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10 Not-So-Boring Beige Bras

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Fornight Luna Ara via Amazon

Fornight Luna Ara via Amazon

As a woman who has always had a proclivity toward color, prints, and patterns, it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the prevalence and abundance of beige bras in stores and drawers. (Notice I didn’t say “nude.” That’s for another conversation!) Sure I own the “mandatory” one or two to wear under nearly sheer white tops for work, but that’s where it stops for me. However, from what I’ve seen and heard, many American women just love their basic, beige t-shirt bras. 

Call me judgey wudgey, but more than once I’ve given the side eye to a friend for proclaiming that’s all she really owns. In my opinion, these women far surpass basic and I think their bras should as well. I cringe when I know of such beautiful, non-beige bras that are much more exciting and, like their beige counterparts, can provide coverage while displaying a little pizzazz (and without being too costly!)

While I’m of the school of “show a little strap” or “let the color shine through,” I understand some may be more modest or may have wardrobe guidelines dictated by their profession or comfort level. Understandable. However, if you are going to wear a beige bra, don’t be scared to do it up! Women of all shapes and sizes can embrace the beige without being boring. 

For your viewing enjoyment are 10 Not-So-Boring Beige Bras that will meet your functionality needs, but also allow you to have a little fun!

Panache Melody Bra via The Upper Cup

Accommodating DD-K cup, this Panache style, Melody, isn’t your average beige bra. The stretch microfiber, full cup features a delicate floral pattern on the top of the cup. This flattering silhouette lies flat on the breast so likely could be worn under a number of styles.

Wacoal Feather Embroidery via Amazon

Delicate “feather” embroidery and ever-so-subtle hints of skin make this bra from Wacoal a standout. Simple, beautiful, and not at all boring!

Simone Perele Revelation via Bare Necessities

Many women look for lined or molded cup bras for wear under more form fitting clothes. This number provides that modesty in a basic beige. However, this Simone Perele bra is anything but basic. With light flowers gracing the straps and scalloped embroidery under the cup and on the gore, this a fabulous style for cups through size H.

Chantelle Rive Gauche via Bare Necessities

This is one of the styles I actually own, albeit in black, I can vouch for the impeccable fit. I’ve long been a fan of Chantelle and the Rive Gauche is one of my favorite bras. It fits like a glove and has lots of special little details that make wearing it a treat! Made of semi-sheer stretch lace, this bra, which accommodates through size H, provides full coverage with a blend of sweet floral embroidery against a more structured pattern. Very appealing!

Addiction Nouvelle via Linda’s

This sassy plunging number by Addiction makes even beige sexy! With its sheer panels on the band and top of the cup, it provides just the right amount of coverage to be worn daily. Way to spice up your ordinary Tuesday!

Parfait by Affinitas Eva via Linda’s

I’ve long been of Parfait by Affinitas for fashionable and frugal full cup styles. This style is no exception. Elevate your beige to something bold with this supportive style featuring latticework lace on the top of the smooth, three-part cup. Of course, a sweet bow at the center completes the look.

The Little Bra Company Lucia via Linda’s

Just as Parfait is a favorite for full cups, The Little Bra Company is a long time favorite for smaller cups. While I can’t speak from experience on the fit, I have always liked the aesthetic. Lucia is one of the staple bras in the collection. This push up is the perfect combination of a molded cup with the sexiness of a lace overlay. For the more modest, I find these lacy styles best in the winter under the heft of sweaters.

Freya Faye via Bravissimo

Freya is another known entity for full sized bras and this style, Faye, doesn’t disappoint. The flattering balconette style is accented by a festive, printed fabric and gorgeous scalloping across the top of the cup. The print reminds me of bubbles. Can’t go wrong with a little bubbly!

Calvin Klein Icon via Bloomingdales

This Calvin Klein, demi cup stunner is a great way to wear beige. Not only does it feature an oh-so-sexy plunge, but it also appeals to the eye by pairing a floral embroidery with a wide band trim. A great choice for the A-D cup crowd.

HOTmilk Chic via Dot Dots Little Shop

Even nursing moms can get in on the fun of a fabulous beige bra! This nursing bra by HOTmilk features a beautiful lace. Not quite a long line, the bra does add a bit of lace under the cups for a lovely look.

Do you have such strong feelings about beige bras? Are there other not-so-boring beige bras you love? 


4 Comments on this post

  1. Krista says:

    Thanks for sharing. That’s not my usual area, but will be on the lookout. :)

  2. Krista says:

    Thanks for your comment. I love color, too! If you don’t mind sharing your size, happy to provide other options. There are several other articles on here that would be a good start.

    • Thursday says:

      I’ve been an avid reader here for a number of years, so I don’t believe Cora has yet covered the large band, small cup market in much depth (I’m a 40B, specifically). I’m aware of more brands making in my size these days thanks to TLA, but it is still mostly a sea of neutrals. Cacique actually works best for me, but they do not know what a soft cup bra is, I’m sure.

  3. Thursday says:

    Whilst I readily agree that a plain bra in a colour close to your skin tone is a wardrobe necessity, with my uncommon size it often seems like my options are a dull sea of black and beige moulded cups. I adore colour and have so much trouble finding anything but basic bras so it’s hard to get excited about more beige. I’m much more of a fan of delicate peach, and details such as lovely laces, sheer features and unusual shapes stand a better chance of getting my attention. Even just a non-padded cup is an excellent place to start…

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