5 Year Anniversary Giveaway: Jantzen ‘Vamp’ Bathing Suit via Popina Swimwear

It’s Friday so let’s end the week with a little something fun… a swimsuit giveaway! I don’t go swimming a lot, but when I do, retro, pinup-style bathing suits are my swimwear of choice. They’re so easy to wear and effortlessly flattering… this style never goes out of style!

Today we’re giving away the super cute bathing suit shown above. Made by Jantzen and available exclusively at Popina Swimwear, this bathing suit comes in sizes 6-16 and retails for $112. A quick note: I recently purchased a Jantzen bathing suit (not this one), and I agree with the seller’s recommendation to size up, especially if you’ve got a little bit of a booty. I’m not sure which vintage detail I like best… the polka dots, the ruffle trim, or the front shirring. Mostly, I just love it all.

Ready for your chance to win? Here’s what you need to do:

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As usual, the first entry (leave a blog post comment) is required, but the others are optional and you only need to do them if you’d like to take advantage of extra entries. This giveaway is open internationally. Please use the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of this post for all your entries so we can keep track of them. Don’t forget to include your e-mail address so I have a way to contact you! The Popina Swimwear Giveaway ends May 3rd at 11:59 p.m. The contest winner will be chosen at random on May 4th and publicly posted to The Lingerie Addict. The contest winner must respond within 48 hours to claim their prize or a new winner will be chosen.

Thank you for celebrating my blog anniversary with me and best of luck!

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  1. Burk says:

    I love pin up style swimwear because its usually a little more modest while still being really cute.

  2. Emelie says:

    I love them because they are quirky, beutiful and elegant as well as flattering (which bathing clothing especially need to be)! Currently, I own a red and white gingham bikini but lack a quite bathing suit.

  3. Ilse van D says:

    I love pin up style swimwear because it makes me feel super feminine and like I am the prettiest woman on the whole beach/pool.

  4. Therese says:

    I think pinup swimwear is very flattering without being too revealing.

  5. Laura Brasinha says:

    Why? Well because it’s adorable of course!

  6. KathTea says:

    I love pin-up swimwear because it brings out my inner Bettie Page!

  7. Molly says:

    I love the idea of not trying to cram my body into the same things that 16 year old girls are, but instead cultivating my own style that you’re probably not going to see the teens wearing.

  8. Chelsea says:

    I love that the shape of retro swim wear is equally sexy and modest. One of the best styles to get the va va voom effect.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Pin-up swimwear is wonderful because it’s so fun and flattering. It can be sexy without being too revealing.

  10. Erin says:

    I love pin up style swimwear because it really flatters the female form regardless of size or shape.

  11. Jason says:

    I love this look because it is flattering without being revealing as so many lines are today. I think my wife would look gorgeous in this suit.

  12. Linda J says:

    Why do I love pinup style swimwear? Why -wouldn’t- I ? The polka dots, amazing patterns, general love for anything pinup… that’s why!

  13. Khadi says:

    I love pinup style swimwear because it is flattering to every body type!

  14. Carla D. says:

    Pin up style swimwear is classy. elegant and flattering without needing to show off a bunch of skin.

  15. Latex Pinup says:

    i love pinup swimwear because it’s unique.

  16. Amanda says:

    I absolutely adore pin-up style. It’s sexy without being in your face about it. It is flattering and enhances all the wonderful attributes of a woman’s body. It is equally flattering regardless of body size and type. It looks different on each person because the wearer makes it unique with their body.

  17. Lillie Rainey says:

    I love pinup swimwear because it is very flattering to my body type. I’m hourglass shaped, with curvy hips and a large chest. Pinup styles generally show off my waist while emphasizing all the right stuff.

  18. Laura says:

    This is darling! It’s a style that’s flattering on everyone, regardless of body type. It reveals sexy curves without showing off more skin than some are comfortable with, and there’s no worry about anything falling out when you’re doing anything active. On a side note, it’s a perfect style for the pin-up photo shoot I’ve scheduled. ;)

  19. Meg White says:

    Pinup swimwear is my go to because I like wearing something that’s selectively modest and flattering on my body no matter what shape I’m in. They’re usually structured better too, and who doesn’t like looking like a mid-century movie star with a red lip and cat eye sunglasses in the summer?

  20. Jessica Lee Simpson says:

    The pinup style was designed with a woman’s body in mind – it is somehow always sexy, yet demure, and capable of flattering any shape or size.

  21. Morgan says:

    I love pinup swimwear because the classic design is so flattering on so many different body shapes and sizes AND you often don’t run the risk of feeling too “overexposed” when you’re out at the beach or pool. :)

  22. Brandy Emberton says:

    I love pinup style swimwear because it is cute, flattering, and not skimpy.

  23. Cristina says:

    I honestly had never heard about the brand before today, but I was browsing through their site and they have really cute bathing suits! I think one of the strongest points for vintage/retro inspired swimwear styles is the cut, which is flattering while still remaining modest. The quirky prints are icing on the cake!

  24. Mara says:

    i love pin up style because i love the way it looks on my body. high waisted things looks so much better on me than low waisted.

  25. Sarah says:

    I love the pinup style since it is both flattering and more modest than other swimsuits I own. Even better is that it looks good with my body type.

  26. Karen Marble says:

    Pin up style swimsuits are flattering to everyone! They are classy and beautiful.

  27. Danielle says:

    I recently purchased a similar Jantzen bathing suit but lost it in an electrical fire! I feel like I pinup looks are so CLASSIC and flattering! I love that va-va-voom feeling you get when wearing them. :)

  28. Bri says:

    I love retro swimwear because it is sexy and modest at the same time. It covers my stretch marks from having 3 kids, and has space for my boobs. :)

  29. Anne says:

    I love pin up swim wear because it is so sexy! Ive also never met a polka dot I didn’t like- and this one I may be in love with!

  30. Shannon K says:

    I love pinpup style swimwear because it’s usually more coverage, while still being totally stylish and sexy!

  31. Lynn says:

    Pinup style swimwear is flattering to most body types. I love that pinup styles are super sexy without being at all revealing. The emphasis is on a woman’s curves, either enhancing them or creating the illusion of them. The shirring on the pictured polka dot suits helps to hide tummy imperfections and that ruffle is just too cute for words!

  32. Lana Prindiville says:

    Pin-up style = vintage figure foxiness!

  33. Celia S says:

    It´s cute, it´s vampy and it´s perfect for girls who don´t want to be tanned!

  34. MT says:

    Pinup style attire often manages to be flattering to any body type, and just the right blend of sexy and modest.

  35. Ameri says:

    I don’t own any pinup style swimwear, but I love how flattering it looks, and it’s usually super adorable!

  36. Cindy says:

    I love pin-up style swimwear because it is both modest and supportive but still extremely sexy.

  37. Cecilia says:

    Addicted to pinup style swimwear. Nothing else is as sexy and demure.

  38. Lux says:

    I love them for the confection, the shapes, the pattern all is so flattering and i found in pretty elegant *-*

  39. MBGrammer says:

    Classic styling and the right mix of concealing/revealing!

  40. Scottie Caldwell says:

    Pinup swimwear is so flirty and flattering! I love how it’s suggestive and elegant, but really works with a woman’s curves and natural shape (whatever shape you have). Pinup-style suits can be sweet, sporty, elegant, and generally forgiving of lots of movement!

  41. Andria says:

    I love pinup style swimsuits because they, to me, are so much more flattering. I’ve actually been looking at this swimsuit for a while because I absolutely love the style and cut.

  42. Natasha Orilonise Walker says:

    I love pinup style swimsuits because they are flattering first and foremost, but also because they add a classic elegance to the summer. It’s like glamour for the surf and sun!

  43. Noemí says:

    Because they’re sexy without being rude

  44. Erika says:

    I love pinup style swimwear because it is still sexy without bearing all!

  45. Alexandra HALL says:

    I love pin up style swimsuits because they’re the only one-piece swimsuits that look pretty. I don’t feel confortable in a bikini, but most of one-piece swimsuits I see are designed for sport and look so boring. All simple, usually black and not very flattering. On the other hand, a beautiful pin up style swimsuit looks very cute and sexy, but in a non-agressive way so you can look great in it in a more subtle way than you can with a bikini. It gives me more self confidence. Not to mention breast support ^^

  46. Philippa Gurney says:

    The pin up style swimwear is gorgeous!! It suits everyone. It is sexy yet ladylike. Pretty but still grown up. Elegant and flattering. An all round winner. X

  47. Tatjana Thi says:

    I love pinup style swimwear because they are so sexy but still ladylike and elegant. And they are just perfect to get all the eyes at the beach on you :)

  48. Chrystal Allen says:

    I lovep in-up style swimwear because ANYBODY can look amazing in it. Regardless of your shape, size or age, every woman looks like a beach beauty in a pinup styled swimsuit. You don’t show off too much skin but aren’t wearing a tent that makes you feel invisible either.

  49. Loryn JOhnson says:

    I love it all too- the style, the polka dots the ruching and ruffles – and we know its great quality being Jantzen!

  50. liz says:

    I agree with Burk: “I love pin up style swimwear because its usually a little more modest while still being really cute.”

  51. Joy says:

    I love pin-up style swimwear! It makes me feel more confident and I loved that style growing up :)

  52. Emily A says:

    I just love this style! It’s so flattering to those with curves!

  53. Syrah says:

    I love pin-up style swimwear so much more than regular swimwear cause it makes me feel more comfortable and it seems to be made to look good on most people, not only on size 0.

  54. Breanna says:

    As a lady with many soft and squishy parts, I find that vintage-style swimwear is most flattering for me. Luckily, it also fits right in with the style of the rest of my wardrobe! Win-win all around.

  55. Hannah says:

    I love how classy retro swimwear is!!

  56. Katie says:

    Flattering and classic.

  57. Samantha says:

    What’s not to love about retro styles? It’s feminine and flattering to any shape, allows the wearer to feel sexy and confident with out showing excessive amounts of skin and is positively timeless.

  58. Christine Hetzel says:

    Absolutely love retro inspired swimsuits and am thrilled that they are making such a big comeback for this swimsuit season. As a resident of Florida they come in handy!!!!

  59. sleepyheathen says:

    Universally flattering and confidence boosting, as far as I am concerned.

  60. Apfia says:

    Love the pin up style because it’s so flattering and timeless, and that it’s not so revealing. Leaves a little room for the imagination ;)

  61. Britney says:

    Pin up swimwear is immensely flattering for my body type and makes me feel mad sexy

  62. Maria says:

    I love pin-up style swimsuits because they are extremely flattering on every body type, they are also made to all body types :)

  63. Becky says:

    I love how flattering pin-up swimwear is! I think it accentuates your waist and generally looks amazing on anybody :)


  64. Michelle says:

    I love retro style because everyone can wear it. It flatters all shapes and there is something for all tastes.

  65. Melissa says:

    Love the cut and the silhouette!

  66. Jenny says:

    I love pinup style swimwear because it’s classy, sassy, and sexy :]

  67. Mj says:

    I love, love, love retro/ vintage inspired swimwear. It’s just so a great look that I almost always love!

  68. Pamela says:

    I love pin up swimwear because it’s sexy while not being super skimpy. Also because I love retro pin up looks in general, so it fits my style.

  69. Trina says:

    I absolutely adore pinup style swimwear because it is universally flattering. It also has a sexy vibe to it that can make you feel like a million bucks, without being too revealing or skimpy & making me feel a little uncomfortable. it’s classic yet sexy, and there’s something for every lady.

  70. Danielle says:

    I just love the look. Love how flattering it is. Accentuates all the great features without showing all the goods. ;)

  71. ALIE says:

    I am absolutely in love with everything about this bathing suit. I actually don’t own any pin up style swim wear, but this would be an amazing way to start building my wardrobe. I have a smaller frame and a large bust, so this would be a great way to wear something conservative yet still amazingly sexy as well. Not to mention, it would hug my body in all the right places and the ruffles would make my hips look curvier than they actually are :P

  72. Mary B says:

    Super flattering for fuller busts.

  73. Meg says:

    I just find pin up swimwear so sweet and feminine!

  74. Jessica says:

    I love everything about retro/50s style, including beachwear! Plus they’re a cute way to cover up a little more without looking frumpy.

  75. Caitlin says:

    It’s cute, sassy and easy to wear.

  76. laura says:

    It is so classic and flattering! And i can’t resist a little skirt. :)

  77. Mia says:

    I LOVE this! I’ve been meaning to buy one because the figure to it makes me feel much more confident and beautiful. The pinup style is sooo feminine and gorgeous!

  78. Lily says:

    Vintage swimwear….. It’s modest, but not too much so. It tends to flatter a very womanly and curvy figure :)
    I have a large bust, small waist, and big hips, so I’ve been hanging out for a swimsuit like this!

  79. Susan says:

    I love pinup style swimwear because it just looks so glamorous! And who doesn’t want to live out that fantasy?

  80. Melanie M. says:

    I love retro swimwear because it’s really not popular where I live and is SO flattering. Makes me look original!!!

  81. Jen says:

    I love pinup swimwear because it combines flattering lines with practical fit.

  82. Zoe Lee says:

    I love pin up style because I have a 50s style curvy body so that style looks good on me. No skinny mini here ::)

  83. Miss Luvy says:

    It flatters any shape!

  84. Denise says:

    Pinup style for swimsuits is great because it’s so flattering; also, I love that this one in particular is so modest!

  85. Sarah Schulhauser says:

    Pinup style is the most flattering for my figure and I’m a HUGE fan of polka dots

  86. Dianna says:

    I love how flattering Pinup swimwear is for the female figure!

  87. I love pinup swimsuits because they’re SO DARN CUTE!! I love polka dots too. *dimple*

  88. Kelly Goris says:

    Pinup bathing suits are fantastic because they are elegantly sexy, without showing too much skin, and they are flattering for all people, especially people with some curves on them. Plus: that whole style, what is not to love??

  89. Helen says:

    They’re flattering and so much fun!

  90. Karen says:

    I love retro swimwear because of the foundations built into the suit. Modern swimwear often doesn’t have enough support in fashionable styles. My favorite swimsuit I ever had was vintage and I sadly had to give it up recently due to too much wear.

  91. Ariana says:

    I find that less is more with swimwear and it definitely looks more flattering when you are a bit more covered up… and the beauty of this style of swimwear is that it still shows off your figure without showing off all your skin!

  92. Amanda says:

    I love these retro bathing suits because it makes me feel like a burlesque queen!

  93. Erica K says:

    pinup swimwear is perfect for people that are already super curvy and i just love that retro/ vintage look! <3

  94. Shy Cloud says:

    I’ve always been a pinup/rockabilly fan. It’s my lifestyle! Nothing better than some victory rolls, high waisted panties, and some red lipstick!

  95. Becky says:

    I love pinup swimwear because it’s incredibly flattering, it looks amazing on everyone. Not to mention it’s very feminine!

  96. BAnnie says:

    I love pinup style swimwear because it is both classy *and* fun, sophisticated a*and* unique – there’s no need to compromise!

  97. Margaret Barthelme says:

    I like pinup style because it flatters my body and skin tone.

  98. aneesa says:

    the main reason why i love pin up swimwear is because it’s sooooo feminine! i’ve only recently started a journey to becoming a feminine woman and when i discovered pin up swimwear, i fell in love <333

  99. Emma says:

    I love pin-up style swimwear because I love anything pin up!! I dress in retro style most days and just adore the whole look :)

  100. Sophie says:

    It’s just that classy, and gorgeous, and retro. Perfection ♥

  101. Alexandria Baker says:

    I don know many women that don’t enjoy looking sexy without having to bare it all, and that is something that is majorly difficult to do when looking for swimsuits. The pinup style is sexy and classy, just how I like to be.

  102. MerelyMarie says:

    I love pin-up style swimwear because it’s classic and adorable.

  103. jc says:

    Because it’s utterly demure!

  104. Kaylee says:

    Pin-up style swimwear is adorable, love polka-dot detailing you see on a lot of them and the shirred front helps cover up the “pooch”! Modest yet still sexy, it’s great.

  105. Ashley says:

    sexy and sassy with that throw back look… adorable

  106. Jessica says:

    I love pin up style swim wear because I’m sick of feeling like a one-piece suit is either a bikini in disguise (cut out) or a plain sack of swimwear. Pin up gives shape while still being somewhat modest!

  107. lariss says:

    I love pinup swimwear because I don’t get wedgies while sunbathing in them!

  108. Celina says:

    I found it really hard to find something flattering for my figure that wasn’t a bikini (not body confident enough for that!) but then I found the pinup style swimwear and many of them cover everything and make me feel confident and feminine.

  109. Summer says:

    Pinup swimwear is fabulous because it is sexy and flattering with out letting it all hang out. It doesn’t hurt that it works flawlessly with curvy bodies and larger breasts.

  110. Mer says:

    I love this and so wish it came in my size (petite busty people do exist!)! I think I may have finally found my motivation to pull out the sewing machine again.

  111. Kathleen K says:

    I like pinup swimwear since it makes me feel sexy.

  112. William Cruse says:

    All Pin-Up style of clothing reminds me of the Nose Art on all the old Warbirds.

  113. Taryn says:

    I love the look of retro swimwear! I like the coverage of the styles and the way they’re flattering on so many different body types. I don’t know that I could wear anything else!

  114. Ciera says:

    I love retro swimwear because it’s feminine and flattering for many different body types.

  115. Helen T says:

    Pinup style swimwear is less commonly seen, so I guess I’m going with the hipster reason for liking it. Plus Kiss Me Deadly’s haltertop one piece with the little adjustable skirt is so much fun to wear.

  116. Rob says:

    My wife is a 40D and this would be a perfect gift for her for our anniversary that is coming up soon. We both love your blog and have been following silently for quite some time.

  117. Dara King says:

    I love pin up swimwear because it makes you look gorgeous!

  118. Dustin says:

    This would look amazing on my wife!

  119. Lisa says:

    Pin-up swimwear is just so much more flattering! I have a vintage, hourglass figure, which means that the top of my thighs are quite curvy. The skirt-like hem of retro swimsuits is exactly what I need!

  120. Geraldyne says:

    Pin up style swimsuits are flattering to everyone, the designs are very unique and really beautiful.

  121. Megan says:

    Pin-up swimwear is cute and fun without having those tacky Hawaiian prints that my mother is hell-bent on buying for me!

  122. Leila B. says:

    I have hourglass curves, and love the aesthetic of pin up/vintage styles because they celebrate my curves, rather than making me uncomfortable with not fitting more modern, sleek proportions. Plus it’s glamorous, and it’s MUCH easier to find my size!

  123. va says:

    it looks nice and feminine .

  124. Logan Spector says:

    I mostly wear retro-styled clothing, so it makes sense that I only choose retro swimwear! It’s easy and timeless, and looks great on almost anyone!

  125. Gabrielle Azucena says:

    I love1950s pin-up swimwear because it’s very flattering on women who have lots of curves. And any woman for that matter. It’s feminine structured and put together. Love, love, love.

  126. Sabrina says:

    I love that this style of bathing suit is fun and flattering!

  127. Andrea says:

    Pin-up style manages to be unique without looking like it’s trying too hard.

  128. Shannon Finck says:

    I love pin-up style swimwear because it makes me feel like a starlet! I got too old and too classy for triangles and strings!

  129. Julie says:

    After too many years of wearing whatever bikini I found at Target, I’m SO glad I came across retro styled swimsuits. My favorite thing about them is they can flatter all body types, while most swimsuits (I so painfully realized) don’t! They conceal what they need to while still flattering your body!

  130. Jen R says:

    Pinup suits are so CLASSY. They always make me feel attractive, no matter how blah I felt before putting it on. It’s a great way to cover up at the beach while still being sexy. (Plus polka dots!)

  131. Avigayil says:

    Love pinup style bathing suits because pinup seems to be cut for a larger hip to waist ratio! Besides, they are darn cute.

  132. Brigid Strait says:

    It makes me feel feminine, and the cuts suit my body.

  133. Stef Coupns says:

    i love how beautiful the pinup look is! i love it!

  134. peri says:

    Playful and provocative; elegant and demure…PinUp Swimsuits evoke a time when women were idolized as unattainable goddesses, and when erotic appeal was about what you conceal with cunning, as well as what you reveal with pride….In other words…perfect!

  135. Leah Baird says:

    I love pin up girl style because these swimsuits are flattering, and not too revealing.

  136. Mystery says:

    The pinup retro style of swimsuit is very flattering on. I like how it feels and looks.

  137. andy says:

    I love pinup style swimwear because it brings back the glamour and beauty of an iconic age

  138. Ellen says:

    I love pinup style swimwear because it’s so cute! Love the polka dots.

  139. Rebecca White says:

    I love how flirty this suit is!

  140. Catherine says:

    I like pinup swimwear because it is extremely flattering and doesn’t make me feel like I’m mostly naked in public.

  141. Adena says:

    I love it because it’s just so darned cute!

  142. Laura says:

    Pin up style swim wear adds curves when needed and hides them whenwanted which is why I love it.

  143. amaena says:

    Pinup swim wear just always is so flattering for women with curves. It sucks in where it needs to be, it’s flirty and fun, and just timeless.

  144. Anissa Bousellam says:

    I love throwback fashion, who doesn’t love polka dots?

  145. Lynda Del says:

    I love pin-up swimwear because I love the style of the swimsuits.

  146. Sandra says:

    Because it’s cute but at the same time sexy and the cuts are always flatering for my body. I feel confident and confortable and it always looks awesome.

  147. Katana says:

    I think the pin style is popular for good reason it’s too cute!!

  148. Bra Junkie says:

    I love pin-up swimwear because it’s classy, sexy, flirty and modest all at once!

  149. Rachael says:

    What’s not to love about pin-up or vintage inspired swimwear? There is that lovely mix of sexy and sweet, modest and showy, and then the crowning glory, the prints! Polka dots, florals, cherry print. Be still my heart!

  150. Hannah K says:

    I love the sexy while still being elegant and classy look of pinup swimwear. Plus ruffles and fun prints! I love the navy color and coverage of this swimsuit- it looks so flattering, which would be great for hiding what I want hidden and emphasizing my assets.

  151. Carlyn says:

    Hi! I just love pinup swinwear! I’m not very confident in swimwear but something about the pinup style brings out my inner siren. It’s cute, sexy and pretty while still maintaining a level of modesty. Love it!

  152. Debrah says:

    I absolutely hate high-cut swimwear (baywatch bathing suits look ridiculous on me and I feel very uncomfortable and unattractive in them), so I always had to wear swimming trunks. Until vintage swimwear came along. It’s superflattering and I feel very comfortable wearing it!

  153. Katherine N. says:

    It’s a really sexy one-piece that allows the wearer to cover up but still feel really great about themselves. (Two-pieces are very sexy too, especially the high waisted ones, but I just can’t picture myself in one of those!)

  154. Colleen Boudreau says:

    because it’s classic & sexy.

  155. Passerina says:

    I love pinup style swimwear because when I wear it I can feel cute and stylish without worrying about potential wardrobe malfunctions on the beach or in the pool!

  156. Chloe Bell says:

    I think the most appealing thing to me about pinup-style… well, anything is that it just looks classy. The colors are generally understated and the quality of the item tends to be nicer (usually due to its tendency to be handmade by independent designers).

  157. Karen Che says:

    Pinup swimwear is my swimwear of choice (when I can, anyway!) because the styles are diverse (and cute as can be!) and complement just about any body type. I love that pinup swimwear is a rather large movement in this modern age because I can be sure I’ll look unique at the beach, as well as feeling at total ease because pinup swimwear offers just the right amount of support.

  158. Manoela says:

    Pin-up style is gorgeous. As someone who lives just 2 blocks away from the beach and usually wants to wear something different from the rest of the country (vintage-styled swimwear is not what brazilians wear commonly!), this would be (and will, I can say) my favorite choice. Besides, everyone looks sexy in these onepieces, and that’s exactly how I want to look when crossing the streets to take a bath!

  159. Bonny says:

    I love pin up. It’s a fun and iconic look that can range from sweet cheesecake to saucy and sexy. It’s a great look and this suit is gorgeous!

  160. FRANCE IRISH says:

    I love pinup style swimwear because it is flattering to every body type and they’re so hot and sexy!!

  161. Malin says:

    I love them because they are so cute and polkadots are always great.

  162. Cybelle Oliveira says:

    I love because Pinup style swimwear is flattering to most body types.

  163. Nola G. says:

    What’s not to love about vintage pinup style suits like this one? It’s been a while since I’ve seen a one piece make someone look sexy but honestly everyone look hot hot hot in these swims. ESPECIALLY the curvy ladies ;)

  164. Ashley C says:

    My favorite thing about it is that the cuts are so flattering, sexy, and modest! It’s hard to find modest suits that are still cute :)


  165. Devyn says:

    There are dozens of reasons why pinup swimwear is amazing, most notably, for me, the patterns and textures and colours. I’m especially a sucker for polka dots and think they are just so dang flattering. One piece pinup swimsuits just look so elegant, and have the most flattering cuts, and suit women with bigger assets so much better than more modern cuts. Also the ruffle detailing on this one is just the cutest thing in the world.

  166. Celeste says:

    It’s modest — but still very cute!

  167. Kate says:

    I love pinup style swimwear because it shows off my narrow waist and brings out the best in my fuller parts.

  168. Lily says:

    Pin up swimwear is super flattering and girly, accentuates curves & is sexy but doesn’t reveal too much!

  169. steven z says:

    I love pin up style swimwear

  170. Susan Churchwell says:

    I love vintage style swimwear because the suits flatter my curves!

  171. Jessie says:

    I love a lot of pin-up/retro/vintage things, so it makes sense that I love the swimwear as well! The construction of it manages to simultaneously look cute and flirty while also covering more than most swimsuits. I like modern bikinis some of the time, but if I’m feeling self-conscious about my tummy? Gotta go retro.

  172. Alexis says:

    I love the retro look in swim-ware because it is both flattering and sexy without having to bare it all!

  173. magpie says:

    Ugh, I love the retro swim look SO much I really wonder why I don’t have a pin-up style swimsuit. At the very least, I think I’ll pick up a pair of high waist bikini bottoms this season. It flatters and it’s comfortable, without trading in style for the sake of coverage!

  174. Nicole Sully says:

    I love pin up swimwear because you feel so classy and sexy at the same time. You can never go wrong with a pin up bathing suit :)

  175. Piroska says:

    I love pin-up style swimwear because it’s flattering and sexy without being too revealing. It’s often made in really cute vintage-look fabrics too, and it’s a bit classier than a string bikini.

  176. Sarah says:

    I love pin-up style swimwear because it looks fabulous on every girl I’ve ever seen, I love how that with pin-up swimwear there is so many great prints and it is generally more supportive without looking plain or frumpy.

  177. Elizabeth says:

    I love retro swimwear because it makes almost all body types look sexy as heck! It makes me feel good about myself and it makes me think other people look great too. Love!

  178. Nina says:

    I love the silhouette of vintage swimwear so much more than modern shapes for my body shape

  179. RR says:

    I love the pin up style because it was created with the understanding that all women are all different shapes and sizes, creating a design that complimented all of them, while still managing to be fun, cheeky, sophisticated, sexy and modest all at once.

  180. Niki says:

    I’ve worked hard this year to get back in shape, and can’t wait to celebrate the confidence and joy I’ve found in taking care of my body.

  181. Sarah says:

    I love them because they are simply adorable and suit all body types.

  182. Chris says:

    Looks great!

  183. Anni says:

    I have been covetous of vintage swimwear (especially with polka dots!) for a while but haven’t had the funds (nor the sun)! This suit is gorgeous, straight up like good bourbon.

  184. Kim A says:

    It’s sexy and classy, I’m a tattoo addict also and I love the pin-up style for my work, clothing and art.

  185. Jennifer says:

    I love pinup style swimwear because it flatters my curves, its sexy without baring too much. And Pokadots!!! I live for polkadot patterns

  186. Szappanbubi says:

    Pin-up styled swimwear emphasizes the shape of the real woman, it has a really feminine but playful design. Wearing it you feel yourself attractive with a lil impishness :)

  187. Cynthia C says:

    I like the pin-up style because it’s elegant and flattering.

  188. Shani says:

    I love how flattering and modest the styles are. Such a cute and classic look!

  189. Tari Lawson says:

    I think it is very sexy while keeping you covered up at the same time.

  190. robyn paris says:

    i love this suit it is very sexy and wholesome looking.

  191. deana c says:

    I like it because it is perfect for my body type

  192. Tarah says:

    Because it celebrates curves, which, thanks to my two kids, I have!

  193. Rebecca Peters says:

    I love how cute and sexy it is..

  194. Katie Roch says:

    I love pinup style swimwear because it isn’t too revealing but it’s still very sexy.

  195. HilLesha says:

    It is modest, yet sexy. :)

  196. Nikki says:

    I love this style because it just always seems so flattering on almost every body type!

  197. Nicole Vosburgh says:

    It’s so sexy & the styles are super cute!

  198. Emma says:

    I love vintage swimsuits because they’re flattering in ways modern suits just aren’t on me, and they have this wonderful romantic appeal to them.

  199. Lynn says:

    I love the pinup style because its sexy without showing lots of skin and makes you look timeless!

  200. Amy says:

    I love pinup style swimwear because it creates such a classic silhouette and is flattering on all body types. It makes me feel like Marilyn; now if I could only get my hair to hold a curl ;)

  201. Nicole says:

    My personal style is a mix between retro/pinup and hippie so of course I’d love fun, pinup swimwear, too!

  202. Sarah Hirsch says:

    i love pin-up style swimwear because it is modest and sexy at the same time

  203. Giulia Palermo says:

    I love pin up style swimwear because I love the way it flatters my figure. I also like feeling sexy and vintage. I get to live in a different world when I’m in any kind of pin up and wearing a pin-up bathing suit brings that old world feeling with me when i go to the beach. I guess it comes down to the fact I love to dress up in my everyday life and this is a sexy fun way to dress up when im swimming.

  204. Jennifer J says:

    I like it because it has more coverage. Thanks!

  205. Karrie Millheim says:

    They are so sexy looking!

  206. Scarlett Graham says:

    I really like that they are cute but not too revealing.

  207. Samii Meyer says:

    I guess I have always been told that I have the body-style for the pin-up look. It is a gorgeous bathing suit, I would love to have it.

  208. Susan says:

    Oh, what a cute suit! I can just see lounging around the rocky Southern French beaches in that this August when I visit.

  209. Paul K says:

    Every lady looks nice in pin-up swim suits.

  210. Valerie Bullock says:

    I love everything pin-up, and swimwear is by far no exception.

  211. Amanda V says:

    The pin up look flatters all body types!

  212. mcclain says:

    I love pin up style swimwear because it is so sexy yet classy. It’s flattering and feminine. Usually it’s in my favorite colors too. Love love love

  213. Kim Slawson says:

    The pinup style is classy and sexy at the same time.

  214. Christina says:

    I love pinup swimwear because it’s cute, still sexy, and I can chase my kids all over the beach without worrying that something essential is going to go flying out for everyone to see!

  215. Nicole says:

    I love pinup swimwear because it is sexy but functional. I can feel sexy and show off my body without worrying about what is popping out where, or what I ate for lunch!

  216. susan smoaks says:

    i love pinup style swimwear because it’s modest and super flattering

  217. Breanne says:

    I love them because their beautiful and work for my body.

  218. Sand says:

    I love it because it’s flattering on so many figures.

  219. Samantha says:

    It’s so classy and fashion forward! I also think it would look amazing on me!

  220. danica says:

    the beauty is in the simplicity

  221. Brooke T says:

    I love the pinup style because it is so inconic and it looks so cute on literally anyone!~

    The pinup style is made to show off any woman’s figure in a beautiful way! :)

  222. Michelle H. says:

    I love them because they are flattering and cute.

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