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The Lingerie Addict Corset Sale!

Today’s the day! As you’ve probably seen me mention lately, I’m selling a few of my corsets and other items of lingerie that haven’t been worn recently (or, in some cases, have never been worn). Moving in with Nick really showed me how many of pieces I’ve kept packed away, and it just doesn’t seem right to keep these beauties tucked away indefinitely, unseen, unworn and unloved. So I hope a few of my fellow lingerie addicts can give these pretties good homes. My need to purge my lingerie wardrobe is your gain!

As a quick note, none of the pieces sold here are press samples. They were all items purchased by me for my own use and come from my personal collection. All pricing, sizing, and product info is beneath each photo. I accept payment through Paypal only, and the buyer is responsible for all shipping costs (including any international shipping costs).

If you have any questions about an item, please send a note to cora@thelingerieaddict.com. If you’d like to purchase an item, please send a message to the same address with the name of the item you want to buy and the country you live in (to calculate shipping costs), and I’ll send you a Paypal invoice. Please only request an invoice if you’re actually able to pay. I’ll mark items “SOLD” as they’re paid for, so everyone can know they’re no longer available. Paid-for items will be shipped within 7 days. E-mail will definitely be the best channel to reach me for the sale, but please do be patient if there’s a slight delay in replying… there’s been a lot of interest in these pieces.

Whew! Now that all the boring details are out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff. ;-)

*SOLD!* Maria Pozo Overbust Brown Lace/Peach Satin Sweetheart Corset. 27″ waist. Best for a 29″ waist. Purchased for $220.00. Selling for $150.00.

*SOLD!* Sparklewren fully boned ballet pink satin corset with Swarovski crystals and lace overlay. 25″ waist. Sample corset. Satin shows minor signs of wear from use as sample. Best for a 28″ waist. Purchased for $190.00. Selling for $140.00.

*SOLD!* Electra Designs Damask Waist Cincher. Fully closes to 23″. Custom made. Best for a 27″ to 29″ waist (with 2 inch gap). Purchased for $244.00. Selling for $160.00.

*SOLD!* Period Corsets 1950s Bullet Bra Merry Widow Corset. Size 36B. No defects, but labeled “Irregular” due to change in company pattern. Best for a 27″ waist or below. Never worn. Retails perfect for $290.00. Purchased for $49.00. Selling for $35.00.

*SOLD!* What Katie Did “Lalique” Velvet Steel Boned Corset. 26″ waist. This item was sold as a “second.” It’s in perfect condition, but missing the velvet waistband. Best for a 30″ waist or higher. Retails perfect for $375.00. Second purchased for $110.00. Selling for $80.00.

*SOLD!* Boobie Trap “Sailor Jerry” Tattoo Print Corset. 24″ waist. Custom made. Best for a waist between 28″ and 30″. Purchased for $175.00. Selling for $135.00.

*SOLD!* Jill Hoverman Edwardian Corset. Custom made. 25″ waist. Best for 28″ to 29″ waists. Purchased for $213.00. Selling for $135.00.

Sugarkitty Cherry Print “Alexis” Waist Cincher. 25″. Custom made. Best for a 28″ to 29″ waist. Purchased for $175.00. Selling for $115.00.

*SOLD!* Angela Friedman “Rebecca” Taffeta Corset. 25″ waist. Best suited for 28″ waists. Purchased for $200. Selling for $125.

*SOLD!* Louise Black Ribcage Corset. 25″ waist. Best suited for 28″ waists. Custom made. Purchased for $130.00. Selling for $85.00.

*SOLD!* Scarlett’s Corsets Olive Green Cotton Corset. 24″ waist. Best suited for 28″ waists. Purchased for $115.00. Selling for $75.00.

*SOLD!* What Katie Did “Dorothy” Corset. 24″ waist. From WKD’s 2008 collection. Never worn. Best for waists 28″ or below. Selling for $140.00. Also selling the matching bullet bra and garter belt below. Preference given to buyers who can purchase the entire set.

*SOLD!* What Katie Did “Dorothy” Bullet Bra & Garter Belt. Sized 36B and Large, respectively. From What Katie Did’s 2008 collection. No tags, but never worn. The garter belt has a slight factory defect; the side garter grips were sewn on backwards (visible above), but this is easy to fix. Selling for $60.00.

*SOLD!* Vintage Warner’s Merry Widow. Size 36B. Best suited for waists 27″ or below. Purchased for $125. Selling for $95.00.

*SOLD!* Agent Provocateur “Nikita” Bra, Brief, and Garter Belt Set. Bra sized 34C, panty and garter belt sized 4 (Large). New with Tags. Purchased for $200.00. Selling for $150.00. Must purchase entire set. Garter belt shown below.

*SOLD!* Agent Provocateur “Nikita” Garter Belt.

*SOLD!* Lucy B “Peep Show” Bernie Dexter Waist Cincher. Size Medium. New with Tags. Best for US dress sizes 8 or below. Purchased for $94.00. Selling for $60.00.

*SOLD!* Vintage Playtex Rubber Girdle. Size Medium. Excellent condition (still stretchy). Best for US dress sizes 8 or below. Purchased for $139.00. Selling for $99.00. Comes with packing tube shown below (no lid).

*SOLD!* Vintage Playtex Girdle Tube

*SOLD!* Cortland Fan Laced Girdle. Size 30. Never worn. Best suited for 28″ to 32″ waists. Purchased for $65.00. Selling for $40.00.

Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

4 Comments on this post

  1. Jaime Mason says:

    I just got to this email today or I would’ve been all over the Sparklewren.

  2. AlexaFaie says:

    I wanted that WKD Dorothy corset (sadly yours is too big for me) when it was in the sale, but missed out by a day – I’d been trying to decide if I should go for it or not, waited the night and in the morning it was gone :(

  3. Lucy says:

    Aw, I wish I had read this a bit earlier! My own fault. I hope those who snapped up those pieces really enjoy them!

  4. Gigi says:

    If that WKD Dorthy bra and garter was only my size!! That set came out before I discovered WKD :(

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