without the “pouch.”

  2. Jess says:

    Uk based brand focx do amazing unisex boxers that have a flat front and gusset with no seams down the centre so they don’t look baggy on the front like men’s boxers tend too. (Not sure if this is appropriate to post but I feel nobody talks about it and it took me years to find underwear I can actually fit into but) The fact that there’s no seams down the gusset make them really comfortable for people like me that may have oversized labia but don’t qualify for surgery. There the only underwear I can wear comfortably I highly recommend them .

  3. DRJP says:

    great to see the discussion continue, look forward to trying some of these brands. Though they are pricier Hanro makes great mens underwear that fit women exceptionally well. Their boxer briefs are the best!

  4. Love the lion boxers!! Didn’t realise ASOS was so good for men’s underwear!

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