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Lingerie of the Week: Shell Belle Couture ‘Beau’ Bathing Suit

Shell Belle Couture ‘Beau’ Bathing Suit. $142 via Faire Frou Frou.

This week’s lingerie of the week isn’t quite lingerie, but it’s so lovely, I couldn’t resist. Shell Belle Couture is a pretty new lingerie brand (they’ve only been around since 2010), and any new brand will tell you it’s a struggle to stand out in a pretty crowded field. I like how Shell Belle is doing vintage-inspired pieces without making explicitly vintage lingerie, and I admire how their collections look like nothing else on the market right now. To me, this ‘Beau’ Bathing Suit is a standout piece from their latest range.

Rene Gruau Swan Advertisement, via Frou Frou Fashionista

I love the cheeky play on words (‘beau’ and ‘bow’), and how I like the stark, graphic styling of this suit reminds me of Rene Gruau’s artwork. But I don’t think I’d wear this as a bathing suit. Instead, I’d let it be the cutest tank top in the world. The Beau bathing suit retails for $142.00 at Faire Frou Frou and is available in sizes S, M, and L (fitting a maximum 10US).

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