5 Year Anniversary Giveaway: Farr West Silk Slumber Wrap Robe

Farr West Silk Slumber Wrap Robe in Ivory

Most people aren’t aware of this, but the world of lingerie is very trend-driven and that’s become especially true in the last few years. Mad Men created a fever for all things retro, pinup, and vintage. Now Fifty Shades of Grey is sending people over the moon for all things black, leathery, and bondagey. But no matter which lingerie trends come and which lingerie trends go, the classics remain the same. And Farr West is where you go for the classics.

I was introduced to Farr West years ago during one of my many slip-buying phases. I’d purchased several vintage Vanity Fair slips by then, but I was beginnining to want something newer… and not pre-owned. Enter Farr West.

I love Farr West because of how consistent they are. They just keep doing their own thing (which they do very well), and trust that people who are interested in quality, vintage-style lingerie will find them. And did I mention all their products are made in the USA? I know that’s important for a lot of my American readers.

You have the opportunity to win a Silk Slumber Wrap Robe worth $295.00 from Farr West (shown above and below; lingerie not included). There are a lot of things to love about this piece. It’s luxurious. It’s voluminous. It’s one size fits all. And it’s the kind of lingerie that works for a woman of any age. It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 or if you’re 60 (or older!), a beautiful silk robe is the kind of garment every lingerie addict can use and appreciate in her wardrobe.

Farr West Silk Slumber Wrap Robes in Pink, Red, and Black

Ready for your chance to win? Here’s what you need to do:

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As usual, the first entry (leave a blog post comment) is required, but the others are optional and you only need to do them if you’d like to take advantage of extra entries. Please use the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of this post for all your entries so we can keep track of them. Don’t forget to include your e-mail address so I have a way to contact you! The Farr West Giveaway ends April 30th at 11:59 p.m. The contest winner will be chosen at random on May 1st and publicly posted to The Lingerie Addict. The contest winner must respond within 48 hours to claim their prize or a new winner will be chosen.

Thank you for celebrating my blog anniversary with me and best of luck!

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  • bea

    My favorite based on looks would be the Spanish Lace chemise, but I imagine the vintage silk full slip would feel incredible

  • Sarah

    I’m in love with the vintage bloom romper. It feels so luxurious and is utterly gorgeous.

  • Liz

    I own the Heirloom Rise Chemise in black…and not only do I love how it feels, it is a BIG hit every time!

  • Sam

    The Heirloom Rose Pettipant has the perfect amount of detail; sheer and so beautiful.

  • Anna

    The rompers and camisole/pettipant sets are the best on Farr West! I’ve got too many already, but neither I not anyone who’s seen them are sorry about it one bit! Currently lusting over Spanish Lace!

  • Amanda V

    Vintage Silk Pettipants are absolutely adorable

  • Taryn

    I looooove the Vintage Bloom romper! It’s something I would wear all the time… Might need to save my pennies…. A close second is the Heirloom Rose Pettipant!

  • Ashley Keir-Bucknall

    The mink Heirloom Rose Pettipant are beautiful!!!

  • Tatjana Thi

    I adore the Vintage Silk Full Slip :) It’s so classy and elegant.

  • http://www.kurvendiskussionen.at denocte

    I’m totally in Love with the Heirloom Rose Chemise. It’s just wonderful!

  • Thursday

    Their silk slips are very lovely, but it’s hard to go past the vintage silk pettipants, and in red too!

  • Amanda Welborn

    The mink Heirloom Rose Chemise is one of the most beautiful pieces of lingerie I’ve ever seen! It’s the perfect combination of sexy and elegant.

  • http://pinterest.com/cristinafragoeiro/ Cristina

    I had never really explored Farr West’s site before, exactly because it’s an American brand and not European (hellish import taxes, baby!), but now I see that they have a vast range of beautiful items! It was a hard choice, but I think my favourite is the Heirloom rose chemise, classic and elegant. Happy Anniversary, and thank you for the opportunity!

  • http://brailey.tumblr.com Khadi

    The red vintage pettipants make my heart flutter!

  • Trinity

    The Heirloom Rose Pettipant is to die for!

  • sleepyheathen

    May absolute favourite is the Vintage Bloom Romper. I cannot pass up a pretty romper.

  • Alice Howard

    The Vintage Silk Full Slip in Red has won my heart :)

  • Wytch

    The vintage silk pettipant and cami set have been on my radar for a long time now. If only I had some spare money…Sigh.

  • A

    My favorite is the Vintage Bloom Pettipant!

  • Jenna

    I’m a sucker for stretch lace paired with a flow-y skirt, so my favorite is the Stretch Sensation Lace Bodice Chemise. Also, I think I would wear the Heirloom Rose Pettipant everyday if I had it.

  • Katie

    Love the heirloom rose chemise!

  • naridu

    I’m another one lusting over the Heirloom Rose Chemise. Gorgeous.

  • Jon Snow

    Simply Silk Adjustable Strap Camisole for the wife.

  • Tanya

    What beautiful offerings! I think my favorite is the Vintage Bloom Romper. So cute!

  • MIA

    My favorite item would have to be the spanish lace cami and pettipant. They look like a dream to sleep in!

  • sandy
  • http://www.jenniferdbehnke.com Jen

    Vintage Silk Full slip in Black would definitely be my favorite.

  • http://chopsuziie@gmail.com Michelle Parris

    I am in love with the vintage silk pettipant. So feminine and beautiful!

  • Ellen

    I think the heirloom rose chemise is my favorite, but the vintage silk pettipants are also lovely!

  • Brianna Music

    Heirloom rose chemise <3

  • Megan

    My favorite item from Farr West is the Vintage Bloom Romper. Adorable and so gorgeous!

  • http://www.havingcakeandeatingit.com Louise Carron Harris

    vintage silk slip *Swoon* pick me up off the floor and revive me with this baby!!!!

  • http://www.portlandsirens.com Kristin

    My favorite item is definitely the Vintage Silk Pettipants…so adorable!

  • Holly

    For sheer luxe factor, I have to say that the Sophia Chemise is definitely my favourite. Love the Hollywood inspiration!

  • Aurora

    My wish list is now hugh, i had not seen their page before. Have to say it is a split between the Vintage Silk full slip (perfect to match the robe) or the Heirloom Rose Pettipant….

  • Brandy Emberton

    the vintage silk full slip in black, just stunning!

  • Lian

    vintage silk full slip is my fave….would go great with the silk robe give away. ;-)

  • jennifer palmer

    Vintage Silk Full Slip, black, gorg

  • Kay

    I’d previously never heard of Farr West, but now I suppose I have to add them to my ever-growing wishlist. The red vintage slip is gorgeous… But I have a tough time choosing it over their heirloom rose pettipant… beautiful.

  • Linds

    THIS ROBE!!!! I have been eyeing the red one for weeks but can’t afford it. I love how glamourous it is and the length is perfect!

  • Ana Tomás

    My favorite is the Vintage Silk Full Slip in red, beautiful, also loved the Vintage Bloom Full Slip in Black.

  • Kealeigh

    I love the vintage full bloom slip! classy and sexy <3

  • Laura

    The Heirloom Rose Pettipant – I must own that!

  • Philippa Gurney

    My favournite from Farr West is the vintage silk full slip in either red or black would love either. Silk is so wonderful against the skin such a lush and luxurious fabric.

  • alice

    I think the black vintage silk pettipants are my favorite; you can’t go wrong with black silk!

  • http://www.estylingerie.com Estelle

    Favourite has got to be the vintage silk full slip in lipstick red – love that colour!!

  • Carla D.

    Absolutely love the Heirloom Rose Chemise.

  • Ellen

    I LOVE the Heirloom Rose Pettipant in mink!! Beautiful! Thanks!! :D

  • Laura Brasinha

    My fav are the Vintage Silk Pettipant in blach with mink lace! But I kind of love everything with silk, sooooo….

  • Lynn

    My favorite item(s) from Farr West are their pettipants. I have them if both lengths. I have owned their lingerie for decades. I just love the feel and quality of their fabrics. So very lovely….

  • Helen T

    Heirloom rose is popular for a reason : )

  • http://spentgladiatortwo.tumblr.com Britney

    my fav is the Vintage Silk Full Slip

  • http://www.twitter.com/WonderWomanV2 Meg White

    If it wasn’t the Silk Slumber Wrap Robe, I suppose I would go with the Vintage Silk Full Slip, because I go weak in the knees for anything with a 40s vibe. I did actually get myself a couple things from the Spanish Lace collection (the chemise in mink and the pettipant in violet with black lace). They’re on saaaaaaale. :D

  • Michele F

    I have been lusting over the Vintage Bloom slip for a while. However, I also like the petti pants. How I wish I had unlimited income! :)

  • Victoria

    I am in love with the Silk Slumber V-Neck Gown, the thicker straps and subtly sexy V-neck are the stuff of well clad dreams

  • http://www.thewanderlustingmind.com Jenny

    I love their heirloom rose pettipant!

  • Nitika D.

    Love the Sophia Chemise! So sleek and clean.

  • Sarah

    I own the vintage bloom romper, but next on my list is the beautifully sheer heirloom rose pettipant! The romper is well made and such a beautiful color.

  • Lux

    ooh i think i falled i love with the Bodice Chemise (black) and the Vintage Bloon Romper, all always look so awesome

  • MT

    The red Vintage Silk Full Slip. It’s just too gorgeous.

  • Lezlie

    Ooooh!!!! Love the Vintage bloom romper with a passion!!!

  • Melanie M.

    Hard to choose, but I would say the vintage silk full slip in black. Looks really classy!!!

  • nadia

    My favorite is Heirloom Rose camisole, is sexy and looks so comfy, perfect! (http://www.farrwest.com/Heirloom-Rose-Adjustable-Strap-Camisole_p_31.html)

  • Joyce

    The vintage full slip in black. I wish I owned it, but for now I with lust over it.

  • Taylor

    I’m in love with the vintage silk pettipants. Gorgeous!

  • Mara

    I adore the heirloom rose chemise in black.

  • Ina

    The Spanish Lace Camisole is gorgeous!

  • Sarah Schulhauser

    The Vintage Bloom Romper is my favorite.

  • Eileen

    The Heirloom Rose Chemise in Mink, because I already own the Spanish Lace Chemise. :)

  • Andrea

    I just love the Vintage Silk Full Slip!

  • Rashel

    Their Stretch Sensation Lace Bodice Chemise looks wonderful – sexy, but I can also fall asleep in it? Yes, please!

  • Shannon K

    Oh goodness I’ve been eyeing Farr West every time they have sale! I’m in love with the Vintage Bloom Romper, in really any of the colors.

  • http://latexpinup.tumblr.com/ Latex Pinup

    my favorite is the Vintage Bloom Romper in Merlot with Black Lace.

  • http://madmarchioness.tumblr.com Sophie

    The Vintage Bloom full slip, no doubt. Once I saw it, I simply couldn’t see anything else!

  • Nikki

    I love the Vintage Silk Full Slip! All of their stuff is so beautiful though, I can’t wait to buy something someday!

  • Diana

    I love the Heirloom Rose Cami, as well as all of their silk slips. Silk, especially good quality silk is the most amazing fabric to wear.

  • Leahanne

    The Spanish Rose camisole is delightful!

  • Meg

    I love the Vintage Silk collection, but in particular the pettipants and cami. The black and mink is just stunning!

  • Michelle

    I love their Vintage Bloom Romper. Its all their items all rolled into 1!

  • liz

    My favorite would be their spanish lace line….

  • Celina

    Can’t I say pretty much everything in the Heirloom Rose and Vintage Rose collections?… No, well then, I guess the Vintage Bloom Romper in mink.

  • Nicole

    I like their Heirloom Rose Chemise. I’m in need of a slip/chemise

  • http://rockabirdie.etsy.com Theresa

    I love the Vintage Silk Full Slip! So glam!

  • Merit

    I love the Heirloom Rose Chemise in mink. It is a really lovely colour against my skin tone and the fabric is just the best feeling against you.

  • Shannon

    LOVE the Spanish Lace Chemise

  • Yaara

    I am so charmed by the Heirloom Rose Pettipant, it is gorgeous.

  • MBGrammer

    Heirloom Rose Pettipant is great.

  • Anon

    The vintage bloom romper has been on my wish list for over one year.

  • Helen C

    The Heirloom Rose Pettipants are gorgeous!

  • thora

    All of the heirloom rose things are gorgeous, but the pettipant especially!

  • Geraldyne

    The Vintage Bloom Full Slip is my favorite!

  • Chelsea

    My favorite definitely has to be the vintage bloom romper. Although I might buy a new half or full slip here next time I have some free cash lying around.

  • Kelly Goris

    The Heirloom Rose Chemise, and all their silk pettipants, they look so pretty and comfortable! Definately need to try them out soon, thanks :)

  • Cindy

    the heirloom rose pettipants in mink are absolutely gorgeous! especially the embroidery on them.

  • Martin Allison

    My favorite is the Silk Savannah Chemise. My wife would enjoy sleeping in this once winter finally ends!!

  • MJ

    Everything that Farr West has is just beautiful. I love that pretty and lux look.

  • Christina

    I love the vintage bloom romper!!!

  • Shiraz

    I love all of Farr West’s pettipants, but I really would love to someday have the vintage silk ones!

  • Debrah

    My favorite Farr West product is the Vintage Bloom romper, it looks amazing!

  • Malin

    The red Vintage Silk Full Slip is really beautiful and by far my favourite but most of their stuff are wonderful :).

  • http://www.twitter.com/BeckyChima Becky

    The Stretch Sensation Lace Bodice Chemise is perfect, so versatile and drop dead gorgeous.

  • Adrienne Gordon

    I like the Vintage Silk Full Slip in red.

  • Shannan

    I love it all, but I’m currently lusting after the Vintage Bloom Full Slip in Ivory.

  • Carlyn

    Hi! It was a really hard choice! I narrowed it down to the heirloom rose cami and pettipants. They’re just stunning. The fabric is so soft and it fits so well. It’s comfy and sexy at the same time. Love it!

  • Ann Fantom

    I would like to get get Farr West’s Simply Silk Adjustable Strap Camisole

  • Ann Fantom

    I follow via Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/abfantom/

  • Maddie

    Goodness, I need the vintage silk full slip in my life!

  • http://barnardstokesheresy.tumblr.com Sara

    The Heirloom Rose Chemise, definitely. It’s so pretty and delicate!

  • Elizabeth Taylor

    I love the vintage silk half slip in red.

  • L Dub

    I like the Heirloom Rose Pettipant the best!

  • Maria

    My favorite would be the Spanish Lace Chemise, though it’s hard to pick one, they’re all so freakishly silky and amazing.

  • Jen Hutchinson

    What beautiful pieces! I love the Spanish Lace Camisole

  • Megan

    The vintage bloom romper looks amazing; of course it would be a needless addition to my already ridiculously large romper collection.

  • http://www.t00ts.blogspot.com Becky

    I absolutely adore the Vintage Bloom Romper in Merlot and black lace http://www.farrwest.com/Vintage-Bloom-Romper_p_33.html It’s so gorgeous and sexy but it looks so comfortable too!


  • Kristen Morris

    The Stretch Sensation Smoothing 17″ Chemise

  • http://www.renegadelingerie.com Margaret

    I LOVE the Vintage Bloom Romper!

  • Tamar

    I like the V-Neck Essentials Camisole

  • Susan

    The vintage silk full slip is gorgeous.

  • Kay

    I love the Heirloom Rose Chemise in mink. Simple, classical and luxurious.

  • Brooke T

    I absolutely LOVE the Heirloom Rose Pettipant

    This is such a wonderful giveaway, thank you!

  • Logan Spector

    I absolutely adore the Heirloom Rose Pettipants! Both colors are fantastic, but I would probably sooner buy them in black.

  • monica meza

    I love the Sheer Georgette 30″ Full Slip

  • http://kittyvontrubble.tumblr.com liz

    I love the Heirloom Rose Pettipant, in black especially!

  • Katie Roch

    I love the Stretch Sensation Lace Bodice Chemise

  • Julie

    The red vintage silk full slip is absolutely beautiful! I imagine that it feels even more luxurious than it looks!

  • Nikki n

    The Vintage Bloom Romper, particularly in the Mink.

  • Elizabeth J

    I like the Sheer Georgette 30″ Full Slip.

  • Marie

    Vintage Silk Pettipants is my favorite

  • Elizabeth

    The silk pettipants are so cute!

  • Sarah S

    My favorite is the Vintage Bloom Full Slip.

  • Sarah

    I love the clasicly feminine look of the Heriloom Rose Camisole and Pettipants in the Mink color.

  • Linda J

    I love the feel of silk, especially to sleep in, so my favorite is the Silk Pettipants from the sleepwear section! In black, of course.

  • Hannah

    I LOVE the Vintage Bloom Romper!!

  • http://lessonsinscarlet.blogspot.com Ruth

    I’d adore to get my hands on the Vintage Silk Full Slip in black with Mink lace…

  • wishyful

    I have to say that my favourite is the Stretch Sensation Lace Bodice Chemise. It looks like it could be soooo amazing to wear and have on!

  • Molly

    ooh, the black silk slip with white lace is amazing. drool.

  • Leila B.

    Vintage bloom romper. Love at first sight.

  • Katherine

    I love the classic Cotton Batiste Camisole

  • Mia Culpa

    I’m a sucker for the Farr West heirloom rose full slip I already own. Despite the practicality of wearing a slip, I feel like Liz Taylor in it. I’ve got my eye on the Spanish lace cami too.

  • MJ Moore

    I love the Sophia chemise!

  • JC

    Silk robe

  • Bonny

    I am in love with the vintage silk full slip in red

  • LaShanda

    I like the Pettipant.

  • Ryan

    I love the Vintage Bloom Romper in Mink! Gorgeous!

  • Elizabeth

    Spanish Lace Chemise. No, Vintage Bloom Romper. Or, Vintage Silk Full slip. Unable to chose. :)

  • Ilse van D

    The Vintage Silk Full Slip looks sensational!

  • dani marie

    i love the Heirloom Rose Chemise.


  • Soyana

    My favorite thing is, happily enough, the robe! I’ve been looking for a silk robe that’s just silk and not satin or with funny cheap lace – this one is just gorgeous.

  • Elizabeth

    The Spanish Lace Chemise looks amazing!

  • Danielle

    The red vintage silk full slip looks so soft and beautiful! That has to be my favorite.

  • http://www.breannaperry.com Breanna

    I’d never heard of this brand before (thanks, TLA!), but they have some amazing stuff that’s right up my alley! I’m really digging the sheer georgette v-neck slip since it seems so versatile with just a touch of naughtiness. And at such a great price!

  • Pamela

    I really love the Vintage Bloom Romper in red.

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  • Lily

    My favourite would actually be the robe — maybe in red :)

  • Ariana

    Definitely like the vintage bloom romper in merlot the best… it’s so adorable and sexy at the same time.

  • MelodyJ

    I like Vintage Silk Full Slip.

  • Lyudmila

    I would love 18″ Essentials Chemise

  • Shy Cloud

    Their silk pettipants are divine!

  • Emma

    My favourite is the “Vintage Silk Full Slip”

  • BAnnie

    I have to go with Heirloom Rose Pettipant in mink as my favorite Farr West piece. Perfectly feminine and so glamorous!

  • Nevy

    So many beautiful pieces, but I love the vintage silk pettipant and camisole.

  • Laura

    I’m completely in love with the simplicity and luxury of the Sophia chemise. It’s absolutely stunning!

  • Chrystal Allen

    The vintage bloom romper is to die for. I’m going to obsess over it until it is mine!

  • Alexandria Baker

    The Heirloom Rose Pettipants and so pretty and sweet. I will be saving up to get these beauties and a matching top :)

  • http://www.merelymarie.com MerelyMarie

    I like the looks of the Heirloom Rose Pettipant.

  • Cee

    The stretch sensation lace bodice chemise looks like the perfect balance between practical and beautiful.

  • Vicki S

    love the Satin Applique Camisole

  • http://vintagelaceandpearls.com Amanda gunter

    I love the silk wrap robe!

  • Ashley

    Silk Savannah Chemise is the sexiest slightly a 90’s throwback that is to die for.

  • Summer

    I adore my Heirloom Rose Chemise from Farr West.

  • http://thekatiekins.tumblr.com Katie

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Vintage Silk Full Slip in red! Ugh, what I’d give to rock that out! Silk feels so amazing on your skin :)

  • Melissa

    LOVE the vintage bloom full slip… so luxurious and beautiful! Especially that “pink with mink” color… sigh. HAPPY FIVE YEARS!!!! :D

  • Kathleen K

    So love the silk slumber sleep gown in red.

  • William Cruse

    My wife like’s the Vintage Silk Camisole

  • Lucy Mitchell

    The Vintage Silk Pettipants are my favroite

  • Heather

    The Vintage Full Slip looks absolutely gorgeous, too bad it’s outside of my price range!

  • josh

    The crimson is gorgeous!

  • Ciera

    I love the slips and camisole on this site! They are so luxurious and romantic. My favorite would be the vintage silk full slip. So beautiful.

  • Samantha Tedesco
  • Rob

    I love the black and the red. Both are very pretty and would look great on my wife.

  • http://milliethekid.blogspot.com Lisa

    The Heirloom Rose chemise is beautiful. The lace pattern just looks so flattering!

  • Trezlen

    I like the Stretch Sensation Smoothing 20″ Chemise.

  • Dustin

    The vintage silk full slip would be awesome for my wife

  • Karla

    The Vintage Silk Camisole looks so classic.

  • Susan
  • Alexandra Cîrlea
  • Valerie C.

    The Sophia Chemise is really nice!

  • Nola G.

    My favourite item is this Satin Slip!

  • Stef Coupns

    so many gorgeous items! i think my favorite is the Vintage Bloom Full Slip

  • va
  • maeve

    The vintage silk pettipant are so so cute. Especially the black ones.

  • http://www.confessionsofagemini.com Grace Inman

    I love the Stretch Sensation Lace Bodice Chemise!

  • Sharon Siqueiros

    First, Happy Anniversary!
    All the pieces are lovely but being a vintage slip freak, the Heirloom Rose Chemise in mink is gorgeous
    Thanks you for the lovely opportunity

  • Gabriella Duncan

    Definitely this robe! It’s so sexy and decadent. Love it.

  • Maggie

    I’m definitely a fan of the black vintage silk full slip, but this robe is a very close second.

  • Ashley S

    I love the Vintage Bloom Camisole!

  • Ravzie

    I like the Vintage Silk Camisole!

  • http://www.facebook.com/CarolynAgee Carolynne

    Vintage silk full slip

  • Stephanie Larison

    I like the Vintage Silk Camisole

  • http://www.chocolateplushie.com Avigayil

    I adore the Vintage Bloom Romper but with my body shape… I don’t think I could ever wear it!

  • Leah Baird

    My favorite is Vintage Silk Full Slip

  • Brigid Strait

    I really want the wine-colored vintage bloom romper, but the heirloom rose pettipant in black is a very very close second.

  • Adena

    The satin applique pettipant in ivory with mink lace. Yum~! Well, they’re second to the Sophia tap pants, but those are only available in “nude” with black trim.

  • Mystery

    The vintage bloom full slip is my favourite (in black).

  • pinky sade

    Love the Vintage Silk Full Slip

  • robyn paris

    i like Heirloom Rose Adjustable Strap Camisole

  • andy

    i love the Vintage Silk Full Slip in black

  • Dovile

    The Vintage Silk Full Slip in Red looks gorgeous!

  • Rebecca White

    Vintage silk full slip…so slinky and sexy!

  • Laura

    Essential Chemise: Basic and beautiful.

  • Christina K.

    I love the vintage silk camisole and pettipant in black.. I just love pajamas. But everything on their site is gorgeous!!

  • N

    I love the Sophia chemise, it looks like it never will go out of style as well as looking luxurious and versatile.

  • Leigh

    I love all the tap pants, but the Heirloom Rose Pettipant make me feel absolutely beautiful. Love it.

  • Catherine

    I have to say, I really like the heirloom rose pettipants!

  • amaena

    I love the Heirloom Rose Chemise its beautiful and feminine.

  • Brianna

    My favorite item from the Farr West Lingerie website is the Vintage Silk Full Slip. It looks so glamorous and I imagine it feels luxurious to the touch.


  • http://brajunkie.blogspot.com/ Bra Junkie

    I love everything with lace! :)

  • http://travelnursetoybox.blogspot.com Travelnurse

    This is elegant looking!

  • Radmila

    love the Simply Silk Adjustable Strap Camisole in ivory!
    Radmila, rada76@mail.ru

  • Sara B.

    love the satin pettipant – so sweet!

  • JoAnn F

    I like the Satin Applique Camisole.
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  • Vickie Riddle

    Beautiful! The Vintage Silk Camisole would be another favorite.

  • Holly Storm-Burge

    I love the Vintage Bloom Full Slip. Thanks!


    Love the Silk Savannah Chemise

  • Ostapenco Olga

    Sophia Chemise – adorable!

  • http://shrimalimegha246.blogspot.in/ Megha Shrimali

    I Like this one here: http://www.farrwest.com/Vintage-Silk-Camisole_p_81.html
    Gorgeous piece!

  • Cybelle Oliveira

    I absolutely love Heirloom Rose Pettipant

  • raisa harper

    Everything looks amazing but if I had to pick I would say the Heirloom Rose Pettipant in black. It’s STUNNING!

  • Celeste

    Love the Heirloom Rose Pettipant!

  • Tian A.

    I like Sheer Georgette 30″ Full Slip, thank you.

  • http://www.thesardinetin.com Julie

    Such a tough choice… I think I’ll have to go for the Heirloom rose chemise!

  • Lily

    My favourite is the Heirloom Rose Camisole =D

  • Susan Churchwell

    Another vote for the vintage bloom romper, it’s cute and sexy and a little bit different! I think I like the merlot with black lace colour way best!

  • Ellie W

    I like the Spanish Lace Chemise

  • Christen

    Vintage Silk Full Slip!

  • Robin Wilson

    I like the Silk Slumber V-Neck Gown ~ so pretty

  • Katie

    That lace-edged chemise is gorgeous…

  • Ashley Morrissey

    Love the Heirloom Rose Pettipant!

  • Jessie

    I am madly in love with the Heirloom Rose Chemise.

  • Alexis

    I’m totally in love with the Heirloom Rose Pettipant!

  • Francisco Boni

    My girlfriend would look cute on the Vintage Bloom Camisole.

  • magpie

    Usually I dismiss rompers are too impractical, but the vintage bloom romper looks so very lovely!

  • http://piroskawolf.blogspot.com Piroska

    The Vintage Silk Full Slip is stunning, the colour is incredible and I love the lace-edged front split.

  • http://www.fashionscoopblog.com Amy

    French silk slip!

  • Jt

    The silk robes are spectacular.

  • Thomas Chappell

    My wife likes the Heirloom Rose Pettipant

  • Donna Kellogg

    Sophia Chemise
    it is simple but elegant :)

  • Shake M
  • John Hutchens

    Silk Savannah Chemise

  • ally marie

    i like Spanish Lace Pettipant

  • Niki

    I usually sleep in my birthday suit, but I would LOVE to wear the Vintage Silk Camisole and matching sleep-shorts whenever I have company and don’t want to alarm them. Hahaha!

  • Kirsten

    I absolutely love the Vintage Bloom Romper! It’s sophisticated, classy, cute, and sexy all in one.
    Haven’t seen a better New but Vintage Look lingerie shop that I liked this much in a long time!

  • Tricia Andrews

    I like the black Georgette Camisole

  • Rachael

    The vintage silk full slip is so gorgeous and glam!

  • ne-knopka

    Stretch Sensation Lace Bodice Chemise

  • Joy M.

    I would looove(!) the Vintage Bloom Romper! Absolutely gorgeous!
    Have a peek! http://www.farrwest.com/Vintage-Bloom-Romper_p_33.html

  • steven z

    Silk is so much better in the summer time ;)

  • Candice Hull

    I love the Heirloom Rose Pettipant, they have such a 20’s flapper vibe

  • Melissa

    the full silk chemises look beautiful!

  • Rebecca

    My favorite Farr West piece is the Sophia Chemise. It’s so simple and gorgeous!

  • Maria L..

    I absolutely ADORE the vintage bloom romper, especially in black! It’s an incredibly beautiful piece and such a classic that will be sexy and in style forever! Not to mention it looks so comfortable :)

  • Chris

    Definitely this wrap robe. In red.

  • Kay

    I love the Vintage Silk Full Slip

  • Kathleen

    LOVE the Vintage Silk Full Slip in black!

  • Passerina

    The red vintage silk pettipant is my favorite!

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    I love the Vintage Silk Full Slip

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    i love the Vintage Silk Full Slip in red! http://www.farrwest.com/Vintage-Silk-Full-Slip-_p_120.html

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    Vintage Bloom Romper

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