Lovely in Lemon: 7 Lingerie Ideas for Easter

Image via Bettie Blue’s Loungerie

Estelle Puleston is a lingerie designer who really has a thing for lemon underthings – her entire first collection was this color! She runs Esty Lingerie when she’s not sewing suspenders or drooling over the latest Kiss Me Deadly releases. 

I’m not normally one for themed lingerie, but there’s something about Easter that just makes me want to don every vibrant shade of sunshine yellow I can get my hands on. Seemingly to fuel my addiction, a bunch of my favorite designers all have lemon-colored pieces in store right now! As if you needed an excuse to splurge on some more lingerie, here are seven great buys you might want to treat yourself to in place of an Easter egg this year….

Image via Made by Niki

What could be more “look at me!” than bright yellow lingerie? Bright yellow lingerie that’s topped with layer upon layer of flirty ruffles is what! This is the perfect frou-frou lingerie set to really make a statement on March 31st.

Image via Honey Cooler Handmade

I adore Honey Cooler Handmade’s unique style and these silk jacquard panties are no exception. At first glance, they’re simply gorgeous. Take a closer look, however, and you’ll see the brand’s quirky signature look really lies in the details – this time, thanks to a vintage lace insert embroidered with little deer!

Image via Knickerocker

Some lingerie was simply made for Easter, like these adorable panties by Knickerocker that are printed with chicks and feature an awesome ruffled-tulle back. These panties were made to be seen!

Image via Deborah Marquit

I have a love-hate relationship with neon lingerie; done wrong, it’s incredibly tacky. Done well, however, it just looks very, very expensive and I think I can safely say this fluorescent bra set falls into the second category – another one to show off!

Image via Eternal Spirits

For the corset lovers among us, if you haven’t heard about Eternal Spirits yet you’re really missing out! Handmade in the UK, I simply adore everything they do, but this eye-catching combination of yellow and pink is a definite favorite.

Image via Bettie Blue’s Loungerie

I just love how floaty and glamorous this vintage-inspired babydoll set is, and the color is sure to put a smile on your face – they say themselves that it will “brighten up the rainiest of summer days”!

Image via Love Me Sugar

I bought a friend a Love Me Sugar eye mask for Christmas and I’ve given a couple away as blog prizes too, so I’ve had a chance to see the luxury quality of these masks first hand, but strangely I have yet to buy myself one. I plan to in 2013 and I have a feeling it will be this glorious sunshine-yellow one!

Gift-giving tip: If you’re buying your partner lemon lingerie for Easter, pop it inside an egg-shaped gift box from eBay or Amazon, wrap in foil and tie with a ribbon bow – they’ll have no idea!

Holly Jackson

The Full Figured Chest provides creative and elegant copywriting for the high end lingerie industry.

9 Comments on this post

  1. I have never been a fan of yellow; however i think you may have just won me over. Some beautiful lingerie and the colour looks great.

  2. Estelle, I’m going to wear yellow this Spring and Summer. I have none yellow lingerie but it will change this year :)
    Very nice article.


    • Estelle says:

      Glad to inspire ;) My ‘obsession’ started a year ago when I bought a bright yellow bra set in La Senza, it was the first yellow lingerie I’d seen and now I see the colour everywhere!

  3. Ligeia says:

    Lovely selection! I love yellow for lingerie but I have to add more :) Recently I got the Lemon Sorbet from Gossard and it’s a great hint of colour n my lingerie drawers :D

    • Estelle says:

      That’s definitely a gorgeous one if you just want a hint of lemon rather than all-out yellow :) A few Claudette pieces have just a hint of yellow too.

      I wish I’d seen the Fleur of England Lemon Cello range before I wrote this article too, all of those pieces would have been perfect to include!

  4. Julian says:

    Yellow lingerie can be quite cute especially combined with white frills or lace, however on its own it is not a nice colour

  5. This looks like a little slice of sunshine! I think yellow lingerie is tricky, but this makes me want to give it a try :)

    • Estelle says:

      I used to think yellow was a ‘tricky’ colour to wear too, like it would make me look sickly and yellow myself (and clash with my ginger hair!), but now it’s my second-favourite colour to wear (after red)! All summer long I’m in yellow dresses, yellow bikinis and yellow lingerie :)

  6. Violet says:

    What a great color! Very cute!

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