Holiday Lingerie Shopping Guides: 12 Basques, Bustiers and Corsets

In our 5th of 7 shopping guides, we’re talking shapewear…the seductive kind, not the Spanx kind!. Ranging from lacy basques to gorgeous bustiers (and a couple of corsets!), today’s guide is all about indulging yourself with the very best.

Va Bien Low Back Lacey Bustier; $59.00

Coquette Emerald Dream; $81.99

Felina ‘Olivia’ Retro Slip; $78.00

Gossard Corsolette; £59 (app. $94.18)

Elle Macpherson Desert Heat Torsolette; $113.00

Playful Promises Peach Detail Waspie; £80.00 (app. $128.22)

HoneyCooler Handmade Red Ribbon Corset; $160.00

Simone Perele ‘ Couture’ Basque; $290.00

Trashy Lingerie Corselette; $290.00

What Katie Did Lalique Corset; $375.00

I.D. Sarrieri; $545.00

Myla ‘Carrie’ Basque; £550.00 (app. $878.00)



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  1. Avigayil
    30/11/12 at 0:32

    Why is my favourite almost always the most expensive? O.o

    • 30/11/12 at 13:21

      Because the most expensive uses the most beautiful materials. At least that’s been my experience. :)

    • Hibiscus
      30/11/12 at 16:25

      I was thinking the VERY same thing! That last piece is just astounding!

  2. anon
    30/11/12 at 16:34

    Tell me, if you know, if you get a basque or corsolette and don’t use the suspenders, does the bottom tend to roll up?

    • 01/12/12 at 12:47

      With a corselette, yes, the bottom will tend to roll up because the fit is more like a girdle than a corset. With a basque (or a similarly boned piece of lingerie) the bottom should stay on. It still depends on the brand, of course, how the piece is made and the quality, but that’s usually true.

  3. Sinead
    30/11/12 at 23:24

    Love the Myla one,always love Myla.

  4. Sara
    10/12/12 at 21:21

    I bought the Elle MacPherson one and the wight of my 32G actually broke it and bent the wires with 45min. Seriously. Needless to say I stopped at WKD on my way home.

  5. jan
    29/12/12 at 1:23

    I recently purchased some compression stockings that will require some heavy duty garter clips. Any suggestions? If anyone has the answer, it will be you!

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