Birthday Giveaway, pt. 1: Dollhouse Bettie Satine Bra & Girdle


Today is my birthday (yay!), and because it’s a big one (30), The Lingerie Addict is celebrating with two luxe giveaways!

Some of you may remember the “Satine” collection from our preview on TLA back in February. Satine is part of Dollhouse Bettie’s in-house designed and manufactured collection. All of the pieces from this new collection are ethically handmade in San Francisco, and they use the vintage detailing and construction techniques Dollhouse Bettie is famous for.


The “Satine” range is made from champagne-colored stretch satin with black colorblocking. The bra features historically-inspired tailoring and side boning and the girdle has an ouvert back, ‘v’ garters, and a ribbon tie. The total value for both pieces is $126, and they’re still a couple of weeks away from being “officially” released (which means whoever wins this giveaway will own them first!). The bra is available in sizes 32-36B/C/D/DD, 34-36A, and 38B/C/D while the girdle is in sizes S/26, M/28, and L/30.


Ready for your chance to win? Here’s how:

  1. Leave a comment with your favorite Dollhouse Bettie designed item! (This entry is required.)
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  4. Tweet about the giveaway.
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As usual, the first entry of leaving a blog post comment is required, but all other entries are optional (you only need to do them if you’d like to increase your chances of winning). This giveaway is open internationally, so readers around the world can enter. Entrants must use the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of the post so entries can be accurately counted, tracked, and checked. And please remember to enter a valid email address as that’s the way we’ll contact you if you win!


Terms and Conditions:  The giveaway winner will be chosen at random and posted publicly to The Lingerie Addict by Friday, July 11, 2014. In addition, a private email will be sent to the winner of the giveaway and Dollhouse Bettie on the same date. The giveaway winner must respond by July 16, 2014 to claim their prize or a new winner will be chosen. Entering this giveaway indicates an acceptance of all terms and conditions. Neither The Lingerie Addict nor Dollhouse Bettie can be held responsible for  failure to read or follow the guidelines detailed in this post. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Rafflecopter are unaffiliated with this giveaway. Persons working for The Lingerie Addict and Dollhouse Bettie and their immediate family members are ineligible to enter or win.

And that’s it! Thank you for reading The Lingerie Addict and best of luck!

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Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. I started TLA in a small studio apartment in 2008. Since then, it's become the leading lingerie blog in the world, and has been featured on the websites for Forbes, CNN, Time, Today, and Fox News. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that every who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

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  1. Caitlin says:

    I am loving the black lace cocoon robe. Gorgeous!

  2. Estelle says:

    The cocoon robe is incredible but the skirted girdle is more unusual, so I’d have to say that :)

  3. Andra-Maria says:

    I think my favourite’s the cocoon robe, it’s really spectacular! The flapper stockings and sheer illusion bra are also awesome, although the bra seems weirdly modern among their other designs.

    • Andra-Maria says:

      I’m incredibly sorry, I didn’t mean to post more than one comment…. Something in my browser must have misbehaved and it looked as though no comments were actually getting through. It does that lately, I thought it was an add-on problem and tried a bunch of times with different settings :( I didn’t mean to spam :(

      • Cora Cora says:

        Hi Andra-Maria,

        It’s totally fine. No worries. :-)

        Your comments were all in the queue awaiting approval (this is normal for new commenters), so the extra comments were just added to the queue too. I’ve deleted some the duplicates so far, I think. I’ll check later for any others.


  4. Erica says:

    French Quarter lace cocoon robe is sheer perfection…

  5. Lisa says:

    The Satine girdle with suspenders and ouvert back is fabulous! My favorite! The Lotus Blossom nude garter belt is a close second!

  6. Cate says:

    It has to be the Juliet ivory seamed silk stockings, closely followed by the French Quarter lace cocoon robe

  7. Luci Blue says:

    Mmmm I think the Juliet Ivory satin ribbon babydoll. Very nice!

  8. Lily Booth says:

    My favorite Dollhouse Bettie item is the Juliet Ivory Lace Midline Bralette! *Swoon*

  9. Heather says:

    I adore the sheer illusion soft bra and pantie! So simple and yet so elegant. I am itching to add it to my collection.

  10. Holly says:

    So many choices! But I love the Dollhouse Bettie Stella Maris Underwire Demi Bra and Cheeky Lace boy short. I love many of the garters and stockings and so many would go well with that set.

  11. Andrea says:

    I just love the Stella Maris Plunging Lace Teddy!

  12. Jessica says:

    I love all of the French Quarter lace items! I would love to have any of those garments in my closet (especially the robe, though)

  13. Therese says:

    I love the Dollhouse Bettie French Quarter Black Lace Skirted Waspie!

  14. Sarah says:

    I love their sheer illusions bra! The other sheer illusions items are also great, I just love sheer black lingerie.

  15. Catherine says:

    Mmmm, love that Scandale no 8 Sirene garter skirt. My favorite kind of shapewear!

  16. Hannah says:

    I love the French Quarter Black Lace Cocoon Robe

  17. Tiffany says:

    The Lotus Blossom nude garter belt is to DIE for!!

  18. Emily says:

    The French Quarter Black Lace Cocoon Robe is absolute perfection.

  19. Tracy says:

    Oh my. I don’t even understand how much I need that Satine girdle in my life- I’m for sure going get my grubby little paws on this one way or another.

  20. Mara says:

    I’m in love with the French Quarter Black Lace Cocoon Robe

  21. Jennifer Grodt says:

    Lotus blossom high waist panties are so fab I dreamt heaven was a closet full of them in every color imaginable!

  22. Izzy says:

    My favorite is the Juliet Black Mesh Ribbon Gown.

  23. latexpinup says:

    my favorite is the new French Quarter Black Lace Cocoon Robe.

  24. The Satine is my favorite Dollhouse Bettie designed item because I want to win this contest!

  25. Madeline says:

    I really love the new French Quarter collection, but particularly the robe. There is something very classic and Jean Harlow about it.

  26. Bovy says:

    it is very beautiful.

  27. Andrea W. says:

    My absolute favorite bra I’ve purchased from them has been the B.Tempt’d Ciao Bella Balconette Bra in black midnight! I can’t wait to get it in cappuccino as well (they are still out of stock)! It fits like a dream, is super flattering and sexy, the cups are really soft, and it can be worn under clothes without the fabric texture showing through! Favorite!!!

  28. Julie says:

    I love the lotus blossom black halter bra!

  29. josh says:

    The Bardot Sher ruched garter pantie is gorgeous! Would love to see the other half in it.

  30. Ilse says:

    The French quarter waspie is so pretty!

  31. Shannon says:

    I love the Juliet Ivory Lace Tap Shorts! I’m very partial to tap shorts, generally.

  32. Andra-Maria says:

    I love thw Frenxh Quarter cocoon robe, it’s spectacular! The Juliet atockings and sheer illusion bra are awesome too :D

  33. XamiaArc says:

    I just adore the Stella Maris Chevron set! I can imagine it being extremely comfortable for everyday wear as well as looking amazing. But the Bettie Bardot Babydoll is a very close second. Actually all of the Dollhouse Bettie items are!

  34. Thursday says:

    Happy birthday Cora! You are one year and one month ahead of me – I better start saving for my birthday lingerie now ;)

    I cannot go past black lace and beautiful robes – the cocoon robe is perfect, with its vintage silhouette!

  35. ne-knopka says:

    Dollhouse Bettie French Quarter Black Lace Bralette

  36. Andra says:

    Happy birthday! I love the French Quarter coccon robe :D The Sheer Illusion bra and the Juliet stockings are also awesome.

  37. Summer says:

    I have to say that the French Quarter cocoon robe is my standout. So lovely!

  38. Christina says:

    I love all Dollhouse Bettie designed items. I want to wear lingerie like makeup, clothes and shoes!!! Everyday!

  39. Sydney says:

    The French Quarter Cocoon Robe is easily my favorite item there^^

  40. Karin Shaim says:

    The French quarter cocoon robe is definitely my favorite ! It’s gorgeous

  41. I’m torn between the Cocoon robe and that ouvert frame bra!

  42. Avigayil says:

    I am in love with the Dollhouse Bettie French Quarter Ouvert Frame Bra – it is stunning!

  43. Tabatha says:

    Happy happy birthday! I am in love with the girdle pictured!

  44. k says:

    Love all the dollhouse bettie Juliet!

  45. Mark says:

    I love the entire Lotus Blossom Azure ensemble – paired with the Retro Classic Seamed Eternity Stockings!! The nude garter belt is gorgeous too, and I can only imagine how amazing the Seraphim panties feel.

  46. Maria says:

    I’m in love with Bettie French Quarter Black Lace Cocoon Robe ^^

  47. Jordyn says:

    Dollhouse Bettie Juliet Ivory Lace Mini Skirted Pantie is so beautiful!!! LOVE

  48. Kitt Walker says:

    The Dollhouse Bettie Juliet Black Lace Ribbon Bralette is just the cutest!

  49. Erin Wingo says:

    I love Dollhouse Bettie so much, especially the new pieces in their collection. I’m particularly taken with the Nouvelle Amour set with the demi bra and tanga briefs.

  50. Angel says:

    My favorite Dollhouse Bettie design item is the brand, because when I think about what the label name states for, this comes to mind…
    Doll: A model of a human being!
    House: A building for human habitation, my body is a temple!
    Bettie: Bettie Page, A trademark fringe having influenced artists for generations!

  51. Anna Z. says:

    I adore the entire Juliet collection–that lace! Those bows!–especially the bralette and ouvert panties <3

  52. Kitkate says:

    The Juliet black lace ouvert ribbon boyshorts look so adorable! They seem wonderfully versatile and could go with a black or pink bra but would look lovely on their own as well, and I’d love to have the bow peaking out of a back of jeans.

  53. Tyler Rizzo says:

    I adore the French Quarter lace cocoon robe. And also, everything in the French Quarter collection! Wow.

  54. Kathleen says:

    The Dollhouse Bettie Bardot Babydoll and garter panties are absolutely adorable!

  55. Alex says:

    Oh my, I absolutely adore the Bettie Juliet Ivory Lace Ribbon Bralette, it’s so delicate and pretty. The Bettie Satin Seraphim collection is also a wonderful set, they’re all so feminine and delicate.

  56. Natalie says:

    Oh my, I adore everything they have but I am especially crazy about the French Quarter lace Cocoon Robe. So beautiful!

  57. Yasmin says:

    Oh my god! I’m in love with this collection!

  58. Crissy Talley says:

    Happy birthday, Cora!! I really love the French Quarter Black Lace Cocoon Robe!! <3

  59. Emily says:

    I love the entire French Quarter collection, but I think out of all of it, I desperately want the lace slip. It’d be so cute peeking out from under a skirt!

  60. The Juliet stockings are my favourite! Stockings are often a fairly basic item, but these are just strikingly beautiful.

  61. I love the Nouvelle Amour Eternity stockings. Not only are they pretty, but the name sounds like a Sailor Moon magic attack.

  62. Sarah says:

    I love the Juliet Black Mesh Ribbon Babydoll. The bow is amazing.

  63. C Rigney says:

    The Juliet Ivory Bralette with that gorgeous silky ribbon closure is perfect – it’s such a gorgeous collection and I really love how the set in the giveaway has a similar ribbon feature on the pants. I really adore classic colours and Dollhouse Bettie has such flattering classic interpretations and lines.
    I’ve never owned a proper lingerie set so I’ve got y fingers crossed for this one, hopefully the random generator will make this 20year old student very happy!

  64. Rina says:

    I really, really like the soft elegance of the Ivory Silk Ribbon gown. Reminds me of some 1930’s starlet in a black and white movie lounging before a show.

  65. Tanya says:

    I love that cocoon robe. So very glamorous!

  66. Hannah says:

    I absolutely adore the lotus blossom eternity seamed stockings! There is so much amazing vintage lingerie it’s hard to pick, but I can’t go past a pair of beautiful seamed stockings! I’m so in love with dollhouse bettie it’s exactly the kind of lingerie I love, so cute, pretty and sexy at the same time~

  67. Shannon says:

    I’ve been eyeing everything Dollhouse Bettie for ages. I think this Satine set is my favorite I’ve seen so far, but I also really like the Sheer Illusion Satin Soft Bra.

  68. Melissa says:

    The Lotus Blossom Nude Garter Belt is so gorgeous!

  69. Passerina says:

    I think the Sheer Illusion Satin Soft Bra is very elegant, but the Lotus Blossom Black Halter Bra is also beautiful and would be very useful for wearing under a halter dress.

  70. Tiffany says:

    The French Quarter Black Lace Cocoon Robe is definitely my favourite. Dreamy

  71. Courtney Spahan says:

    its all about the french quarter black lace robe!

  72. Kit says:

    Ooo well for starters that overt girdle! I also love that French Quarter robe.

  73. JC says:

    The free one! Then Dollhouse Bettie Stella Maris Plunging Lace Teddy

  74. Logan says:

    Happy birthday! And my goodness, what a wonderful set of giveaways! My favorite design has to be the Juliet Ivory Lave Bralette, although I’ve wanted to try their eternity stockings for quite a while now.

  75. Teddie says:

    Happy birthday! The Juliet Black Lace Midline Bralette (yes I am lazy enough that I copy pasted that from the website description)

  76. Allyson says:

    I am in love with the Juliet Black Lace Teddy, but this satine girdle may be a new favorite!

  77. samantha says:

    I am in sweaty, sweat lust with sheer illusion soft satin bra!

  78. Angie says:

    I am absolutely in awe of all things Lotus Blossum! To die for!

  79. Colleen says:

    French quarter tap panties :)

  80. Jenna D says:

    I love the Juliet black mesh baby doll! All of the Juliet stuff is heavenly!

  81. Sara says:

    I love the Juliet silk ribbon gown in ivory. Happy birthday!!

  82. Claudia says:

    Happy birthday! Defiantly the Juliet Black Mesh Ribbon Babydoll, there’s just something about black lace.

  83. Melissa Arnold says:

    I am loving the lotus blossom halter bra

  84. Joan says:

    I absolutely adore the B.Tempt’d Ciao Bella Black Night Balconette Bra, the black lace is just so lovely.

  85. Raine says:

    happy birthday! to be honest, your juliet black lace midline bralette + tap shorts are on point. definitely my favorite.

  86. Amanda says:

    The “French Quarter Black Lace Cocoon Robe” is absolute perfection, and so is the “Juliet Black Lace Ribbon Bralette.” I absolutely adore them!

  87. Elizabeth Flores says:

    Scandale No 8 Sirene Black Satin Garter Skirt hands down is my favorite. Such a bummer it has already sold out.

  88. Carly says:

    Sheer illusion soft bra and briefs

  89. Sophie says:

    I love the sheer illusion set so it would definitely be the soft bra for me!

  90. Hella says:

    Happy birthday! I really love the Black Lace Sarong Babydoll, it’s sooo pretty

  91. allthemuses says:

    I very much like the nude Lotus Blossom garter belt. I like the it combined with eternity stockings, nude mesh thong, and the nude halter bra.
    I think it’s gorgeous how it mixes sheer nude with lace.

  92. Jamie says:

    Definitely the Parfait Charlotte Dusty Rose Full Bust Balconette Bra. It’s so pretty!

  93. Lindsay says:

    The Dollhouse Bettie French Quarter Black Lace Cocoon Robe is the stuff dreams are made of.

  94. Laura Brasinha says:

    The sheer illusion set is killing me! Really, I love it way too much

  95. Sian says:

    That French Quarter Robe! Oh my goodness D:

  96. Thea says:

    The Juliet Ivory Silk Ribbon Gown is what I would wear in my fantasy world of being a Victorian fairy.

  97. Julia says:

    Happy Birthday! It’s a tough choice, but I really can’t get past that cocoon robe. So gorgeous!

  98. Britney says:

    I’m loving the Indigo Chiffon Pleated Underwire Nightgown

  99. IS says:

    My favorite is the My favorite is the Dollhouse Bettie Juliet Black Lace Mini Skirted Pantie

  100. Duncan says:

    The Azure Lotus Blossom set is my favourite

  101. Amelia says:

    I LOVE the French Quarter black cocoon robe. It’s too fabulous.

  102. Allison says:

    Love the Nouvelle Amour high waisted garter belt!

  103. Maria says:

    The ‘French Quarter Black Lace Cocoon Robe’ is amazing. It’s really nice to know they’re ethically produced too. I’m swooning over the selection of vintage lingerie on their site too.

  104. Sierra says:

    Again Happy Birthday Cora ! I hope it is fabulous, so kind of you to celebrate with the give aways !If I wasn’t a poor student , I would immediately put the Coccoon Robe and the Plunging black Juliet teddy in my shopping cart!

  105. Meg says:

    Happy Happy Birthday!

    Who wouldn’t love the French Quarter cocoon robe? Gorgeous!

  106. Michal Danhelka says:

    The bra and knickers looks very good.

  107. Jodi says:

    The French Quarter cocoon robe is just gorgeous, so it would have to be my choice. However, the Juliet ribbon bralette and ouvert high waisted panty are a close second. Thanks for throwing a giveaway!

  108. Mugsie says:

    I’m in love with the French Quarter Black Lace Cocoon Robe!

  109. Taylor says:

    Oooooh, the French quarter black lace cocoon robe!

  110. Happy Birthday!

    I just adore that skirted waspie! And the girdle featured on this post is gorgeous too…sooo many pretty things to choose from!

  111. Sarah says:

    Happy birthday Cora! I love the dollhouse bettie French Quarter black lace half slip…pair that with the black lace bralette and you’ve got a winner!!! Sexy!

  112. I absolutely love the Dollhouse Bettie Lotus Blossom garter belt, both in nude and in black! So gorgeous!

  113. Simone says:

    Love the Juliet Plunging Black Lace Teddy!

  114. Carley says:

    I completely adore the Lotus Blossom Nude Garter Belt, but everything is so gorgeous!

    Happy birthday!

  115. Alexis says:

    The Juliet black mesh ribbon gown is absolutely gorgeous!

  116. Chelsea says:

    I really love the Dollhouse Bettie Juliet Black Mesh Ribbon Gown! It’s my absolute favorite and I can’t wait until I can buy it for myself.

  117. Tawny says:

    July 1st is my birthday too – and I treated myself to new underwear from Dollhouse Bettie as my present to myself! Nothing as fancy as this though… Love it all!

  118. Lindsey B says:

    Loving the French quarter black lace cocoon robe!

  119. Lindsey B says:

    I’m obsessed with the French quarter black lace cocoon robe! So gorgeous!

  120. Rachel G says:

    The Juliet Plunging Lace Teddy is so beautiful! I have been avidly searching for nearly three months for a teddy just like it – I’m so excited to have found it!

  121. Irene says:

    The Dollhouse Bettie French Quarter Black Lace Cocoon Robe is stunning, but that satine girdle is to die for!!!

  122. M_H says:

    Actually the Satine set is my favourite!! So I would love to win it :-)

  123. Jessica says:

    I would love to wear the Black Lace Cocoon Robe around the house.

  124. Madison says:

    The garter flask is such a cool idea! And beautiful

  125. Camille says:

    French Quarter Black Lace Cocoon Robe

  126. Oliver says:

    I like the sheer illusion bra and knickers.

  127. Alexis says:

    oh my, I can’t pick one!!! the Juliet Ouvert boyshorts in black or the Juliet teddy, or the Stella Maris Teddy… GOLLY!!!

  128. Ashlee says:

    The black lace robe is absolute perfection.

  129. Abby Rhodes says:

    That Dollhouse Bettie Satine girdle is to die for!!

  130. Masen says:

    Absolutely LOVE this! Too bad it doesn’t come in my size. :( This is one of those sets I’d definitely have no problem shelling out the cash for.

  131. Mya says:

    Holy shoot the French Quarter Black Lace Cocoon Robe. O.O O.o :O

  132. Bonnie says:

    I like the Dollhouse Bettie Stella Maris Plunging Lace Teddy and the Dollhouse Bettie Juliet Ivory Seamed Silk Flapper Stockings

  133. Raven says:

    Loving the French Quarter collection. Swoooon!

  134. rachel says:

    I adore the Sheer Illusion Satin Soft bra. So pretty, and delicate without looking like it can’t hold up to more than a couple of wears before falling apart.

  135. Nicole Santos says:

    Black lace sarong is AMAZING!!!!

  136. Isabelle says:

    Would absolutely LOVE owning the French quarter Ouvert frame bra!!!

  137. Deidre LeDoux says:

    I love the set shown above. I love the way the back opens up. It so sexy.

  138. Becky says:

    I can’t get over how amazing the French Quarter Ouvert frame bra is – serious wow!

  139. Mandy says:

    I simply cannot get enough of anything in the French Quarter collection– That robe!!! But I’d die for that Juliet Plunging Lace Teddy…

  140. Christine says:

    Everything French Quarter!

  141. Hannah says:

    I adore the Eternity stockings!

  142. Abi says:

    The Juliet black lace overt ribbon boy short is beautiful! Love the bralette too. <3

  143. Julia says:

    I would have to say the “Dollhouse Bettie Retro 50s High Waist Satin Panties”, perhaps simple in comparison to some of their other lovely designs, but the wonderful detail, gorgeous fit and perfect peach colour make them a winner for me!

  144. Kelly says:

    Actually I think my favourite items are the ones in this giveaway. Especially the ouvert girdle! Hm!

  145. Emily says:

    The French Quarter Cocoon Robe


    I love the Dollhouse Bettie French Quarter Black Lace Skirted Waspie !!!!

  147. I love the lotus blossom garter!! So beautiful.

  148. Soleil says:

    I’m loving the coccoon robe! Absolutely gorgeous!

  149. The Sheer Illusion Satin Soft Bra is basic perfection. A classic that could stand the test of time. <3

  150. Rhonda ArcticGoddess says:

    Black lace and satin bow, can’t get any sexier than that!

  151. Alexandra says:

    All of the hosiery is great, especially the eternity stockings.

  152. Kitten says:

    The French Quarter Cocoon Robe!

  153. Simone says:

    Such a hard choice because I love Dollhouse Betty’s style, but I am definitely loving the French Quarter Black Lace Cocoon Robe. It’s so pretty and delicate and dramatic and just beautiful <3

  154. Alejandra says:

    I’m beyond obsessed with the French Quarter Cocoon robe! I have bookmarked on my phone and glance at it everyday!

  155. Cheyane Cloud says:

    So so hard to choose. That black mesh baby doll though!!

  156. Ralitsa says:

    It’s hard to choose because I love most of the items, but I think a favourite of mine is the Lotus Blossom Azure Bandeau :)

  157. Cassie says:

    I love all the Lotus Blossum in Azure items, but especially the high-waisted pantie :)

  158. Tris Mabbs says:

    Scandale No 8 Sirene Champagne Satin Garter Skirt – gorgeous! :-)

  159. I love everything but the Dollhouse Bettie Lotus Blossom Nude Garter Belt definitely stands out to me.

  160. Andrea says:

    The colours on the rhubarb crumble. :)

  161. Linda Van says:

    I am in love with the French Quarter Cocoon Robe! And that bra, dear loooooord!

  162. Monica says:

    Oh dear god I can’t pick a favourite! I just love them all!

  163. Stefanie says:

    The French Quarter Lace Skirted Waspie is something special, no doubt!

  164. Dorien M says:

    I really love the Parfait Danielle imperial longline bra. The color is just so bright and still dark, plus the gorgeous white lace. Personally I think it’s a winner.
    So is this set with the soft colors and the little black accents.

  165. Violet says:

    The white crochet victorian peignoir is always the first thing I look at while ‘window shopping’ on their site

  166. Wesley says:

    I love the Charlotte Balconette bra, the dusty pink color is so gorgeous.

  167. Angela Friedman says:

    Wow, it’s hard to pick a single favorite, but if pressed, I’d have to say that ribbon garter flask… Gosh, that’s clever!

  168. Dawn says:

    I have been eyeing the Dollhouse Bettie Juliet Lace Ribbon Bralette set for the past few days, even since I seen it. And I must say, I really do like the look of the Satine Bra Girdle, it is gorgeous.

  169. Sarah A. Main says:

    this ensemble is stunning. the pattern of the bra is so interesting and the color contrast is lovely.

  170. nina says:

    i love their bras! my favourite would be the nouvelle amour half cup demi bra. for sure.

  171. Tia says:

    I love the French Quarter Black Lace Cocoon Robe! It’s so beautiful I wish I could I have it myself!

  172. Anna H. says:

    I like the Dollhouse Bettie Sheer Illusion Satin Soft Bra.

  173. The french quarter black lace sarong babydoll is elegant, seductive, and looks complimentary to anyone!

  174. Rachel S. says:

    I’m loving both the Sheer Illusion Satin Soft Bra (black), and the Lotus Blossom Nude Garter Belt.

  175. Ana Tomás says:

    My favorite is the Sheer Illusion Satin Soft Bra, but all of the pieces are lovely.

  176. Marco José says:

    That Sheer Illusion Satin Soft Bra will fit perfectly in my Doll! It is the one I like the most.

  177. Mollie says:

    I LOVE the Dollhouse Bettie Juliet lace ouvert ribbon boyshort and matching top. So pretty and feminine.

  178. Olivia says:

    I love the French Quarter Black Lace Cocoon Robe. Beautiful!

  179. Mette says:

    I love the black lace Cocoon robe, such a luxe piece of lingerie!

  180. Scarlet says:

    Scandale No 8 Sirene Satin Garter Skirt is probably my fav though it’s too difficult to choose with so many tasty options!

  181. Anna doolan says:

    I am drooling over the French Quater Black Lace Cocoon Robe ♥️♥️♥️

  182. Kat says:

    I’m in love with the Dollhouse Bettie French Quarter Black Lace Cocoon Robe! <3

  183. Shana says:

    Dollhouse Bettie Juliet Ivory Lace Ribbon Bralette Is my absolute favorite I adore it!

  184. Chloe says:

    The Lotus blossom garters are stunning, all the colourways are amazing! The nude one is so striking though.

  185. Kim says:

    I am in love with the Juliet Lace and Ribbon bralette – so beautiful – classy and risque at the same time – gorgeous!

  186. Oana Cimpean says:

    I just looveeee the Dollhouse Bettie Juliet Black Lace Ouvert Ribbon Boyshort

  187. Rebecca Hultgren says:

    My favourite item, that caught my eyes is the Dollhouse Bettie French Quarter Black Lace Cocoon Robe :-)

  188. yeman says:

    My favourite is theD ollhouse Bettie French Quarter Black Lace Cocoon Robe

  189. Mary says:

    I love all of the French quarter black lace collection, but the sarong baby doll is my favorite, it’s unique.

  190. Danyel says:

    Dollhouse Betty Juliet black mesh ribbon gown I think :) to many good things to choose from!!! X

  191. Kayleigh says:

    The entire French Quarter black lace collection is gorgeous, but my favorite item would have to be the French Quarter Black Lace Skirted Waspie. :)

  192. Sandy says:

    So many fun items…but I just keep going back to the Dollhouse Bettie Stella Maris Chevron Garter Pantie. So fun! Love the stripes…

  193. Amanda M. Cockrell says:

    I Iove love the french quater ouvert frame bra. What an interesting peice.

  194. Sinead says:

    I love Dollhouse Bettie Nouvelle Amour High Waist Garter Thong

  195. Alex says:

    I’m torn between the Sheer Illusion Satin soft bra and the Lotus Blossom halter bra in Azure. Honestly, I drool over both sets in their entirety on a regular basis!

  196. Alvin Briceno says:

    In love with the Jolidon Princesse Ivory Ruffled Peplum Bodysuit, but honestly I think I’d enjoy more a night in Niki’s String Candy Pink Plunge Bodysuit #Yolo

  197. Amanda Niles says:

    the girdle is absolutely adorable!!! but the dressing gown is so pretty… I love, love, looove the champagne color so much

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