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Five Essential Items to Add to Your Lingerie Drawer In 2013

Image via Bravissimo

Items for this column were provided by Julie France Body-Shapers and Dear Kate. All opinions are my own.

We’ve been buried in cold (and snowy!) weather here in the South for the past week, so I’ve been using all the time I’m stuck inside as an excuse to audit my lingerie collection. January is a great time to throw out bras that are dead, donate bras that don’t fit, ditch panties with holes in them (I don’t care if no one else will see them, they’re depressing), and to generally take stock of your lingerie drawer.

However, when you’re replacing parts of your lingerie wardrobe I think it’s worth doing it mindfully. For me this means making a list of what I have, along with items I need and want. That way, when I come across pieces through 2013 I can see where they fit into my lifestyle. Here are my ten essentials that I am working on incorporating into my collection this year!

Image via Julie France Body-Shapers

1. Shapewear I’m actually comfortable in.
As a fan of wiggle-style dresses, I really love shapewear and appreciate the smooth line it creates. However, since I live in a warm climate most shapewear makes me feel like a half-melted icecube, and most of the events I go to that require shapewear also require eating and drinking. Maybe I’m lazy, but those giant shapewear panties that you can’t get out of until you get home just don’t do it for me. Luckily, Julie France Body-Shapers offered to send me several pieces from their new line of shapewear which is lighter for warmer climates! Their Léger Tummy Shaper meets all of my picky requirements, and is so great that I’ve been wearing it for non-fancy occasions too. It’s now gotten me through everything from a black tie cocktail party to Christmas dinner with my family.

Image via Bravissimo

2. A great plunge bra. 
Even if you’re not a superfan of the plunge bra, they’re essential as a wardrobe solution. While it’s hard to find a great one if you’re in the H+ cup sizes, Bravissimo is filling the gap admirably with their Satine bra. I love them so much I own three. They are smooth, sexy, and I’ve never found a dress or shirt that they didn’t work under. These go up to a J cup, but don’t despair if that still doesn’t work for you. Ewa Michalak still makes fantastic plunge bras up to a KK cup, although their offerings haven’t been nearly as interesting in terms of design lately.

Image via Figleaves

3. A great full coverage bra. 
I’m not going to start the great debate about moulded versus seamed bras today, since that’s really a matter of personal taste. Fuller coverage bras now come in all shapes and sizes now, and are perfect under almost anything. You can go with a trendy option like this Elomi bra, or opt for the tried and true nude t-shirt bra. Either way, don’t underestimate how great finding the perfect “everyday” bra can make you feel.

Image via Dear Kate

4. Panties you can put through the washing machine.

I love pretty lacy panties as much as the next person, but sometimes I get really tired of handwashing every piece of underwear I own. It’s even worse now that this cold snap is here. I like having a few pairs of panties on reserve that I can put through the washer and are also fashionable and pretty. These Dear Kate panties have been a favorite of mine, and the performance fabric that they use feels like it would work well for yoga classes and other athletic activities as well.

Image via Bijte

5. One sexy lingerie set that makes you feel awesome. 

Everyone should have a special lingerie set that makes them feel like a Hollywood starlet. The options can be a little limited in this area for full busted women, which is one of the many reasons I’m thankful for Bijte. Their camis and babydolls are high quality, provide fabulous support without wires, and represent a gigantic leap forward in the world of full busted lingerie.

What’s on your list for 2013? What lingerie essentials can you not live without?

Holly Jackson

The Full Figured Chest provides creative and elegant copywriting for the high end lingerie industry.

2 Comments on this post

  1. Maru says:

    I’m always looking for lingerie in my size and fit and – surprisingly – it seems that although the lingerie market seems to expand in many ways, I have a harder time finding anything suitable in my size (about. 32E US) and fit (classic full cup, not balconette, not padded, etc…) and even harder to find something pretty.

    So I am sending out my wish list of 2013 to the Lingerie Fairy:

    1) A well-fitting bra bra and shorty, in smooth emerald green material with printed designs (Oriental).

    2) A full bust swimsuit for sport that is well-fitting but pretty.

    3) Compression stockings in pretty styles and colors!

  2. Lahnna says:

    1. Thongs or no-show panties are a must have all the time now. I never seem to have enough. Now that I buy a lot more body-hugging pieces and outfits, thongs are an absolute essential so that I am comfortable and cannot feel the threat of panty lines invading my day.

    2. Lingerie. It is so hard to fit my customers in lingerie. Either they come in with a very specific picture in their heads and refuse to open their minds to other possibilities, or they have no idea what they want and I get the, “I’ll know it when I see it” response. Nevertheless, I am still expected to work some magic. We had some beautiful halter style chiffon babydolls around Christmas time that would’ve have looked killer on full bust women, and so many of them turned their noses up at them. We had 5 gorgeous colors and prints!

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