Indie Designer Spotlight & Review: Majo Rey

Amanda II fringed set by Uruguayan indie designer Majo Rey.

Amanda II fringed set by Uruguayan indie designer Majo Rey.

Majo Rey is a handmade lingerie designer from Uruguay.  Her designs are modern, accessible, and stylish.  Sold on Etsy, her profile boasts that all items are crafted in-h0use.  She reached out to The Lingerie Addict, and after perusing her web store, I jumped at the review opportunity.  Though the following samples were sent to me free-of-charge, all opinions below are my own, and let me start by saying that I was very impressed.

The construction of both the bras and panties I received was very tidy, sturdy, and well-finished.  Designers like Majo Rey really showcase the difference between [what my instructors would call] “home sewing” and “handmade.”  All the stitching was clean and regular, and nothing felt too delicate.  When I tried on the first piece, my opinion only continued t climb.

"Lujan" set by Uruguayan indie designer Majo Rey.

“Lujan” set by Uruguayan indie designer Majo Rey.

I was sent two sets: Lujan and Santa Selva.  Lujan is one of Majo Rey’s most popular designs, with a simple halter lace bra contrasted with ruffle butt panties ($75 on Etsy).  I’m a softie for soft bras, but I was actually surprised by just how much I liked the Lujan bra.  I expected the semi-seamless halter to be basically useless.  I’ve certainly seen gravity-defiant boobs and I also certainly don’t have them.  Still, the Lujan bralette provided comfortable lift, though somewhat minimal support.  At a 30C, of course, I don’t need much in that way.  I did find the strap a little long (3″ shorter would’ve noticeably increased the support), but I imagine anyone taller than my 5’3″ might not notice that issue at all.  The back was very adjustable, which is nice.  I love simple design like this, made powerful through skillful execution.  My final issue with Lujan is that the halter is, naturally, simply not practical for more than occasional wear.  In honor of this review I wore mine today, paired with the collared romper I got from Underprotection, which is a slightly unexpected combination that has worked out rather well in terms of conspicuousness.

Lujan panties by Majo Rey

Lujan panties by Majo Rey.

I love the Lujan panties ($45).  The cut is mildly cheeky in the rear and the lace and ruffles are both fun and sexy.  Frisky, if you will.  My only minor concern with them was that the front waistline felt high compared to the rise at the sides and back.  Personally, my figure tends to do best with styles that are either very low-rise or on the natural waistline, so aesthetically it was a bit high for me, but even with that in mind the front was a smidge high.  All told, of course, that’s probably the most minor fit complaint I’ve ever noted in one of these reviews.

Ruffled Panties "Selva Santa" by Majo Rey

Ruffled Panties “Selva Santa” by Majo Rey

By comparison, the Selva Santa Ruffled Panties ($43) are much cheekier (yay) with a more comfortable rise at front.  Since they are less textural, they could be a bit more practical for daily wear.  The bright yellow of Selva Santa is super fun, and sexy, especially paired with the light ruching details.

Majo Rey Selva Santa bra

“Selva Santa” bra by Majo Rey

For me, though, the star was definitely the Selva Santa underwire bra ($60).  Despite being sized in S-M-L, I found that the fit both lay and looked well.  Too often I find that bras are too deep in the cup but not wide enough for the breast tissue.  This bra comfortably framed my breasts and gapped only minimally on my smaller side.  The band wasn’t overly wide or stretchy and seemed to lay pretty straight across my mid-back.  (For reference, I am a 30C American/30D UK.)  The straps had a lot of flexibility in the adjustable sliders.

Black and red Fringed Garter Belt by Majo Rey.

Black and red Fringed Garter Belt by Majo Rey.

As much as I love cute, sexy, exciting garments, I am quite practical at heart since I do a lot of juggling and running around in my day-to-day life; I think Majo Rey fits my needs very well in that sense.  There were several other styles that I would have loved to test out, particularly the fringed styles such as the black and red garter belt shown above.  I highly recommend Majo Rey for the quality of design, construction, and fit.

What do you think of Majo Rey’s designs?  Have you tried Majo Rey already?  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!



Marianne Faulkner is the designer of Pop Antique, a clothing and corsetry line specializing in sustainable materials and comfortable curves. She is based in San Francisco where she earned her MFA in fashion design at the Academy of Art University, and has been a columnist at The Lingerie Addict since 2011.

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  1. 19/06/13 at 14:07

    The Santa Selva set looks beautiful!!
    I can’t believe you are showcasing a Uruguayan designer, we are always so behind in terms of lingerie, it’s a pity :(

  2. 19/06/13 at 15:32

    I bought a bra from them a while ago and unfortunately it gets very little use. It is very pretty (absolutely adorable really) and the quality was fabulous but my breasts would not stay in the cups. I think my breasts are either the wrong shape or the wrong size for their size L bras.

  3. 19/06/13 at 19:38

    I am always interested when the panties are sheer with lace and ruffles. I always love girlish, feminine styles and as you reviewed these garments as well made I think the lingerie created by Majo Rey is destined to be a good seller. Have seen lingerie from Uruguay, not by this maker, that ran a bit small for American girls. The look and quality has clearly improved dramatically since that time.

  4. 20/06/13 at 0:24

    Really beautiful. I love the Lujan set but unfortunately, I’m unable to wear halter styles.
    I guess I’ll just have to admire it from a far.

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