5 Year Anniversary Giveaway: Soak Lingerie Wash Gift Basket

Anytime you run a giveaway, it’s going to be impossible to capture every single size, and so one of the things I really wanted to do for this big anniversary event was offer a giveaway that wasn’t lingerie so literally everyone could have the chance to enter and win something. Lingerie wash is one of those things I know I’m supposed to buy, but that somehow always get shuffled to the bottom of the to-do list. And I imagine I’m not the only one. So I’m really excited about offering a giveaway that’s all about taking care of all your fabulous (and, let’s be real, less fabulous) intimates.

Soak is a no-rinse lingerie wash so gentle you could take a bath in it (try doing that with Tide, right?). You’ll receive a full bottle of the ‘Lacey’ scent, which the company describes as “spring blossoms with sweet bergamot.” You’ll also get a blue wash basin, a 3oz. travel-friendly bottle of Soak, and assorted packages of mini-soaks to take on the road or give to your friends. The total value of the giveaway package is $100.00.

Ready to enter? Here’s how to get your chance to win:

  • Do you use a lingerie wash for your intimates? Tell us why or why not in the comments. (This entry required.)
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As usual, the first entry (leave a blog post comment) is required, but the others are optional and you only need to do them if you’d like to take advantage of extra entries. This giveaway is open internationally. Please use the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of this post for all your entries so we can keep track of them. Don’t forget to include your e-mail address so I have a way to contact you! The Soak Lingerie Wash Giveaway ends May 4th at 11:59 p.m. The contest winner will be chosen at random on May 5th and publicly posted to The Lingerie Addict. The contest winner must respond within 48 hours to claim their prize or a new winner will be chosen.

Thank you for celebrating my blog anniversary with me and best of luck!

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Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. I started TLA in a small studio apartment in 2008. Since then, it's become the leading lingerie blog in the world, and has been featured on the websites for Forbes, CNN, Time, Today, and Fox News. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that every who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

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  1. Erica K says:

    i have a bottle of SOAK that is sitting on the shelf just waiting to be used! when you invest so much in your lingerie, you HAVE to treat it good and hand wash with love <3

  2. Cindy says:

    Although I do wash my lingerie by hand, I do not use a lingerie specific wash for it. I recently got into making my own detergent (thanks pinterest!) and I’ve been using that. I’m hoping to purchase SOAK soon that way my lingerie lasts!

  3. Thursday says:

    I don’t use a lingerie wash, as I trust a gentle cycle of the washing machine, with my delicates in wash bags. There are few more delicate of my delicates that I should probably show a little more love to, however!

  4. Therese says:

    I’ve never used one before, but now that I am getting some nicer lingerie, I think I should start.

  5. Jenny says:

    I started hand washing my lingerie when I bought a set of Agent Provocateur and didn’t find the normal washing powder to be sensitive enough for washing such delicate lingerie. I now use “silk soap” that one can buy in some lingerie stores here in Sweden. It’s a soap that you use for silk, wool and other sensitive materials. You can even use the soap in the shower if you have really sensitive skin!

  6. Emma says:

    I would love to win this! What a great prize :)

  7. Ana Tomás says:

    I would like to but haven’t find it in the stores here in Portugal, so I currently use one for wools and silks because it is the mildest one I’ve found so far.

  8. BAnnie says:

    I’ve used Dreft and now use Forever New. Just picked it up in the department store one day and I’ve been pretty happy with it. I own few $$$ lingerie pieces and wouldn’t dare toss them in the machine! :)

  9. Laura Brasinha says:

    Nope, I’m a poor student….

  10. KathTea says:

    Frankly, I don’t use them BUT that’s because I never knew they even existed!

  11. Diana says:

    I’ve been wanting to get a lingerie wash for a while. The only reason I haven’t is because I want to smell them first and I can’t find any in stores. I currently just hand wash and use a gentle laundry detergent. I throw my work bras in the washing mashine. :)

  12. Cristina says:

    Guilty. I never bought lingerie wash and I sometimes even send my underwear to the washing machine (please don’t hurt me!). I’m trying to transition in to a more ‘wash by hand’ + ‘use delicate detergent’ phase (can never find lingerie wash in the supermarket…), but when time is pressing laziness wins!

  13. Syrah says:

    I don’t use it cause I wouldn’t know where to buy it, actually. I didn’t even know it existed *blush*

  14. Melissa says:

    I know I should but I don’t! I just throw it in a delicates bag and wash cold in the washing machine.

  15. Lissa says:

    I recently bought a bra so beautiful, I’m afraid to wash it for fear of ruining it. I’ll have to use a lingerie specific wash to insure I’ve taken every step possible to keep it in great condition!

  16. Ariana says:

    I don’t use lingerie wash because I didn’t know it existed… and my mum still does my washing.

  17. Tiffany says:

    I have yet to purchase a product actually designed for lingerie, but I use a gentle, fragrance-free detergent for everything. I learned the hard way that for me, my undies could not be washed with my other delicates in Woolite. Nope, nope. On the plus side, though, I actually enjoy handwashing, so I’m doing the right thing in that regard!

  18. Molly says:

    I haven’t used a lingerie wash before. I’ve been throwing my delicates in a lingerie bag in the washing machine on the delicate cycle, cold water, and then letting them air dry. I have recently thrifted some silk pieces that I intend to handwash, though, so I see myself getting better acquainted with my sink in the near future.

  19. Katie says:

    I do. I generally use cheap detergent and don’t sort much for the rest of my clothes, so otherwise the lingerie wouldn’t stand a chance!

  20. Melinda says:

    Actually I’ve never tried a lingerie wash, I’ve never been able to tell if it’s essential or just an advertising gimmick to get you to buy something else. However after reading so much more about everyone using it on all the lingerie blogs I’ve started thinking that maybe it’s time I give one a try. Now I just have to decide which one to get.

  21. Mara says:

    i hand wash with that delicate woolite. works okay, but i would like to try something a little more high end.

  22. Emily says:

    I don’t use a specific lingerie wash, but I do use Eucalan which I bought for my handknits. It’s like Soak. It’s gentle and smells like grapefruit! I wash my lingerie in my salad spinner, it works really well. I decided to hand wash with a gentle soap instead of machine washing because all my bras are really expensive (I have big boobs) and I need them to last a long time. Also, they do a lot for me so it’s the least I can do for them =)

  23. Hannah says:

    I use a delicates wash by Ecover – it smells nice without being too strong. I’m running low so I need some more and of willing to try something different to compare.

  24. Sara S says:

    I’ve never used a lingerie specific wash for my intimates but reading about Soak and a few other products, it really does seem like something I would try.

  25. Hannah says:

    I handwash all of my lingerie, but using a delicates wash (woolite) i haven’t found a specific lingerie wash readily available and in my price range.

  26. Laura says:

    Sometimes. Mostly reserved for more expensive pieces.

  27. Jessica says:

    I haven’t yet, as I’ve only recently reading how important lingerie wash is. I’d be happy to start washing my delicates in a delicate soap!

  28. Jessica says:

    I never have, but I should! I currently wash my workhorse bras in a lingerie bag on delicate with a little bit of gentle detergent, and anything with lace I handwash in the sink with a few drops of detergent.

  29. William Cruse says:

    My wife uses lingerie soap when we have it. Otherwise she washes her lingerie by hand in cold water with just a little bit of something.

  30. Michele F says:

    I currently use plain ol’ Eucalan (thanks to TLA!!) when I hand wash. The odd time I machine wash on “delicate” I tend to use laundry soda.

  31. Hannah says:

    I don’t use lingerie wash, because it’s been on my to-buy list for approximately six months and I never get around to it!

  32. bea says:

    I’ve mostly been handwashing since I started buying bras that fit, but I’ve only been using a lingerie wash in the past few months when I received a few travel-sized bottles.

  33. Leila B. says:

    I hand wash, with a delicates specific detergent…. But have never used a lingerie wash. I’m not sure of the difference… but if I can ever find a store that sells some, I will definitely try it. I love my lingerie!

  34. Kathleen K says:

    I don’t use a special wash for my lingerie because I need to buy it online (I don’t have a yarn store near by to get it).

  35. Leah says:

    I use soak and I absolutely love it! I was just realizing that I’m running low, so this would be perfect. I also travel a lot and I’ve been meaning to order some of the travel size bottle and mini packets, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. I’ll wait to see if I get lucky ;-). This is a great idea for a give away and I love your blog!

  36. sleepyheathen says:

    I try to use a lingerie wash and do things properly, but 7 times out of 10 I get too busy or lazy and end up throwing things in to the regular wash. I would like to care for my dedicates better and am making the effort, little by little.

  37. Taryn says:

    I don’t use a lingerie wash but I really should! I keep meaning to pick some up….

  38. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t but I should! Just don’t know what kind to buy or how to use it.

  39. jay panties says:

    I don’t use a lingerie wash, as I trust a gentle cycle of the washing machine, with my delicates in wash bags.

  40. Skye Cameron says:

    I don’t but that’s because I have a sensitive skin every day laundry soap that’s very gentle on all my clothes and I usually just pop them in a sturdy wash bag in my washer and go about my day. Probably if/when i invest in high-end lingerie this devil-may-care attitude will adjust somewhat ;)

  41. Mj says:

    I don’t because there are so many brands and different kinds of lingerie washes. I would love to give this a try though!

  42. Margaret says:

    I alternate between using Forever New lingerie wash and just putting my bras in bags in the washer on handwash. When I’ve got only a couple I do them in the sink with the lingerie wash and when I’m back home and have a lot, my washing machine is actually really gentle, so I just used that.

  43. Heather says:

    The only wash I have is the one produced by Soma Intimates. It says it’s supposed to smell like lavender, but once my bras are dry they don’t smell like anything, so I’d like to try something that is of a better quality.

  44. Chelsea says:

    I hand wash my lingerie in the bathroom sink with Forever New (minus the everyday panties… those get unceremoniously thrown in the washing machine bag or not), which is a lovely brand (good smell, doesn’t irritate my skin), but it would be nice to try out a wash that I don’t need to rinse afterward. Also, for those who don’t know, salad spinner = best way to get out the extra absorbed water.

  45. Stacey says:

    I have tried many lingerie washes and none have made me want to repurchase. Currently I am using a DIY recipe but would love to try something new and fragrant!

  46. Fiona says:

    I definitely should, but I don’t :( I’m trying to start treating my lingerie better, though!

  47. Sarah Schulhauser says:

    I’ve never had the opportunity to use a lingerie wash before. I do wash delicates in the sink, rather than the washer to preserve them, but I’d be interested in trying a designated lingerie wash.

  48. Burk says:

    Yes, I use a lingerie was every time I was my intimate because I know that is the best way to take care of them so that they last a long time. I love my lingerie, so making sure they last is a priority for me!

  49. Sandy says:

    I’m relatively new to the whole “buying nice lingerie for myself” thing. I always threw my bras into the wash in a mesh bag on delicate cycle and thought nothing if it. Now that I am treating myself to more “special” types of lingerie, I guess I need to rethink how I care for them! I don’t own any special wash products nor have I ever used them…I guess due to ignorance of their existence and a small part of lazy!

  50. Sara K says:

    I do! I was introduced to Soak as a knitwear wash (I knit), but I’ve started using it for pretty much everything I hand wash. I love it… it works really well, and doesn’t irritate my skin like Woolite.

  51. Gabriella Duncan says:

    Sometimes. Although I generally just use a mild, all-natural hand soap to hand wash my delicates.

  52. Rob says:

    Love to win this for my wife. She has been wanting something like this for her new lingerie. This would be fun to give to her as just a surprise.

  53. Frankie says:

    I’ve never used anything other than regular detergent and a wash bag. I think mostly because I don’t have any lingerie that is nice enough or expensive enough for me to really worry about it. I’m sure that if I had nicer lingerie that I would probably make more of an effort, but laziness always seems to win out.

  54. Ciera says:

    When I have time to hand-wash my intimates I do use specialty soaks but usually I put my intimates in a delicates bag in the washing machine on gentle.

  55. Trinity says:

    Of course I use lingerie wash! It’s just a matter of me actually getting the time to hand wash my pretty things.

  56. Emily says:

    I do have a bottle, and I hand-wash. It doesn’t take too long and it keeps my expensive underthings looking like they should!

  57. Hannah K says:

    I use Ecover’s Delicate Wash to hand wash my nicer things, but I also throw my Victoria’s Secret stuff into the washer on the hand wash cycle in a delicates bag (sometimes with Tide if I’m doing a large load of clothes). My everyday panties don’t even make it into a bag in the washer…

  58. Gus says:

    I’ve only learned within the last year that there was such a thing as lingerie wash! I’ve yet to try any as it seems like a luxury I can do without while I’m trying to save money, but ever since I’ve started looking into proper care for my lingerie I’ve been eager to get my hands on some and see what difference it could make.

  59. Logan Spector says:

    I certainly should use a lingerie wash, but sadly, I don’t. I try to hand-wash all my nicer things, but the rest just ends up in the wash (on gentle!) and then I hang to dry.

  60. Cole I. says:

    I have used lingerie wash in the past, but have not been using one for a few years. I’ve actually been doing more handwashing in general in the past 12 months on a lot of my daily wear garments. Is soak appropriate for my handwash only items? Just curious.

  61. Lynn says:

    I use lingerie wash on my nicest things. Others would probably have stayed nicer had I used special lingerie wash.

  62. Melanie says:

    I hand wash mine using a eucalyptus scented wool and delicates detergent, though even using a dash if it means lots of rinsing

  63. Latex Pinup says:

    i always use a lingerie wash on my lingerie because i want my lingerie to last.

  64. Melissa says:

    I don’t use special lingerie wash :( I keep thinking I should… but then I don’t end up buying some. Maybe one of these days…

  65. Christina says:

    I don’t use lingerie soap I just use the gentle cycle on my washing machine, but I should probably BE using lingerie soap!!

  66. Beth says:

    I don’t use a special detergent, but I have started hand washing everything. Progress.

  67. Sarah says:

    I’ve started using Eucalan wash to wash my delicates once I started buying nicer pieces of lingerie.

  68. Yaara says:

    I haven’t used lingerie wash simply because I didn’t even know it was a thing that existed! I have been hand washing my lingerie with plain laundry detergent, but I would be more than happy to use something better if it were to help keep the quality of my clothing.

  69. Julie says:

    I’ve been a bad girl and actually used the washer (no wash bag) and dryer for my intimates… :-O but that was actually before I started reading The Lingerie Addict! I haven’t ordered a specific lingerie wash as of yet, but would love to experiment with a few and find my favorite!

  70. Avigayil says:

    I was using a lingerie wash for my lingerie – then I ran out. So it has been about two months and I have not replenished my special soap. I know, bad. at least I do wash all my bras and any delicate underwear by hand!

  71. Brigid Strait says:

    I don’t–I often don’t use any soap, or I use a delicate shampoo.

  72. Tiffany says:

    I started about 6 months ago! I use either Eucalan or Soak. I wash most of my things by hand these days because it just helps them last longer (plus then I don’t have to leave the house and go to the laundromat hehe ;) )

  73. greendragonfly says:

    I keep meaning to buy the right gentle soap, but on a student budget I haven’t been able to.

  74. Mystery says:

    I use wool & delicates wash with a wash bag on a gentle cycle in my front loading washing machine.

  75. Nitika D. says:

    I didn’t even know there were special detergents for lingerie! But either way, I don’t think I would be able to afford using it (either in time or money) on my budget.

  76. Ellen says:

    I don’t because I haven’t gotten around to buying any yet. I always forget to look for it in stores. I would love to though.

  77. Lieschen says:

    nope, just use baby shampoo, but would love to try something fancier :)

  78. Jon Snow says:

    My wife doesn’t yet but if we win this we’re totally throwing it in the salad spinner to wash her delicates ^_^

  79. Rolonda Larae says:

    I’m honestly fairly new to taking special care of my underwear. I’ve been so used to very basic cotton panties, that it took a couple of shredded lacy things for me to start handwashing (beyond pitiful, I know!). Using a special wash will definitely be my next upgrade in undiecare!

  80. Leahanne says:

    I use a powdered lingerie soap (but I have to admit my dirty little secret of using the washing machine… I’m a busy woman!)

  81. Catherine says:

    I sometimes use lingerie wash for my items. The more delicate pieces I definitely do, but everyday things tend to get put into the handwash cycle with a mild detergent.

  82. Irene says:

    I handwash all my intimates, but so far, I only have a special no-rinse wash for hosiery. I keep telling myself that I should buy a specific wash for lingerie, but somehow, I end up never doing it!

  83. Meg says:

    I hand wash all my intimates in baby shampoo, which I’ve read is a pretty good alternative. I need to buys some special lingerie wash, but haven’t yet!

  84. Kay says:

    I’d love to, but cash is short as a student around here… I’ve always wanted some! *crosses fingers*

  85. Celina says:

    There aren’t many stores that sell products for lingerie care in my area. The only one I have found smells like terribly strong rose water and it has made me nervous to buy ones I have found online. So at the moment I don’t have a wash for them.

  86. Anne says:

    I don’t had wash my everyday stuff like I should. I use this brand to wash all my hand knits and it is amazing!

  87. Bra Junkie says:

    I just use regular laundry soap because I can’t afford to buy a special kind! So I would love to win this basket :)

  88. Jen says:

    I handwash with a delicates detergent. I was interested in Soak, but they don’t list their ingredients. I’d give it a shot if it were free, though ;)

  89. Lorena says:

    I use Woolite – the closest thing to lingerie wash available where I live – to hand wash my fine garments and my intimates; not only it helps to keep their high quality and softness but the sensory experience is an excellent reminder of why I have these clothes and why I love lingerie so much! :)

  90. Nicole says:

    Right now I only have cheap lingerie so I don’t use a good wash, but I’m trying to buy some higher quality stuff and I know I’ll need to take better care of it

  91. Carlyn says:

    Hi! I didn’t use to handwash or use a special lingerie wash. But since I started following this blog I’ve developed a new appreciation for my lingerie. I’ve never tried SOAK though – I’d love to give it a go!

  92. Manoela says:

    Here in Brazil we have this bar of soap which is really cheap and made from coconut. And its super soft and delicate as well, this is what I use to wash my intimates! I wouldn’t say it’s a lingerie soap, but it’s suitable and really cheap (although I’d love to give SOAK a try).

  93. Debrah says:

    Cash is a little low, so I don’t actually use it. But I would love to! I usually hand wash all my delicates and put the less-delicate in a soft-cycle and in a laundry bag.

  94. Mary Rachel says:

    I’m using Woolite, right now, because it was available at Target, but I’d rather use something nicer.

  95. MerelyMarie says:

    I’ve never used lingerie wash (just set the laundry wash on delicate). I never knew there was such a thing.

  96. Shannon K says:

    I don’t use lingerie wash because I’ve never really had any nice lingerie that I’m worried about ruining in the washer before. I knew there were more delicate detergents and things from knitting, but I’d never heard of wash particularly for lingerie.

  97. Jessica says:

    I honesty don’t :X But now that I’ve gotten int buying nicer things that actually fit me well, I’ve been meaning to find something better than just the detergent I use on all my clothes.

  98. Meg White says:

    I’ve never used a lingerie wash before, I’ve always just done the “handwash only” deal, or, more commonly, I throw them in a pillowcase and run them through the laundry (bad, bad, I know!). I’d be pretty stoked to try this stuff out for sure. :)

  99. QLyla says:

    I usually hand wash in gentle soap, mostly because it’s cheaper.

  100. FRANCE IRISH says:

    I dont use lingerie wash, what I use instead is a gentle detergent made for babies clothes.

  101. Emily says:

    In the past I have not hand-washed lingerie unless it was especially delicate, although I can see that things are wearing out faster by throwing them in the washing machine, so I clearly need to rethink this!

  102. Cybelle Oliveira says:

    I don’t use a lingerie wash, I usually wash while I`m in shower

  103. Malin says:

    No not yet, haven´t seen any to buy where I live sadly.

  104. Nola G. says:

    I always hand wash my lingerie with a delicate soap, then shape them and let them air dry. I think doing it any other way is just asking for trouble! I want my sexy duds to last as long as possible!

  105. raisa harper says:

    So far I’ve just been using a baby wash because I’ve needed to use it up, but when it’s done I will use Soak!

  106. Linda J says:

    I know I should, but I haven’t used a special lingerie wash for my intimates! I’ve only just recently started -really- collecting nice lingerie though, and I’d really like to handwash some of these more special items.

  107. anon says:

    I just use Woolite and the gentle cycle, probably because I am lazy. I would like to try the no rinse though.

  108. Kit says:

    I don’t use it for my every day undies and bras but absolutely for my higher end intimates.

  109. ashley says:

    I use Woolite

  110. Megan Rose says:

    I’m a touring burlesque dancer, so having a way to wash my fancy things on the road would be amazing!!! Right now I tend to just wear my lingerie into the shower (when I can get into one) and wash them while I bathe! Such a bad way to do it!

  111. Jessie says:

    I have not used lingerie wash in the past. Usually I just throw things in the wash on the gentle or delicates mode and hope for the best, but, as I acquire nicer pieces, I’d like to start taking better care of my lingerie!

  112. Alexis says:

    I use woolite and wash lingerie by hand. I have been contemplating lingerie wash for a while but haven’t taken the plunge.

  113. magpie says:

    I just bought some jasmine-scented (“wrapture”, lol) Eucalan a week or two ago. It makes the process of hand-washing delicate items not just super-easy, but even… pleasant! Soak sounds great, too!

  114. Lita says:

    I haven’t used Soak yet, but having been wanting to try! I used to wash all my bras in the wash/dryer…. That didn’t work out too well! So now I wait for a good, relaxing day off and wash everything by hand! It helps keep them from getting too damaged, and makes them smelling fantastic and looking like new!

  115. Courtney says:

    My girlfriend has SO much lingerie that she absolutely has to use a lingerie specific wash.

  116. RR says:

    I’ve never tried a lingerie wash before due to expense, but love to be able to sample some to see if the investment is worth it, definitely if it increases the longevity of my lingerie significantly.

  117. Erin says:

    I love my lingerie, some of which is especially delicate so I definitely use a lingerie specific wash.

  118. Sarah says:

    I usually just use a deturgent for fine garment and then handwash them.

  119. Lisa says:

    I use handwashing detergent for my lingerie…for the very simple reason that I didn’t know specialised lingerie wash existed!

  120. Ann Fantom says:

    No, i just hand wash because I don’t have any lingerie wash, but I would like to try it.

  121. Kai says:

    I use a lingerie detergent for my pricer lingerie because I want the things I adore to last as long as possible.

  122. Passerina says:

    I’ve never bought a special wash. It seems like everything holds up pretty well if I use just a tiny bit of liquid detergent or dish soap in warm water. I’d like to give it a try, though!

  123. shannon Baas says:

    I don’t as don’t have anything special.

  124. Jennifer says:

    I do! I like to take good care of my expensive bra sets, and i actually like hand washing all of my pretty things, the clothes line always looks extra sexy and festive on knicker day :)

  125. Tari Lawson says:

    I don’t use lingerie wash because I never thought it made a difference.

  126. robyn paris says:

    i do because i would like to have them last as long as possible.

  127. HilLesha says:

    I have tried it before. :)

  128. Shannon Smith says:

    I didn’t even know they made anything like that.

  129. Nikki says:

    I haven’t always bought lingerie that I cared about, but now that I’m buying better things (thanks to this blog!) I should probably invest in something like this!

  130. Debbie says:

    I don’t usually use it because I take my items into the shower with me and use mild shampoo! But I would love trying this product :).

  131. Meghann says:

    Until now I didn’t even know there was such a thing as lingerie wash. You would think I’ve locked in a closet not knowing something like that.

  132. Troy En says:

    Now that I’m out of college and out of public dorm bathrooms, I’m starting to hand-wash my things in the sink. I’ve used baby shampoo and that liquid soap with all the religious mysticism on the label, but I’d love to try something that doesn’t shout “LISTEN CHILDREN ETERNAL FATHER ETERNALLY ONE” at me…and I love bergamot!

  133. manda says:

    I do not but I would love to try.

  134. Alice says:

    I’ve been just doing woolite in the sink for my intaments

  135. Katy says:

    I don’t use a specific wash, but I’d like to. I like the little wash bin too!

  136. Sand says:

    I just use woolite.

  137. Ana says:

    I’ve just started acquiring lingerie that is nice enough to hand wash, but I’ve just been using soap .. would love to try this stuff!

  138. susan smoaks says:

    no i don’t currently but i would like to start. right now i just handwash them and hang to dry.

  139. denise says:

    No, because I never heard of such a thing

  140. Brittney House says:

    I don’t use a special wash. I actually didn’t even know there was a such thing.

  141. Candie L says:

    I don’t use a special wash/ I ummmmmm just wash them regular and hangto dry. Thank you

  142. Scarlett Graham says:

    Only special items will get washed with that.

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