Spotlight on Buttress and Snatch Lingerie

Diamond Swarovski Set

Buttress & Snatch is a British brand famous for two things: 1) their vintage-inspired and completely theatrical burlesque style and 2) their commitment to making all their lingerie by hand in the UK. Founded in 1999 by Rachel Kenyon, Buttress & Snatch counts celebrities like Madonna, Christina Aguilera and Beth Ditto among its clients. Almost all the pieces have frills or ruffles or crystals or roses because this is lingerie that is meant to be seen.

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t deviate much from the a traditional size range (bras are 32B to 36D with a few E cups sprinkled here and there, and panties are S, M, & L). And this is definitely a high-end, luxury brand with the bras shown here starting around £79.00 or ~$120.00. I will say that for a handmade British label, I did expect more sizes to be available, but hopefully the company has plans to expand. My favorite bra is the Ballerina Tulle in black. I adore how it’s just fancy enough.

What do you think of Buttress and Snatch? Have you heard of this label before?

Queen of the Clover Set

Golden Rose Set

White Swan Set

Ballerina Bianca Set

Black Swan Set

Black Ballerina Set

Georgiana Set

Victoria Regina Set

Black Widow Set

Black Maria Set

Marie Lloyd Set

Coachanella Set

Cora Harrington

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  • Agnes Lakatos

    I saw your lingerie and its absolutly beautiful. I was wondering what sizes do they come in and is it available in Australia?

    • Treacle

      Hi Agnes, you’d want to check Buttress and Snatch’s website for that info.


  • Karolina

    Discovered them a while back and I’m still in love! Totally need that Victoria Regina set in my life.

  • MopRocks

    Personally I liked the simplicity of the Georgiana piece, but I might be biased in favor of lingerie that can be worn under something as well as on it’s own. Crushing the little roses on the ballet sets would be an absolute crime.

  • KathTea

    Too too TOO many favourites! Ended up pinning so so many on my board. But if I had to choose one :'( the Black Maria it is. It’s kind of quirky :D

  • Sweets

    Oh my god the Victoria Regina set is SO up my alley. Wow. I had never heard of them before, but I may have just found my new dream lingerie.

  • Ruth

    So obsessed with them! I can only hope to own a set or five one day..

  • Specskitten

    I’ve known about Buttress and Snatch for several years now – I saw one of their sets on the burlesque edition of Faking It, and went on a mission to find out where it was from! I was disappointed to find how limited the sizes were though – no matter how beautiful they are I can’t justify spending that sort of money on something that doesn’t really fit me:-(

  • That girl

    Omg ! Love love love. Please tell me you will do a look for less type post for these :)