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Hips and Curves Sexy Halloween 2013 Lookbook

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Hips and Curves has just released their Halloween costume lookbook for this year, and true to form, it’s sexy as hell. One of the things I really like about this company is how they photograph the products on their own models; you really get a sense of what the Hips & Curves brand is all about. As in previous seasons, there’s a heavy focus on incorporating corsets, bustiers, and stockings into your costume… but that’s not unexpected for a company whose brand is all about “sexy.”

What do you think of this year’s Hips & Curves sexy Halloween lookbook? Have you bought anything from them before?












hips_and_curves_halloween_lookbook_vaudeville_vamp  hips_and_curves_halloween_lookbook_circus_2

Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

12 Comments on this post

  1. Annmarie says:

    While I’m glad to see there are lingerie companies that cater to women of all sizes I have a big problem with all this sexualization of Halloween. And a much bigger problem of giving women a clear and obnoxiously loud message that their costume must be “sexy or else…”
    Forgive me for being somewhat old-fashioned, but isn’t Halloween supposed to be scary and all kinds of creative as well?

    Couple years ago I visited my then-in-college daughter. While driving her and some of her female friends to a near by restaurant on Halloween night we all couldn’t believe the scene of young women walking around in all those revealing clothes despite the cold weather. And the most popular male costume that night, and probably very fittingly so, was “a pimp”. And no, it didn’t require any skin exposure and seemed much more climate-friendly despite all those gold chains…

    Is this what Halloween has evolved to?
    Is this something YOU would wear to a Halloween party?
    Is this something you would like YOUR DAUGHTER to wear?

    • Cora Cora says:

      While I understand what you’re saying, I think it’s also important to remember that Hips & Curves is a site specializing in sexy lingerie, so for them to release a lookbook with a focus on sexy costumes doesn’t seem the least bit forced or out of place. It’s quite literally what their brand is all about. Nor would I expect a brand releasing a lookbook featuring their products to invest very much in overly creative or scary costumes that may hide the product; such a feature may be more appropriate to a lifestyle publication or blog that isn’t brand-specific.

      That said, while I’m not a fan of pimp costumes, I’m even less of a fan of telling adult women what they should and shouldn’t wear. And while I do believe there is absolutely a valid and worthwhile conversation to be about the sexualization of Halloween (especially when women’s sexuality is so policed the other 364 days of the year), I’m very reluctant to couch that conversation in terms of what I would like my hypothetical daughter to wear. Because more than anything else, I want my hypothetical daughter to feel like her body and her choices are her own…even if those choices include wearing what others might perceive as an “inappropriate” costume.

      • Annmarie says:

        Cora- thanks for your detailed response. To clarify, I have no problem with a brand that makes sexy lingerie in the first place to make sexy costumes for Halloween (or sexy Santa for Christmas, stars and stripes teddy for 4th of July, etc.).
        I understand your point and not into policing anyone here, just wanted to express my thoughts regarding the hijacking of Halloween and cornering women to the “sexy” side of it. I’m sure many enjoy being “sexy for a day” and have lots of fun doing so. Again, I have no problem with that. I just find it annoying that this seems to be more and more the norm and the lack of other acceptable choices may force some women to go the sexy route in order to be accepted by their peers.

        Maybe this blog and particular post are not the right platform to do so, but I just saw red and had to vent my thoughts.
        The questions at the end as well as the “hypothetical daughter” were part of it and were not directed to you personally, but rather attempting to give readers different ways to look at the issue.

  2. Thursday says:

    I’m a big fan of H&C myself – seriously sexy, and often a lot more modern in their styles than a lot of other plus size lingerie brands. However, I never can quite come at the “sexy halloween” interpretation that seems so popular in the US. The only looks here that appeal me to as holiday costumes are the steampunk and cage petticoat outfits.

    • Cora Cora says:

      In terms of a Halloween costume that doesn’t show everything, I agree that the steampunk and cage petticoat outfits fit the bill. Is Halloween celebrated differently where you are?

      • Thursday says:

        Is not a particularly big occasion here in Australia, although it is reasonably popular to hold Halloween parties around the date. There’s very little trick or treating and such. The interpretations I’ve mostly seen, and participated in myself, slant to the scary end of the scale. That’s way more fun in my opinion – although I’d of course have no problem incorporating a nice corset if appropriate! :-) Whilst I certainly agree with you comment below that it’s completely up to a woman to choose her costume, it just seems from outside the US that there is a saturation of the market with these “sexy”, scant costumes, and it seems that there is quite a bit of pressure for young women to dress to this idea – whilst there remains a much wider variety of choice for costumes marketed at men. So, whilst I don’t have a problem necessarily with H&C selling the sexy side of their product in a costume context, I just can’t get on board with the overall phenomenon.

        • Cora Cora says:

          I definitely get that and it makes a lot sense. I think the slant towards sexy costumes here is very much related to how stifled any conversation on sex and sexuality, especially in regards to women, usually is. That said, I just have a very visceral reaction to couching that conversation in terms of what I’d want my daughter to wear because, as someone who isn’t too far removed from college myself, I think that young women exploring and experimenting with their sexual identity is all part and parcel of growing up. I also firmly believe that any conversations around the issues with sexy costumes should be less about parental disapproval (external) and more about a woman’s sense of self and identity (internal). Anyway…it’s 3am here so I’d better stop rambling. Thanks for the followup comment!

  3. Christine says:

    I love Hips & Curves stuff… it’s sexy (Nothing like your 7 yr old daughter saying “Nice undies Mom.”) and it’s seriously affordable. I have several of their stretch lace and strappy knickers. The stocking fit those with more muscular thighs.

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