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Lingerie Review: Timeless Trends Iridescent Underbust Corset

Disclosure: Timeless Trends provided this corset for review purposes. All opinions written here are my own.


I may not be a corset connoiseur, but I have always shared a love of corsets, like many of my fellow lingerie designers. Ever since I learned how to construct one in fashion school, I was fascinated by the intricacies and minute details that came together to make such a strong, supportive — yet feminine — icon of women’s fashion. I was impressed at the strength and versitility of these garments, as well as the history and reputation that made them such a quintessential symbol of the female form for centuries.


Expertly crafted corsets are a serious business, and a well-made garment can run upwards of $500 US dollars. While serious corset lovers know the importance of splurging for such a high quality piece of lingerie, many of us new to the world of corsets are not sure how much to spend or where to begin. For these corset beginners, I would recommend Timeless Trends as a good place to start.


Established in 2005, Timeless Trends is a corset design company based in Austin, Texas, that offers a wide array of quality fashion corsets at reasonable prices. Their offerings include underbust and overbust styles that can fit anywhere from a 23” to a 44” waist. All styles are made in their small Thailand factory with skilled workers, guaranteeing the best possible quality and attention to detail. With more than 100 styles and colors to choose from, their website is user-friendly and offers helpful information on all aspects of corset selection, wear, and care.


For review purposes, I chose the Iridescent Underbust Corset in blue/pink. I’ve never owned an underbust corset before and was curious to see its effects, as well as how I could style it both inside and outside the bedroom. The corset arrived promptly, and I was first impressed by the fabrication and color. True to the photos on their site, the irridescent shell was a gorgeous purple color that glinted in pink and blue (depending on the lighting).. The weight of the corset was substantia. The details and hardware seemed sturdy and secure with a steel busk closure in front, reminiscent of the true vintage corsets I learned about back in school.


As I inspected the stitching, inside lining, and grommets, I was impressed by the quality and time that was put into the garment. It has 20 flexible steel stays throughout the body with extra boning at the front and back closures. The 28 back grommets were laced with sturdy shoestring, and I could feel the waist tape sandwiched between the three layers of fabric to add extra cinching at the narrowest point. There were also hidden loops at the hem for detachable garter straps (not included), and decorative lacings at the side hem to allow adjustments for different sized hips.


After a good 15 minutes of loosening the back laces, I was finally able to fit the corset around my waist. Following the instructions on the Timeless Trends website, I hooked the busk, starting with the second eye from the bottom and finishing with the top eye. Then, after positioning the corset in line with my natural waist, I proceeded to tighten the back laces — one at a time, alternating between the top and bottom. The lacing finished at the center, where I tied it off with a bow. (For future reference, I recommend having a friend help with this process, as I don’t believe the human body was built to contort in such a way!)


When I was finished (and exhausted from my bicep workout), I was finally able to catch my breath and admire my work. I was happy to say I found the final effects flattering! Though I held off from lacing too tightly, the corset still created a pleasant and smooth shape, accentuating my waistline and streamlining my curves into an hourglass silhouette.

While I do not intend to wear my corset for waist training or tightlacing, I can appreciate the art form and the thought that goes into each detail. As I wear it more and more it is meant to conform to my curves, and will allow me to wear it tighter each time if I choose. Though I will probably stick to wearing it out as a fashion sportswear piece, I enjoy the confidence that can come with wearing such a bold and sexy symbol of classic femininity.


I would definitely recommend Timeless Trends to anyone looking to get started in the world of corsetry. The customer service is great, and the website itself offers a wealth of information to help you through any questions you may have. Each corset also comes with a lifetime guarantee. While I still may not be well-versed in the subject of tightlacing or waist training, I do feel much more educated and informed on the overall topic of corsets, their use, fit, care, and construction.

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Lingerie designer and founder of WonderLust Lingerie. I specialize in fashion and trend pertaining to lingerie, sleepwear, hosiery and everything in between. I believe that the right kind of underwear can change your entire outlook for the day so finding a balance between fashion and function is key.

4 Comments on this post

  1. Cheri says:

    We have been selling Timeless corsets for several years and our customers love them! Once you get hooked you will become a collector. I wear one under dresses and it really controls the jiggly bits :-)

  2. Evija says:

    Timeless Trends was my first corset. They do quite good leatherwork, too! It was a bit short on me, though, being 5’8″, but I can’t say anything bad about them!

  3. anon says:

    It looks like you might have two different styles pictured in your review: their longline underbust with the side lacing and their standard underbust without side laces.

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