Surprise! It’s a Holiday Lingerie Giveaway from Playful Promises!

You know…we usually only offer 3 giveaways per year on The Lingerie Addict: 1 for Valentine’s Day, 1 for our April blogaversary, and 1 sometime in the fall (between October and November). And that’s deliberate. I don’t want TLA to become just a place for giveaway hunters and freebie seekers. I want it to be a hub for people who really love and appreciate and want to know more about lingerie.

But 2012 has been such a good year for The Lingerie Addict – such an amazing, astounding, awesome year – that it didn’t feel right to let it end without one more celebration. A little token of gratitude for the people who enable me to do what I love everyday…namely, you.

So I’ve partnered with Playful Promises to sponsor our last giveaway of 2012 and to spread a little holiday cheer. If you haven’t heard of them yet, Playful Promises is known for being a little bit retro, a little bit quirky, and a little bit dirty. And Playful Promises sponsored one of my very first giveaways back in 2009 (i.e. when almost no one knew about this blog) so it’s nice to have them back. :-)

My dear, lovely readers…you have the opportunity to win the entire ‘Love’ collection from Playful Promises. Valued at £147.50 (approximately $236.00), that includes the bra, brief, g-string, suspender belt, and garter chemise – all in a perfect shade of seasonal red.

And since this is our last giveaway of the year, we’re really celebrating by offering more than the usual number of entries. You can get up to 7 (yes, seven) entries between now and next Monday…that’s 1 new entry every day of the contest! As usual, leaving a comment on this blog post is required, but after that, the other 6 are entirely up to you. Enter as little (or as much!) as you like.

Oh! And I nearly forgot! Playful Promises has also given an exclusive discount to TLA readers. Simply enter PLAYFULADDICTS at checkout to save 20%.

But that’s enough chatter from me. Here’s how you can enter our last giveaway of the year:

  1. Leave a comment with your favorite Playful Promises item. This entry is mandatory.
  2. Like Playful Promises on Facebook.
  3. Follow Playful Promises on Tumblr.
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Please use the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of this post for all your entries so we can keep track of them.

The Playful Promises Holiday Lingerie Giveaway ends next Monday, December 17th at 11:59 p.m. The contest winner will be chosen at random by December 21st,  and the winner will be contacted privately via e-mail and publicly announced on The contest winner must respond within 48 hours to claim their prize or a new winner will be chosen. Giveaway is open internationally. In the event the contest winner’s bra size is not made by Playful Promises, an alternate prize will be provided. Employees, advertisers, and affiliates of The Lingerie Addict are ineligible to win.

As always, thanks so much for reading The Lingerie Addict and good luck!

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  1. ashley
    10/12/12 at 4:08

    ohmygoodness what a wonderful holiday giveaway!!! This is so exciting! My absolute favorite Playful Promises item would have to be the Morgana lace & mesh suspender skirt or garter dress. The back design of both is gorgeous, I love the way it exposes your butt! But I also love the Peach Detail Waspie! Both are absolutely amazing and who couldn’t love them!?!

  2. Hannah
    10/12/12 at 4:46

    I haven’t bought anything from Playful Promises before, but I’ve always wanted one of their Dominique bras.

  3. Syrah
    10/12/12 at 5:10

    My favourite Playful Promises item is their Vintage Stich Corset. The entire piece breathes this vintage sexyness although on first sight it looks very subtle. I’d love to have it one day, maybe even very soon with the discount! Great givaway ^^

  4. 10/12/12 at 8:09

    My favourite is their Etti Satin Longline bra! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  5. Dasha
    10/12/12 at 8:10

    Oh my! That’s just perfect!
    I’ve been in love with the black vamp garter dress for a long time, it’s a pity my size has been sold out
    And genie lace set! I love it!

  6. Denise
    10/12/12 at 8:29

    I like the Dominique set! How fun is that?!

  7. Aurian
    10/12/12 at 8:35

    I just discovered this brand but I’m loving what I see on their website so far! I think my favorite one is the Margot Blush Pink bra,

  8. Claudine
    10/12/12 at 8:40

    My favourite has to be the Love Red Vintage Stitch Corset. So gorgeous! Red lingerie is the best of all :)

  9. cecilia
    10/12/12 at 8:41

    It has to be Rose, that beautiful lace.

  10. 10/12/12 at 8:45

    I love the heart breaker set which i got in red and black. My favourite :D

  11. Cassie
    10/12/12 at 8:51

    The entire Gilda set is lovely, but I especially like the longline bra!

  12. Isabel
    10/12/12 at 8:51

    My favorite is the Dominique longline bra, so beautiful!

  13. Bones
    10/12/12 at 8:54


  14. Steffie D
    10/12/12 at 8:54

    I adore the Dominique set too, I’m so in love with it :3

  15. 10/12/12 at 8:54

    My favorite is Margot set.

  16. Alice
    10/12/12 at 8:57

    Lovely to see a small UK based label becoming so popular! Such sexy and classic designs! Love it x

  17. A
    10/12/12 at 8:58

    The Kitty Ivory Tulle and Stitch Garter Dress! Swoooon <3

  18. Adair
    10/12/12 at 9:00

    I love the Kitty Ivory Tulle and Stitch Garter dress, there’s something about the innocence of the white that’s really sweet and endearing. Though love the love crimson set for the holidays!!

  19. 10/12/12 at 9:02

    I absolutely love the dominique set! Still am yet to get my hands on it, boo!!!


  20. Rae rae
    10/12/12 at 9:14

    I think I have fallen in love oh my goodness. To put down a favourite of mine would be impossible, every time I look at an item I fall in love with an aspect of it. The heart noir set, something Ive seen so many brands try and do but fail so bad, and love lingerie have pulled it off perfectly. Even the simpler things like the showgirl rose panties have the most perfect touch of class (and ass ) that make me crave for them to be mine <3_<3 A massive fan xo

  21. 10/12/12 at 9:17

    What an awesome giveaway!

    I love the Oh You Tease set, I have a similar bra from Playful Promises and the fit is amazing.

  22. Laura
    10/12/12 at 9:17

    Amazing give away, and a wonderful line of lingerie that I need to get my hands on at some point. I’ve had my eye on the Dominque or the Etti set from Playful Promises – I can’t make up my mind which is my favourite, I love both of the longline bras with the caging.

  23. Lily
    10/12/12 at 9:28

    Ooh, I have the Dominique set and love it! And the Love set has been next on my wishlist for quite a while.

  24. 10/12/12 at 9:33

    I seem to be in agreement with everyone; the Dominique set is fab! I can’t get enough of this site or your blog; happy posting!

  25. Haley
    10/12/12 at 9:34

    Wow this is amazing! My favorite thing from Playful Promises is hands down the Vintage Stitch Corset in Blush, it’s GORGEOUS!

  26. 10/12/12 at 9:35

    Etti Satin Longline bra is my absolute favourite, lovelllyyyyy.

  27. Sirena
    10/12/12 at 9:37

    My boyfriend’s jaw will drop. I need this.

  28. Eilidh
    10/12/12 at 9:52

    When I die I’d like to be buried in this set

  29. Hayley
    10/12/12 at 9:55

    I absolutely love the Dominique set, especially the corset!

  30. 10/12/12 at 9:58

    I love the Etti Satin Longline bra, it’s been one of my favourites for so long xoxo

  31. 10/12/12 at 10:03

    My favourite item is the Gilda longline bra (obviously paired with the gilda high-waist breif, YUM) – it’s going to be my reward for going to the gym and getting abs worthy of strutting around in that in front of boyfriend ;)

  32. Kathleen
    10/12/12 at 10:14

    The garter dress of course.

  33. Avigayil
    10/12/12 at 10:16

    I have to say the Vamp Corselette Dress is stellar. Truly lovely.

  34. Kathleen
    10/12/12 at 10:18

    Also, thanks.

  35. Holly
    10/12/12 at 10:37

    My favourite item by Playful Promises is their rose peach lace bra (and accompanying briefs, too!).

  36. Mariah West
    10/12/12 at 10:43

    i adore the genie black lace bra. very very pretty, and very comfortable:)

  37. Katie
    10/12/12 at 10:47

    My favorite is the Love Red Vintage Stitch Corset!

  38. Shannon
    10/12/12 at 10:49

    So hard to choose a favorite, but I think right now mine has to be the Dominique longline bra and overt high waist brief! Sp gorgeous.

  39. Shannon
    10/12/12 at 10:49

    So hard to choose a favorite, but I think right now mine has to be the Dominique longline bra and overt high waist brief! So gorgeous.

  40. Laura
    10/12/12 at 10:53

    I love their heart bra sets there soo cute :D

  41. 10/12/12 at 10:58

    I really have always wanted the dominique longline bra. I love the retro idea behind it but find it very modern. I think it would be a lovely piece to wear underneath a blazer on a night out. I also am dying to get the Beauty Queen Tin- December cause my birthday is at the end of this month. :)

  42. Marcie
    10/12/12 at 10:59

    I have had my eye on the Juliette lace underwire bra for a while and matching briefs! May have to treat myself with an early Christmas present!

  43. Laura
    10/12/12 at 11:07


  44. Scout
    10/12/12 at 11:10

    That Love collection is gorgeous; what a great color!

  45. Livvy
    10/12/12 at 11:15

    My favourite product has to be the blush silk shirt! Got my eye on it!

  46. 10/12/12 at 11:20

    Whoa, another giveaway!! That vintage stitch corset has been seducing me for a while, it looks so beautiful…

  47. 10/12/12 at 11:24

    Giveaway yey!
    I’ve had my eye on the Vintage Stitch corset in black for awhile. i haven’t bought it but its such a lovely piece!

  48. Sara
    10/12/12 at 11:25

    I love the Etti collection, especially the longline bra!

  49. Jorgia
    10/12/12 at 11:32

    I love the look of the romance plum waspie.

  50. Mattesyn
    10/12/12 at 11:32

    I absolutely love the Geological Digital Print Skater Dress! So bring and would be absolutely perfect for any occasion! But I must admit I also am completely seduced by the Love Crimson Tulle and Stitch sets! <3

  51. Rachel
    10/12/12 at 11:34

    My favorite is still definitely the Dominique longline bra.

  52. Carrie
    10/12/12 at 11:37

    I love everything in the Gilda and Dominique collections!

  53. Sydney Konuch
    10/12/12 at 11:42

    It’s hard to say what my favorite one item is, but if I had to pick I would definitely say the Vintage Stitch Corset in ANY colour. It’s so classic and beautifully made. I would probably end up wearing it now until the rest of my life.

  54. Tamara
    10/12/12 at 11:47

    My favorite is their Dominique longline bra, so gorgeous!

  55. 10/12/12 at 11:52

    Soooo in love with the Ophelia set <3

  56. 10/12/12 at 11:54

    I just absolutely adore the Etti Satin Longline bra!

  57. 10/12/12 at 12:09

    True Love soft cup bra is my favourite ♥

  58. Sarah
    10/12/12 at 12:16

    Oooh, I have to say that my utmost favorite is the vintage peach corset, it’s just such a beautiful color and breathes sexiness

  59. Bonnie M
    10/12/12 at 12:21

    Beautiful set. I’d love to own this.

  60. akhMSW
    10/12/12 at 12:26

    Is anyone else very sad that the biggest cup size they seem to have is a 36DD/E? Now of course, this is a small brand, and will have limited availability for sizing as a result… but pretty please, Treacle, could you try to have keep in mind the many of us on here with larger busts- or maybe have a dual give away for smaller and larger bust sizes? So sad to miss out on all the delightful and gorgeous thing opportunities. Le sigh.

    • 10/12/12 at 13:11

      I’ll definitely keep that in mind for next year’s giveaways. :)

  61. Jessica
    10/12/12 at 12:29

    Oh goodness, the Gilda set is so beautiful!

  62. Yaara
    10/12/12 at 12:32

    My favorite item is the Etti Satin Retro Bra! (:

  63. Rob
    10/12/12 at 12:39

    I think the Vamp Corselette Dress is amazing and would look perfect on that special someone!

  64. Anna
    10/12/12 at 12:44

    I really love the entire Gilda set, especially the longline suspender girdle- it’s gorgeous!

  65. 10/12/12 at 12:46

    You do indeed spoil us, Treacle! We all love giveaways, but TLA will never be a site for giveaway hunters. I speak for myself, though I admit I won’t read every article, there is always something every week that peaks my interest. The vast amount of information and the different perspectives on lingerie related matters always makes for a worthwhile read. :)

    As for Playful Promises, their lingerie is adorable! I’ve lusted after the Dominique bra for some time, but it’s the little knickers in tins that make me swoon. The colours and the cuts and little pin-up tins, it can’t get any cuter! I’m looking forward to the new lingerie sets they’re selling from March/April 2013 (I think!) by designers selected in a competition they held earlier this year. They’ve released some images on facebook and I’m definitely interested :)

    Happy holidays! :)

  66. 10/12/12 at 12:46

    I love the Vamp Corselette Dress.

  67. Lindsey
    10/12/12 at 12:52

    I love the color and shape of the Romance Plum Waspie

  68. Megan Sanders
    10/12/12 at 12:54

    I LOVE the vamp corselette dress!

  69. 10/12/12 at 13:07

    That Ophelia Eyelash set, simply stunning! What a lovely brand all around!

  70. Jeff
    10/12/12 at 13:09

    Congratulations on a great year and awesome blog. I have to go with your photo pick for my favorite Playful Promises piece (and ensemble)–The Love Crimson Tulle and Stich bra is perfect for the holidays, the Juliette Ultramarine Lace bra and brief was a close runner up!

  71. Tamsyn
    10/12/12 at 13:12

    The Tuxedo playsuit has been on my wishlist for AGES. How gamine and playful would you feel lounging around in that with a glass of scotch? Yum!

  72. Alec
    10/12/12 at 13:13

    Everything by Playful Promises is gorgeous! But my favorite would have to be the Dominique Longline bra!

  73. Roxana
    10/12/12 at 13:14

    Wow, this is a great thing that you’re doing! That set is one of my favourite from Playful Promises, along with the True Love and Jasmine, they are so lovely.

  74. 10/12/12 at 13:20

    the etti satin long line bra is bananas. So are all the other pieces in that collection.

  75. Alicia
    10/12/12 at 13:25

    I love the tuxedo playsuit!

  76. Lariah
    10/12/12 at 13:43

    My favorite item is the Kitty Ivory Tulle and Stitch Garter Dress!

  77. mallory kramer
    10/12/12 at 13:46

    I simply love the entire Dominique set! breathtaking!

  78. Madeline M.
    10/12/12 at 13:46

    I love the vintage stitch corset! Such a pretty fashion corset.

  79. Pete
    10/12/12 at 13:49

    I think the Dominique Corset is a very sexy and sleek design that would be my favorite to see on my significant other.

  80. Katie
    10/12/12 at 13:55

    I love the giveaway set! My favorite!

  81. Pete
    10/12/12 at 13:59

    By the way, I may be wrong, but I thought normally before confirming an entry in the rafflecopter for example “Following on Tumblr”, I thought we had to provide our own personal tumblr url into the raffle copter for verification? After I followed Playful Promises on Tumblr (already following TLA on Tumblr) I saw no such box in the rafflecopter to put my url. Clarification please? Thank you for this great opportunity!

  82. Liz
    10/12/12 at 14:00

    I love the Playful Promises Dominique items, especially the longline bra!

  83. Alli
    10/12/12 at 14:02

    My favorite item has to be the Vintage Stitch Corset in blush. I’ve been eyeing it for ages and I’m hoping that I’ll find it beneath the Christmas tree this year since I have it on my list!

  84. Krystal
    10/12/12 at 14:09

    The Love Garter Dress is actually my current favorite thing being offered by Playful Promises, that and the Vamp Corselette Dress. Overall I really enjoy their use of color.

  85. Marcus
    10/12/12 at 14:12

    We have not order anything yet but she likes the Tuxedo Playsuit and the Classic Red Tailored Dress. She likes the Heart Breaker Purple set for the Playsuit and the Crimson Tulle and Stitch Brief, Suspender Belt, Bra, and the Vintage Love Red Corset with some Black Retro Seamed Stockings!

  86. Heather
    10/12/12 at 14:16

    Oh my goodness. This set is lovely. I am a huge admirer of Playful Promises and The Lingerie Addict. What a perfect pairing. I follow both blogs on tumblr and they are always the highlights of my dashboard.

  87. Larisa Phillips
    10/12/12 at 14:16

    The vintage stitch corset in red is sooo hot! The love giveaway set is pretty awesome too.

  88. Thea
    10/12/12 at 14:17

    I just love the Dominique Longline Bra! <3 This is an amazing giveaway set!

  89. Shannon
    10/12/12 at 14:24

    I love the Gilda set, especially the longline bra! Someday I’d like to be able to afford it… :)

  90. 10/12/12 at 14:31

    I’m not a person who wears lingerie, but I know my girlfriend would look amazing in the givaway items. She’s wanted to get a garter belt for ages, so here’s giving it a shot.

  91. 10/12/12 at 14:36

    The Vintage Stitch Corset in blush! Love light pink!!

  92. Jessica Bartik
    10/12/12 at 14:47

    This giveaway is amazing! I think that my favorite piece would have to be Elli satin longline bra! It’s gorgeous

  93. Lily
    10/12/12 at 14:48

    Absolutely adore the black satin waspie… Anything to make a shape look even more hourglass!

  94. Isabelle
    10/12/12 at 14:48

    I actually don’t own anything from Playful Promises, as a student my shopping is quite limited. But I’ve heard a lot of Playful Promises, and would love to try them out.

    My favourite thing would be the briefs in those small tins, especially the circus ones. I found them really cute and tins gives a small story about them.

  95. Taryn
    10/12/12 at 14:49

    My favourite piece by Playful Promises is the Dominique longline bra!

  96. Alana
    10/12/12 at 14:59

    I love the entire Dominque set!

  97. Danielle
    10/12/12 at 15:00

    My favorite piece from Playful Promises is anything from the Gilda collection! I love the bras, especially.

  98. Sarah
    10/12/12 at 15:01

    Always been a big fan of this set… Yay.

  99. Samantha
    10/12/12 at 15:07

    I love the Heartbreaker purple bra, and the crimson tulle and stitch bra. I love the way they have constructed the corsets as well, with that little extra round bit on the hip. I have wide hips so I imagine that would fit wonderfully. All of their items are so beautiful. I can imagine myself throwing all of these around like in the movies :P

  100. 10/12/12 at 15:09

    I am absolutely in love with this brand. Im especially in love with the Vamp Corselette Dress. It’s so so sexy. I also love the Etti Satin Retro bra and panties set.

  101. Becca
    10/12/12 at 15:10

    I don’t own anything from Playful Promises, my budget is pretty limited.. But my favourite has to be the Vintage Stitch Corset, it’s so sexy!

  102. Rose
    10/12/12 at 15:14

    I like the Gilda push-up best. <3

  103. Alicia Rose
    10/12/12 at 15:14

    My favourite is the Vamp Corselette Dress. Love love love!

  104. 10/12/12 at 15:20

    My favorite it the Peach Detail Waspie underbust corset. But the Margot is stunning too.

  105. Khala
    10/12/12 at 15:25

    Oh i love the dominique longline bra!

  106. 10/12/12 at 15:27

    Dominique Longline Bra exactly what I have been looking for at an affordable price!! Buying one as soon as I get paid, thanks for the discount code too :D Fingers crossed for the competition!!

  107. McClain
    10/12/12 at 15:30

    what an awesome giveaway! and gorgeous lingerie. huge fan of both playful promises and TLA <3 <3

  108. Erika
    10/12/12 at 15:32

    What a lovely, vintage-inspired collection!

    • Erika
      17/12/12 at 18:54

      but i definitely think that the love collection is my favorite – you can’t beat the vivacious red color.

  109. 10/12/12 at 15:34

    Eeek, what an awesome giveaway!!! SO glad I saw it on tumblr. squee…. They have so many goodies I love.

    Let’s start off with the Flamingo Ring Bandeau and the matching Flamingo Frilly Bikini Brief…now that I dropped off that 31 pounds I can SO wear that!! *wink* and I totally love the little flamingos on it.

    I adore the Vintage Stitch Corset – Blush and Black! So romantic. And the Love Crimson Tulle and Stitch Garter Dress.

  110. Ginger
    10/12/12 at 15:34

    I love the corsets, especially the lace-trimmed waspies:)

  111. Erin
    10/12/12 at 15:34

    I love the whole Etti line!

  112. MopRocks
    10/12/12 at 15:34

    Oof, the only time I’ve ever wished I had a tumblr.

  113. Estelle
    10/12/12 at 15:35

    Favourite item has got to bed the Love Red Vintage Stitch Corset – but the red pieces in this giveaway are super gorgeous too!

  114. 10/12/12 at 15:36

    I absolutely adore the Dominique corset and the Vamp Corselette Dress! They’re so incredibly sexy. :) This giveaway is amazing! <3

  115. 10/12/12 at 15:40

    Their frilly knickers are my favourite :)

  116. Fiona
    10/12/12 at 15:42

    What a great giveaway! I love both the Love Crimson Tulle and Stitch Garter Dress and the Ivory Kitty Tulle and Stitch Garter Dress. Can’t decide.

    Merry HO HO and Happy Holidays!

  117. Helen T.
    10/12/12 at 15:42

    The lace and off center ribbon on their Peach Detail Waspie is adorable.

  118. Lyndi Malarchuk
    10/12/12 at 15:44

    What a gorgeous set!!!! Does it come in “busty” sizes? I’m a UK 32 or 34G.

  119. Kai
    10/12/12 at 15:44

    The Domonique bra is lovely, but it’s second place to my favorite item – the Kitty garter dress! I must have it!

  120. Gem Evans
    10/12/12 at 15:45

    Im really excited about this give-away,beautiful!

  121. jessica
    10/12/12 at 15:46

    the dominique suspender belt is definitely my favorite.

  122. Jennifer
    10/12/12 at 15:47

    I adore the Blush Vintage Stitch corset with the matching ruffle panty. Elegant and sexy!

  123. Trinity
    10/12/12 at 15:52

    The Etti satin longline bra is my faaaaaaaavorite. I’ve been dying to get my hands on it since it came out.

  124. Rita Lobo
    10/12/12 at 15:56

    Gilda Limited Edition Longline Bra is so sexy!!

  125. Kaylee
    10/12/12 at 15:57

    I love their garter dresses! Especially the Kitty Ivory Tulle and Stitch… so soft and feminine!

  126. Christina K.
    10/12/12 at 15:59

    My absolute favorite item has always been the etti satin longline bra! It’s gorgeous and if I had it I would never take it off. =)

  127. Leigh
    10/12/12 at 15:59

    Everything is so beautiful! I like the Tease Me set & the Kitty Ivory Tulle Dress, & the….

  128. Angelica
    10/12/12 at 16:14

    It’s hard to pick just one item but if I have to choose, I’d have to say that my favorite item from Playful promises is the Dominique Longline Bra. :)

  129. Tabi
    10/12/12 at 16:17

    I LOOOVEEE the Vintage Stitch Corset in Blush by Playful Promises. I love it because I’ve been looking for something that has a vintage touch, but not too vintage, but also has a soft ballet look to it. I love how sweet and delicate it looks!

  130. Amanda
    10/12/12 at 16:19

    I like the Dominique set so much!

  131. David
    10/12/12 at 16:19

    I’m risking looking like a perv on FB and Pinterest to win this for my wife. =)

    =) Love ya, Treacle.

    – Capn

  132. 10/12/12 at 16:22

    I love Playful Promises!

  133. Bri
    10/12/12 at 16:25

    I love all of Playful Promise’s corsets! So beautiful!

  134. Mara
    10/12/12 at 16:26

    Kitty Ivory Tulle and Stitch Garter Dress is my favorite :3

  135. Michelle Y.
    10/12/12 at 16:28

    i love love loveeee the etti longline bra + knickers.. so beautiful!

  136. Irene
    10/12/12 at 16:31

    My favorite item has to be the Dominique longline bra! I own the Etti bra and it’s such a gorgeous design, so I hope I can indulge in the black version sometime in the future. The matching panties are gorgeous too!

  137. 10/12/12 at 16:34

    I love the Vamp Corselette Dress! Sexy simplicity, perfection!!!

  138. 10/12/12 at 16:36

    I love the Dominque set!

  139. Molly
    10/12/12 at 16:37

    My favorite piece has to be the Vintage Stich Corset, but I can’t choose a color! Each is sexy in its own way. LOVE it.

  140. Amber W
    10/12/12 at 16:38

    I love the vintage styling of this range, and know it would make me feel like the glamorous 50s femme fatales whose style I love. I am also getting married next Spring and my fiance just booked us a short but special honeymoon – both wedding and this will have a 50s flavour and I would so love the chance to wear something so glamourous to enhance our experience!

  141. 10/12/12 at 16:39

    My favourite from them has to be the Vintage -stitch Corset in blush. So gorgeous ^_^

  142. Romina Salinas-Munoz
    10/12/12 at 16:46

    Can I win it all? :D

    I have to go with the vintage stitch corset in Blush

  143. Hillary
    10/12/12 at 16:54

    The Vamp Corselette Dress is to.die.for.

  144. William Cruse
    10/12/12 at 16:55

    I would have to say the Crimson Tulle and Stitch Garter Dress.

  145. Ana Tomás
    10/12/12 at 16:57

    My favorite item is the Dominique Longline Bra, love it!

  146. Tasha Russell
    10/12/12 at 16:58

    I’ve always been desperate to buy something from Playful Promises! The Genie Lace Triangle bra + knickers are my absolute favourite, simple, sexy and black underwear always looks good. I also love all the frilly knickers :)

  147. 10/12/12 at 16:58

    I’m such a lingerie addict!! This ensemble is just PERFECT! <3

  148. Jessica
    10/12/12 at 17:01

    I’ve been looking for a nice longline bra – love the Ettie Satin Longline Bra on their site!! Though I’m always partial to a good garter belt.

  149. Sophie
    10/12/12 at 17:02

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! I love when your posts come up on tumblr and you’re gorgeous as hell.
    I think my favourite set is the dominique one, just something a little bit different as compared to the rest of the stock.

  150. heather snitch
    10/12/12 at 17:13

    What a beautiful set! Merry Christmas!

  151. SH
    10/12/12 at 17:18

    So hard to pick a favourite but I do love the longline bras in Etti and Dominique!

  152. Dani
    10/12/12 at 17:18

    I love the Margot Blush Pink Bra, the set itself is gorgeous with a vintage, feminine feel.

  153. Emily
    10/12/12 at 17:31

    I’ve been wanting a longline bra for a while and the Gilda is just lovely! But I also don’t have any red lingerie, so the Love set would hardly go unappreciated!

  154. Elaira
    10/12/12 at 17:36

    What a dreamy giveaway! I’ve been drooling over the Kitty Ivory Tulle and Stitch Suspender Belt since I first saw it! Even if it’s not in the giveaway, it will be mine one day… xD

  155. Chelsea
    10/12/12 at 17:37

    I’m in love with the whole Kitty Ivoy Tulle and Stich set!

  156. Winter
    10/12/12 at 17:46

    It’s perfecttttttttttttttt.

  157. Clara Lynn
    10/12/12 at 17:51

    I’ve never bought anything from Playful Promises, but the Vamp Corselette Dress is really beautiful and I think I might end up buying it when I get the cash to do so

  158. Megan
    10/12/12 at 17:56

    Great give away, I am an utter sucker for anything in shades of red.

  159. Anna
    10/12/12 at 18:09

    Oh, I’ve always wanted something from playful promises! This is so cool!

  160. Gemma-Holly
    10/12/12 at 18:22

    I couldn’t possibly choose between the Velvet Valentine pasties and the Genie lace triangle bra…possibly worn together!

  161. Jen
    10/12/12 at 18:27

    Although most of their items are lovely, I love the Romance Plum Waspie. Pretty colour, nice contrasting lace and it would fit me :)

  162. Scarlet
    10/12/12 at 18:27

    This is an amazing contest. I’m so glad 2012 was good to you Treacle!

  163. Sarah S.
    10/12/12 at 18:31

    I love this outfit. I’ve been looking into getting a nice holiday set all month and this one is perfect!

  164. Landice
    10/12/12 at 18:42

    I’d never seen their website before, but I love the mix of vintage-y pieces they have. When I have money in the future I’ll for sure be checking out the entire Jasmine collection. I especially love the bra and garter belt.

  165. Kathleen K
    10/12/12 at 18:42

    I just discovered this site! Wow! My favorite is the Vintage stitch corset so lovely.

  166. Natalie
    10/12/12 at 18:47

    I haven’t bought anything frOm them but I love the Vamp corselette Dress

  167. Fiona
    10/12/12 at 18:52

    The Etti and the dominique are definitely tied for me. The Dominique panties are just so risque I keep justifying not buying them.

  168. 10/12/12 at 19:11

    I personally am in love with the Vintage Lace Underbust. It’s simply divine! I’m super self conscious about my mid-section, so a good under bust is always a must!

  169. Jocelyn
    10/12/12 at 19:14

    The bra is definitely my favorite of these sets, but the chemise is an extremely close second! Such beautiful lines. And they’re so flattering for girls like me without noticeable curves.

  170. Morgan
    10/12/12 at 19:33

    I had no idea they sold clothing as well. They have some gorgeous clothing! Lingerie-wise I adore the Dominique corset!

  171. 10/12/12 at 19:34

    Dominique Longline Bra

  172. 10/12/12 at 19:37

    What a lovely giveaway!! I’m really loving the Etti Satin Longline bra~

  173. L
    10/12/12 at 19:40

    I can’t choose! I didn’t know they made clothing as well. I looooooooooove the classic tailored dress. And the digital garden party suit. The genie set may be my fave when it comes to actual lingerie.

  174. Robyn
    10/12/12 at 20:04

    I love Morgana Lace and Mesh Garter Dress!!!

  175. Robyn
    10/12/12 at 20:04

    I love the Morgana Lace and Mesh Garter Dress!!!

  176. Jane
    10/12/12 at 20:10

    Oh wow they look beautiful!

  177. Ole
    10/12/12 at 20:14

    My favourite would have to be the Ava Longline Girdle and Bra set. One of my heros growing up was Matt Helm (Dean Martin). He had a gun and a glamorous girl in one arm and a drink in the other. As a little boy I wasn’t exactly sure why I liked this whole scenario so much. There was something strangely wonderful about the beautiful women and their lascivious 1960s fashions. The Ava set reminds me in the most pleasant way of those happy memories. Now that I’ve grown up and matured (a little), so have my role models. It would be fun for New Year’s to dress up as Matt Helm and my Honey could be Elka Somers (dressed in the Love collection)? That reminds me! I need a martini….

  178. Amanda
    10/12/12 at 20:21

    What an awesome giveaway! I really love the Etti Satin Longline bra. The print is gorgeous, and I love how edgy it is, too!

  179. Melinda Rabenstein
    10/12/12 at 20:23

    I absolutely love the vintage stitch corsets, granted I still can’t decide between red and black!

  180. esme
    10/12/12 at 20:51

    I really love the genie lace triangle bra. so darling!

  181. esme
    10/12/12 at 20:55

    the genie lace triangle bra is so darling

  182. 10/12/12 at 21:06

    The Dominique longline bra and the Vamp high-waisted brief are my favorites!

  183. 10/12/12 at 21:20

    Oh my, the Love Crimson Tulle and Stitch Bra is my absolute favorite. That color is to die for.

  184. Anika
    10/12/12 at 21:24

    oh all the playful promises stuff is so pretty! my favorite is the Dominique Longline Bra <3

  185. Nic Sevic
    10/12/12 at 21:36

    I think the peach detail waspie corset has to be my favorite.

  186. Jasmine
    10/12/12 at 21:43

    The peach detail waspie, no contest!

  187. Elizabeth
    10/12/12 at 22:00

    Wow, this set is lovely in every way. I also adore the pin up tins and the frilly knickers! I love the vintage feel.

  188. kate
    10/12/12 at 22:04

    obsessed with the love crimson tulle and stitch bra!

  189. 10/12/12 at 22:07

    My favorite PP item is the Dominique longline bra, but the heart soft cup bra/panty combo is one of the cutest lingerie sets I’ve ever seen!

  190. Passerina
    10/12/12 at 22:08

    My two favorites are the Love set and the Gilds set. I especially love the Gilda longline suspender girdle with the matching g-string! Thanks for hosting the cool giveaway!

  191. Caitlin
    10/12/12 at 22:15

    I love the pinup tins to be honest…

  192. Wytch
    10/12/12 at 22:18

    Definitely the Dominique longline bra. I’m a sucker for a longline and I love the cup detail. It looks flattering as well as smoking hot.

  193. 10/12/12 at 22:25

    I quite enjoy their Vamp Corselette Dress ^.^

    Thank you for another fantastic giveaway!

  194. 10/12/12 at 23:06

    I really like the design of the Etti Satin Retro Bra.

  195. Laurie
    10/12/12 at 23:17

    What a fabulous giveaway! Thank you for arranging for your fans! I have been coveting the Dominique longline bra, both retro and thoroughly modern. The Vamp corselette dress is a close second :)

  196. Kate
    10/12/12 at 23:26

    Awesome giveaway, thank you so much Playful Promises and TLA!!!

  197. Christi
    10/12/12 at 23:26

    I LOVE THE RED!!! So pretty!

  198. Sohee
    10/12/12 at 23:31

    I absolutely love how adorable but sexy the True Love Red Soft Cup Bra is. :)

  199. 10/12/12 at 23:48

    Really love the Genie Lace Triangle Bra!

  200. Erica K
    10/12/12 at 23:53

    oh my, that vamp corselette dress…. im about to buy it its so amazing! (thanks for the promo code!!)

  201. Sarah
    10/12/12 at 23:56

    Oh my goodness, love this giveaway! Love Playful Promises style! The perfect amount of sex appeal with an almost vintage feel. I want all their bras and waspies! Pick me pick me!!!

  202. Therese
    11/12/12 at 0:01

    I would love to have the Dominique set!

  203. Char B
    11/12/12 at 0:04

    My absolute favourite piece (if I HAVE to pick just one) is the Dominique Longline Bra! Classy!

  204. Max Smith
    11/12/12 at 0:13

    I especially love the longline bras. I think my favorite is the Etti Satin Longline bra. I’m a sucker for anything satin! Although I pretty much love everything on the Playful Promises site.

  205. josh
    11/12/12 at 0:16

    The Vamp corselette would stunning on my better half !

  206. LizzyS
    11/12/12 at 0:28

    Wow! I love the red!

  207. 11/12/12 at 1:03

    Oh my, so gorgeous! I’d absolutely love to win this, pretty please!

  208. Jasmine
    11/12/12 at 1:13

    The True Love Red Soft Cup Bra is sooo perf for any special occasion! I COVET THEE~

  209. Jon Snow
    11/12/12 at 1:32

    I think my wife would look fantastic in the Classic Red Tailored dress!

  210. Sara
    11/12/12 at 1:34

    I love the Dominique Corset paired with the suspender belt and I just love the retro stockings!

  211. 11/12/12 at 1:57

    I’m in LOVE with the Dominique corset!!!

  212. va
    11/12/12 at 2:03

    hope this is internationally open since I am one . thanks

  213. Natalie
    11/12/12 at 2:45

    This is so gorgeous. My favorite item from Playful Promises is the “peach detail waspie”. But that love set is stunning.

  214. Joey
    11/12/12 at 2:46

    This is a new company for me, but I love lace so it has to be rose for me! What a generous piece of Christmas cheer!

  215. MelannieM
    11/12/12 at 2:46

    I love the “Vamp Corselette Dress”, I feel it’s a beautiful elegant piece with enough subtle sensuality to enhance the lady wearing it. Worn under a tight-fitting dress, under a sheer satin gown, or accessorized with a pair of heels and a burgundy lipstick- it’s a versatile piece with enough allure to stand on its own.

  216. Kate
    11/12/12 at 2:49

    How delightful! I think I’m in love with the Jasmine set – love the retro look! Wish it came in green – so hard to find green lingerie! That’s holiday-ish too… :-)

  217. 11/12/12 at 2:56

    That is so cute!

  218. Emma
    11/12/12 at 3:00

    I love love love the Dominique Longline bra, it’s definitely my favourite thing :)

  219. Samantha Ackland
    11/12/12 at 6:01

    Really Gorgeous undies, i love it soooooooooo much :-)

  220. Savannah
    11/12/12 at 6:51

    This is gorgeous! I would love to win this!

  221. Xabi
    11/12/12 at 7:31

    I like the Vintage Stitch Corset, I’ve allways liked black lingerie, I like the love red vintage stich too, but I think it’s “easier” to wear the black one.

  222. Julie N
    11/12/12 at 7:32

    First of all i have to say i really like your blog!
    I just found it last week but I have already read through a lot of your posts, and it has been very educating and i have also been introduced to so many new brands and beautiful things. Thank you!
    My favourite from Playful promises has to be the “Gilda limited edition longline bra” with the matching highwaist briefs. Gorgeous.. :D

  223. 11/12/12 at 7:52

    Without doubt, the Vintage Stitch Corset – Blush is clearly the best Playful Promises have for sale. Although, the Etti Longline is a close second!

  224. Poppy
    11/12/12 at 8:22

    I love the genie bra, simple and pretty for everyday.

  225. Brooke T
    11/12/12 at 9:28

    I have absolutely been in love with the Morgana Lace and Mesh Garter Dress for such a long time!! I hope to be able to purchase it someday soon

    Thank you for having such a wonderful giveaway, the Love Collection is amazing!!

  226. Ireen
    11/12/12 at 9:32

    My favorite thing is the Genie Lace Triangle Bra in black

  227. Patience
    11/12/12 at 9:40

    Dominique corset, I will always luv uuuuuu <3

  228. 11/12/12 at 9:49

    I love the look of the vintage stitch corset, but would be torn between black and blush!

    Porcelina x

  229. 11/12/12 at 10:16

    I am in love with the purple frilly knickers i got from Playful Promises! The bows are the finishing touch, they are so puffy and cute!!!

  230. Cara
    11/12/12 at 10:28

    So excited for this opportunity! I’ve followed Playful Promises on tumblr for awhile now and keep seeing stuff by The Lingerie Addict so I’ve been curious.

  231. Shelly
    11/12/12 at 10:39

    My favorite is the Margot Pink Blush set. It’s so me!!

  232. melissadevice
    11/12/12 at 10:55

    I love the Etti Satin Longline bra, so sexy!

  233. stephanie
    11/12/12 at 11:04

    Love all the playful promises stuff, especially the Love collection!

  234. JolieSparkles
    11/12/12 at 11:38

    My favorite set is the Etti collection!

  235. 11/12/12 at 11:50

    I love that garter dress/chemise! Red looks amazing on me :)

  236. 11/12/12 at 11:58

    THIS is my favorite set!

  237. Corinne
    11/12/12 at 12:02

    My favourite Playful Promises item is the black Vintage Stitch corset, but I kinda fell in love with the True Love set!

  238. 11/12/12 at 12:07

    I love this collection soooo much! It’s definitely my favorite!

  239. Linda J
    11/12/12 at 12:34

    What an awesome holiday giveaway!! That’s a great site!

  240. 11/12/12 at 13:14

    I am totally in love with the Genie Set. It felt so great that I bought it in black AND in nude. It’s wonderful. And I want the Vamp corselette too :)

  241. Sarah Kate
    11/12/12 at 13:16

    Gorgeous! Love the playfulness of this collection.

  242. Mariovario
    11/12/12 at 13:28

    Love Crimson Tulle and Stitch Suspender Belt…for sure !!

  243. Valerie
    11/12/12 at 15:04

    I LOVE the Dominique bra. I quite nearly drool over it when I see it.

  244. Amaia
    11/12/12 at 15:12

    I like the Love Red Vintage Stitch Corset, I think it’s cute and very appropriate for a special night.

  245. 11/12/12 at 15:13

    The Rose bra is just so beautiful – sexy and innocent in the same breath. I’m also a fan of the Kitty set because I can’t resist the vintage appeal; the seaming is stunning!

  246. 11/12/12 at 15:14

    The Dominique longline bra is divine. Actually, the whole set is divine.

  247. Rosanne
    11/12/12 at 15:16

    What a wonderful giveaway! I love their lingerie, it’s absolutely beautiful :)

    • Rosanne
      11/12/12 at 15:18

      Oops, forgot to mention that the Dominique corset is my favourite. Rawr!

  248. Kayla
    11/12/12 at 15:49

    I’m in absolute love with the Dominique Corset.

  249. Kate
    11/12/12 at 15:52


  250. 11/12/12 at 15:54

    I hope I get some lingerie for Hanukkah ;D

  251. 11/12/12 at 15:56

    I am basically in love with every garter dress <3

  252. Angel
    11/12/12 at 16:00

    I am ADDICTED to lingerie!!! I buy it whenever I can and wear it every day no matter what! It gives me that extra boost of confidence I need in my day! This is an awesome giveaway and I can’t wait to read more and discover more from this site ^-^

  253. Chelsea
    11/12/12 at 16:08

    This set is absolutely stunning! And that red…. *swoon*

  254. Lacey
    11/12/12 at 16:16

    I love the Morgana Lace and Mesh Suspender skirt. The Couture Valentie pasties are darling!!!

  255. Ksenija
    11/12/12 at 16:25

    This set is simply gorgeous.

  256. Ludovic
    11/12/12 at 16:51

    The Dominique Long Line bra is my favorite!

  257. Helen
    11/12/12 at 16:59

    The Etti Longline bra has been my favorite for ages!

  258. Mary
    11/12/12 at 17:11

    I hope this counts for people in the US…

    • 11/12/12 at 17:14

      The giveaway is open internationally. That includes the US.

  259. Mary
    11/12/12 at 17:15

    Would love the Dominique Longline Bra

  260. Honey!
    11/12/12 at 17:29

    Wow that love crimson set is breathtaking! The detailing reminds me of retro bullet bra circle cups and then there’s some hot red mesh too! And this offer comes with the chemise too?? Someone will be very very happy! I’d have to say that this set is my favorite or the Etti Satin Longline set. I love the playful fabric with the naughty straps! I think I need to use the fabulous coupon to get this stat!

  261. jeff thompson
    11/12/12 at 19:03

    I must admit I am new to this website, but i do like this Love collection. I hope I win so my girlfriend will look awesome!

  262. Astrid
    11/12/12 at 19:10

    The Gilda longline bra is beautiful. I’ve never owned a longline bra before, but this one looks absolutely fantastic! With my wedding coming up, I’ve been in the market for new lingerie & this piece is great.

  263. KT
    11/12/12 at 20:44

    Fantastic! I own nothing yet, but the vintage stitch corset looks so heavenly, I’ve been eyeing it for months!

  264. Durae
    11/12/12 at 21:01

    These are gorgeous!

  265. Michelle
    11/12/12 at 21:37

    This is a gorgeous set!

  266. cal
    11/12/12 at 21:55

    My birthday is next Saturday! As always, lingerie is on my mind this time of year. I’ve been eyeing the Love Crimson Tulle set and Juliette Ultramarine Underwire Lace bra. I’ve been loving bright jewel tone color this year!

  267. 11/12/12 at 22:08

    I love this brand! These people are seriously great, very accommodating.

  268. Zoe
    11/12/12 at 22:09

    my favorite are your pink bras, theyre so cute

  269. Tillie
    11/12/12 at 22:51

    Gahhh, they’re so pretty! I’ve recently become infatuated with lingerie, and this is beautiful!

  270. kit
    11/12/12 at 23:39

    Very pretty stuff, I love those peacock pasties, the the dominique collection is exquisite as well. Those carnival collection panties are cute too.

  271. Lily
    12/12/12 at 0:10

    I can’t even tell you how much I would love to win this giveaway. What amazingly beautiful lingerie!

  272. Maggie
    12/12/12 at 5:41

    I love the Jasmine set, the stitching on the bra is so pretty!

  273. Marilyn
    12/12/12 at 10:46

    My favorite from the site is the Kitty Ivory set. I’ve recently discovered the world of lingerie and would love to start my collection off right! This set is beautiful.

  274. Sara
    12/12/12 at 11:35

    Oh, what a great giveaway! I’d say my favorite item is the Dominique longline bra and suspender–so bold and graphic.

  275. Jaclyn
    12/12/12 at 12:24

    I’m going to have to go with the tease you longline bra. :)

  276. Minke
    12/12/12 at 12:39

    Red is my colour! The shape of the bra is amazing.

  277. Amy
    12/12/12 at 12:54

    I absolutely love the Gilda Limited Edition Longline Bra and High Waist Brief! So pretty!

  278. 12/12/12 at 16:13

    This is definitely a hard choice for me, but my favorite would have to be the Dominique set. It’s such a simple design, but oh so sexy!

  279. Rachael
    12/12/12 at 17:33

    I love the Kitty Ivory Set. Classy and sexy.

  280. Erika
    12/12/12 at 18:34

    I love the Vamp Corselette Dress!

  281. Honey!
    12/12/12 at 20:58

    I read a quote today from Dita Von Teese about her first bra. Amen to it all and hooray for Playful Promises for making such darling and supportive bras!

    “My first bra was not very exciting. I was a late bloomer-the last of my girlfriends to get one. It was this horrible training bra-type thing, but it prompted me to save my money and buy my own darn bra. My mom was like, ‘You can’t have the black lace one.’ And I was like, ‘Why not?’ I’ve never equated beautiful lingerie with seduction or sex. It’s not about trying to get a man. Not at all. It’s about surrounding myself with beauty in my everyday life-whether it’s a bra or a notebook. I want everything around me to be attractive because I look at it every day.”

    • Honey!
      12/12/12 at 20:59

      Oh AND I am still lusting over the Etti Satin Longline set!!!!

  282. Deery
    12/12/12 at 21:52

    Wow this set is absolutely gorgeous! My favourite piece from Playful Promises has got to be the Peach detail waspie. The lace detail is stunning and perfectly compliments the plainness of the rest if the piece (◡‿◡✿) ahh

  283. Cristina
    13/12/12 at 1:04

    MY favorite piece definitely has to be the vamp corselette dress :)

  284. Thursday
    13/12/12 at 3:53

    I have the PP Dominique brief and it is gorgeous – my favourite piece so far. I just wish they made the XL in the knickers more often!

  285. 13/12/12 at 6:13

    My favorite item is… Dominique Overt High Waist Brief, is perfect !

  286. steven z
    13/12/12 at 14:03

    Love Red Vintage Stitch Corse

  287. Janaya
    13/12/12 at 15:27

    I absolutely adore the “Oh you Tease” set! it’s dreamy!!!! what a wonderful giveaway!!

  288. Meg
    13/12/12 at 17:02

    Lovely set! excellent give away- thank you for offering it!! :)

  289. Anna
    13/12/12 at 17:55

    I own, and LOVE, the Dominique Corset! :D
    But it’s so hard to choose a favourite from a brand that offers so many delicious choices!

  290. Honey!
    13/12/12 at 18:42

    Day three and still loving the Etti Satin Longline set! I just love the contrast of the flirty feminine floral with those naughty straps! Brilliant!

  291. Mya
    13/12/12 at 19:16

    I’ve fallen in love with Playful Promises’ and Kaori’s Latex’s fingerless gloves. So pretty, and awfully versatile!

  292. Chloe Bell
    13/12/12 at 21:23

    I really like the Dominique suspender belt. Very pretty!

  293. Catherine
    13/12/12 at 22:20

    It’s all so pretty! I was looking at the same collection earlier in ivory.

  294. Lane
    14/12/12 at 17:40

    Beautiful! Thank you so much for this blog and this chance.

  295. Caroline
    14/12/12 at 17:52

    That bra looks so pretty, and yet perfect under a power suit. Love it!

  296. Tiffany
    14/12/12 at 19:51

    loving the heart bra in all adorable!

  297. Christina
    14/12/12 at 20:19

    This set is gorgeous! I love the Etti satin longline bra also

  298. Nina
    14/12/12 at 20:37

    Oh Ive been wanting to try playful promises for ages!

  299. Honey!
    14/12/12 at 21:21

    I am working on a fun burlesque outfit just for home wear and it suddenly occurred to me that the gorgeous love crimson set would be an amaaaazing outfit to wear and make accessories for! Fun red and black feathers, long red gloves….oh yesss! Hooray for this giveaway and the 20% off coupon! Thank you!

  300. Szappanbubi
    15/12/12 at 8:59

    I adore the amazingly seductive & beautiful Etti Satin Longline bra (and the whole set,too ;))
    thank You!

  301. Kelsey Pettijohn
    15/12/12 at 15:17

    their Gilda longline bra looks great!

  302. MJ Moore
    15/12/12 at 23:14

    I really love the Embroidered Kimono Jacket! A little Gatsby, and so versatile!

  303. Sofie
    16/12/12 at 7:16

    Wiiiiii! THIS GIFT JUST SCREAMS PLAYFULNESS!! The right lingerie makes me feel so special, it brings the best out and really showcases my – quirky, sexy, fun, elegant – state of mind!

    “The only real elegance is in your mind, if you got that, the rest really comes from it.” – Diana Vreeland

    Depending on my mood of the day… I want to chose two favorites!
    For me, the Peach Detail Waspie is “jaw-dropping”!! It makes me feel like I AM a gift myself, ready to be unraveld! It has such a sexy sophisticated look, giving you that extra “oemph” we are looking for.
    The more kinky, quirky self in me especially comes to play when i’m wearing garter dresses. The Vamp Corselette one is so classy and jet soooooo playful! It gives light to a darker dominant side in me ;-)

    Might as well face it, i’m addicted to…….. :D

    Happy Holidays you all!

  304. Honey!
    16/12/12 at 9:59

    I just adore Playful Promises. I’ve been reading other people’s comments and seeing what they love and now I’m loving even more lol! Those little pin up tins with the panties are just adorable! What a great idea and a great stocking stuffer! My ultimate fav is still the Etti Longline Bra! Maybe I can find a stocking big enough to stuff everything in…for myself ha ha!

  305. Jchewitt
    17/12/12 at 1:18

    My favorite is the vintage stitch corset ! The blush colour is beautiful!

  306. Jchewitt
    17/12/12 at 1:21

    My favorite is the vintage stitch corset! The blush colour is beautiful!

  307. Amanda
    17/12/12 at 12:03

    I have just recently discover Playful Promises items, so I am looking forward to buying things from them in the future!

  308. Chrystal Allen
    17/12/12 at 12:06

    Loving the black Vamp Corselette Dress! Would love even more to win it!!

  309. MissP
    17/12/12 at 12:10

    I absolutely love the Vamp Corselette Dress!

  310. Claire
    17/12/12 at 12:11

    The Etti satin longline bra (and matching high-waisted briefs!) are definitely my favourites. :)

  311. Rochelle
    17/12/12 at 12:24

    Love the work you do! I know how much hard work it is playing oh I mean researching lingere is… lol It is awesome work! Love reading your blog. XxxX

  312. Kira Foster
    17/12/12 at 12:29

    ooooooh, want!

  313. rachel v
    17/12/12 at 12:31

    this is just gorgeous love to bra and panty set! so perfect for the holidays!

  314. Cecilia Ellison
    17/12/12 at 12:36

    I don’t own anything from Playful Promises but thanks for the tip! That’s why I love your blog. Corselettes….can’t go wrong!

  315. Alysse
    17/12/12 at 12:45

    The Love Red Vintage Stitch Corset is to die for. So pretty!

  316. Brianna
    17/12/12 at 12:48

    Their Gilda set has caught my eye…

  317. Sabrina
    17/12/12 at 12:54

    There lingerie is so pretty, I can’t decide what I like most!

  318. Jason
    17/12/12 at 13:09

    This would make for a great gift!

  319. Imogen Steinberg
    17/12/12 at 13:11

    The think the nipple pasties are really cute but I’m not daring enough to wear them! I really love the Eti Satin longline bra, it’s retro and sexy and the cut is great.

  320. Rachael
    17/12/12 at 14:09

    lovin this collection…the texture and the color, very sumptuous. what a great giveaway!

  321. Dai
    17/12/12 at 14:10

    I love the Vintage Stich Corset in Blush! It’s a classic piece. :)

  322. 17/12/12 at 14:10

    I really would like to get the December Beauty Queen Pin Up Tin knickers being my birthday is in December and also my fav color is red :)

  323. Honey!
    17/12/12 at 14:33

    Still loving the Etti Longline satin bra! Thanks for this great opportunity!

  324. 17/12/12 at 18:10 these knickers are just toooo cute!! I need them =)

  325. 17/12/12 at 18:38

    my favorite is the Dominique set- the longline bra, the high waist brief and the garter belt!

  326. phoebe
    17/12/12 at 18:40

    My favourite item are the peach frilly knickers, definitely! So cute.

  327. Ken
    17/12/12 at 18:41

    Playful Promises has a great collection of lingerie!! I’d love to see their store in person!

  328. Denali
    17/12/12 at 18:44

    What an awesome giveaway! I love lingerie addict and all of the great companies she posts about. Count me in!

  329. Anica Hadden
    17/12/12 at 18:52

    Oh my! I haven’t actually purchased anything from here before, but have had my eye out for awhile now. everything is absolutely gorgeous but I am loving this set! The bra is adorable and the colour is brilliant. Definitely a great christmas gift! :3

  330. Renee Anaya
    17/12/12 at 18:56

    I’m absolutely in love with the Vintage Stitch Corset from playful promises! So gorgeous and seductive <3

  331. Alexa
    17/12/12 at 18:57

    Their heart bra sets are just darling!

  332. Hayley Rose
    17/12/12 at 19:02

    Peach Detail Waspie is absolutely smashing! Mahhh, adore it! — Hayley xoxo.

  333. Annabelle
    17/12/12 at 19:03

    I absolutely adore this brand! This is such an exciting giveaway!

  334. Lumina
    17/12/12 at 19:09

    The Etti bra is just the cutest!

  335. Devon Rodriguez
    17/12/12 at 19:17

    I love the Margot Blush Pink Bra~

  336. Emily
    17/12/12 at 19:20

    I love the corsets!

  337. Laura O.
    17/12/12 at 19:20

    I love the Kitty Ivory set!! Delicious!

  338. Atropex
    17/12/12 at 19:27

    Holy smokes, it’s all beautiful

  339. jem
    17/12/12 at 19:38

    wow i have been lusting over that set for EVER

  340. jem
    17/12/12 at 19:43

    OOPS, i forgot to say what one i liked best. Etti for ever, although this set is to die for too!

  341. nikki
    17/12/12 at 19:44

    I am toying with the idea of buying their domonique corset as my first one
    So gorgeous <3

  342. Maria Papelino
    17/12/12 at 19:46

    The Dominique set is my absolute favorite!

  343. Cadence Ryanne
    17/12/12 at 20:03

    Ooooooo, I just adore the Gilda Limited edition longline bra with the high waisted panties! Love the chic vintage look. It’s sleek and modern without being cold or cheap! Thanks, Treacle! Hope you survived the nasty weather today!

  344. Tizzy
    17/12/12 at 20:05

    How exciting! Love this!

  345. Ashley
    17/12/12 at 20:15

    My favourite item is the Gilda Longline Suspender Girdle. It’s very classic and classy – I’m a huge fan of black and white, and I like the twist this item lends to it. But they have a lot of amazing pieces!

  346. 17/12/12 at 20:18

    I think this is so rad of you and Playful Promises to do! Anyways, I’ve been a silent fan of your blog, both here and on tumblr. All your advice is lovely and useful for a baby lingerie addict just getting into the art of lingerie. So thanks so much for that! ♥
    So I guess my most favorite item from Playful Promises is the Vamp Corselette Dress, because I think it has a timeless look to it. It also looks like it’s not only gorgeous and simple, but functional. Lovely lingerie that serves it’s purpose. I also love that it is black, because that goes with my most favorite dresses. Of course all the items from Playful Promises are dandy, in my opinion.
    So good luck to everyone and thanks so much for being amazing Ms. Treacle ♥ !!
    -with so much love and appreciation, Melisa.

  347. Alexandra
    17/12/12 at 20:29

    Gosh, I can’t pick which I like best – it’s all so great! If I absolutely had to choose, the Dominique set is gorgeous!

  348. Katie Blecker
    17/12/12 at 20:36

    Ooh, this is great! My absolute favourite piece on the Playful Promises website is the Gilda Longline Suspender Girdle. Love all the details in this piece!

  349. Kat McLain
    17/12/12 at 20:38

    My favorite is the Love set. I’m totally smitten with the entire Love collection

  350. Amanda
    17/12/12 at 20:46

    My favorite piece from Playful Promises is the Etti Satin Longline Bra!

  351. 17/12/12 at 20:52

    My favorite item is the Etti Sati Longline Bra <333

  352. lisa meola
    17/12/12 at 20:57

    this would be so awesome!!! :)

  353. Jen Marie
    17/12/12 at 21:02

    I’m so excited by this! You guys always have the best taste.

  354. LMC
    17/12/12 at 21:12

    My favourite set has to be the Gilda range – the long line suspender girdle is just gorgeous!

  355. 17/12/12 at 21:20

    I really love their Gilda set and I plan on buying all of it when I can afford it! :D

  356. 17/12/12 at 21:21

    I completely forgot about this giveaway until I checked my Instagram feed and saw your reminder – thank you! I love the Genie Lace Triangle Bra!

  357. Sara
    17/12/12 at 21:28

    A Dominique bra, for sure! So pretty!

  358. 17/12/12 at 21:55

    I love their Romance PLum Waspie!

    This is an amazing giveaway! It’s been a super off year but I’m glad to hear it’s been great for someone else!

  359. Hannah Robertson-Smith
    17/12/12 at 22:46

    I love this! Such beautiful lingerie.

  360. Donna
    17/12/12 at 22:56

    My favorite is the bra in the giveaway

  361. 17/12/12 at 23:57

    At the moment… the Gilda longline girdle

  362. Susan Rice
    18/12/12 at 0:02

    the vintage stitch corset in peach is lovely and a top favorite of mine. Crossing my fingers I win!

  363. Dianne
    18/12/12 at 2:19

    I love the pin up tins! My favorite is February

  364. Sarah
    18/12/12 at 7:04

    I love their Etti Satin Longline bra, one of my favourites! My others include the Vamp Corselette dress and their beauty queen pin up tins which are ideal for gifts this christmas!

  365. Jeff
    18/12/12 at 8:32

    Love Red Vintage Stitch Corset…My wife’s favorite color and very sexy!

  366. Hollie
    18/12/12 at 10:04

    Massive fan of the Dominique collection and the Vintage Stitch Corset in blush! :)

  367. 18/12/12 at 11:31

    Dominique Longline Bra is way cool. Thanks for posting!

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