Naughty Bits: Lingerie News for 11/18/12

A “Break Up with the Wrong Bra” campaign ad by Amante

  • The Resurgence of Pantyhose – By incorporating new knitting techniques, softer yarns, and other innovations, wearing pantyhose is no longer the uncomfortable, tourniquet-like experience of a generation ago; it is a lot more comfortable today. With celebrities such as Beyoncé, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga being seen sporting hosiery, many fashionably conscious women are beginning to incorporate more hosiery into their wardrobe. This resurgence has caused hosiery sales to increase 10% in 2011, with a similar increase being expected for 2013. Do you find yourself incorporating more hosiery into your wardrobe?
  • Is an Indian lingerie firm trivializing widespread domestic violence of women in the country to sell bras? – Amante, an Indian lingerie firm, has garnered a lot of attention for its recent “Break up with the wrong bra campaign.” Started in October, the campaign uses anti-domestic violence slogans to encourage consumers to get rid of bras that don’t fit and to, hopefully, buy one of theirs. Although the company has received kudos for showing absolutely no breasts, cleavage, or bras in the ads, many still see them as somewhat disturbing since they are run in a country where possibly half its women are subject to domestic violence in the home. What do you think? Is it in bad taste for Amante to run the campaign with such ads, or are should the company receive kudos for not using breasts and cleavage to actually sell bras?
  • Victoria’s Secret will not air one segment of their 2012 fashion show – Victoria’s Secret has received much criticism and outrage over a segment that has been deemed offensive by thousands of individuals. The segment, which features Angel Karlie Kloss wearing a Native American war bonnet, will ultimately be pulled from the December 4th airing of the fashion show. Although seen as a major misstep by Victoria’s Secret, the bigger issue of the hypersexualization of image of Native American women is at play. Along with pulling the segment, both Victoria’s Secret and Karlie Kloss have issued official apologies. Do you think this is a manifestation of a fashion industry that is culturally and racially insensitive, or is it only a small misstep?
  • Victoria’s Secret is the “Playboy” of the lingerie industry – Known more for its over-the-top fashion show and its catalog rather than actual lingerie, Victoria’s Secret is now the largest manufacturer of lingerie in the US. This is a hard pill to swallow by many because it isn’t necessarily forward-thinking in terms of the role lingerie plays in objectification of women. Some argue that it sells a retrograde version of femininity and can be equated to Playboy in that it refers to its models as Angels just as Playboy refers to its models as Bunnies. The catalog is so infamous it is seen as quasi-porn by some, and its fashion show takes that to another level. What are your thoughts on Victoria’s Secret position and role in the lingerie industry?

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